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The Creation Museum

A little comic relief

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It almost makes me sick to watch that. Use the 27 million to help poor people in sudan or something.

Anyone here that just got depressed watching that (as I did), may find it refreshing to read the opinion by the Bush-appointed Republican judge on the ruling against creationism in Dover, PA.


The guy was an Aussie. He came to the only country in the world where you can peddle this crap without being branded as an absolute lunatic.

Is it just me, or does that guy bear a striking resemblance to Ted Haggard?

$27 million of bullshit and they can't even grow decent tomatoes.


Aren't news suppose to be objective? I notice that a lot of news lately aren't very objective about anything...

News have become too personal on the tv... always somebodies opinion... thats why I love reading news on the internet (not from blogs)

"Among the most controversial scientific claims is that humans and dinosaurs walked side by side in the Garden Of Eden".

Rubbish, because we all know that the established scientific claim is that man walked alone in the Garden Of Eden.

Did anybody else catch the wording on this so-called piece of journalism?

Three possibilities, then: 1. Yet another C- or D+ graduate from the school of journalism infiltrates the mainstream media. 2. This bogus polemic has tilted things on a national level to the side of ignorance. 3. All of the above.

The media seldom calls bullshit. They work on the balance paradigm, both sides get equal respect no matter how foolish one is.

omg~ Roadtrip time!

Honestly though, while scientific institutions amass mountains of data and physical evidence for their version of history, the creationists must rely on animatronics and special effects theaters.

"Dinos were among the creatures on the arc". Am I the only one who thinks thins would make a great popcorn movie?

"Jurassic Park IV: Noah's Escape"

or perhaps:

"Dinos on an Arc"

That's... the most ridiculously hilarious thing I've seen the whole week! Mind you, it has been a slow week, what with both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on hiatus. Still. Two thumbs way, way up!


Oh. My. Gawd!

"...the Bible is a book of history and you can trust its science (or is that trust it's science for the verb???) I suppose that's why the museum curators can "understand the skepticism"? Or did that comment really refer to that "...people are struck by people and dinosaurs together"?

Ai yi yi. So, the media is dumbing down - got it. Museums are supposed to educate folks, right? Or has this slipshod presentation of "historical fact" slipped by my attenion?

That T-Rex topiary sure is cool, though!

'Science of the Bible?' There is no such thing. Trust CNN to give creationists more then the time of day. Way too much more.

Excuse me while I bang my head on my keyboard for a while....


" of the bible..." Has the bible been subject to peer-review and testable hypothesis?

Does the bible contain pictures or descriptions of TRex upon which the museum based their animatronic likenesses, or is that from the part of paleontology, evolutionary biology, and life science that the bible references in its bibliography?

HA! they're still building that place! I remember seeing a video of it under construction at least three years ago. It was supposed to have been opening soon but it didn't have any real installations just the same iDinos.
He used the same language to: "this will be..." "soon we will be..." "over here we have planned..." you'd think with 27 million dollars you could get things moving a bit quicker. Maybe it all went into the "state of the art planetarium".


What say we get some nitrous oxide, and have a whiff then look around? The laughing gas might help get our point across. Perhaps it would be as well to just release it in the museum so that all could see the joke...

What Christian factions are trying to push this idea of Dinosaurs and People coexisting in the garden of eden? Are there pressing differences of opinion or are Christians just going along with it because they don't want evidence to disillusion them?

Another thing I would like to add now that I've watched the whole thing, I hate some people declare the bible as a source of history. Due to all the revisions made to the bible, some not due to new evidence but because it sounded better or seemed more convincing.

The media seldom calls bullshit. They work on the balance paradigm, both sides get equal respect no matter how foolish one is.

Exactly. Ham knows the media will report the story in just the way that CNN reported it.

That message, that God created the Earth and mankind in 6 days, as written in the book of Genesis, contradicting the common view that the world evolved over billions of years...

The common view, eh? Not only is that a chickenshit description of the evolution position, it isn't even a factually accurate description. Polling data indicates that Ham's view is just as "common". What CNN and almost all media outlets fail to acknowledge is that whether a scientific viewpoint is "commonly" shared by the public is utterly irrelevant is deciding whether the viewpoint is valid. Hey, lets poll the public to determine their "view" concerning the proper way to build a bridge or design an integrated circuit!

So as long as Ham can say "we have PhD scientists who will give them all sorts of evidence that shows that is not an unreasonable view at all...", the report is reduced to a 'he said, she said' story. This is, of course, why the PhDs who work for Ken Ham are so valuable to him. No modern media outlet has the guts to flatly state that all Ham's evidence is trivially irrelevant, absurdly refutable, or fraudulent and that not a single one of his "PhDs" has ever managed to publish a peer-reviewed paper in a reputable journal of paleontology, anthropology, biology, astrophysics, etc. that supports a single piece of shit his museum is shoveling.


Has anyone seen the "Friends of God" documentary on HBO? I think this Australian is the same one from that movie... he has a traveling ministry that teaches children how to refute evolution. Hopefully this museum keeps him too busy to spew his nonsense all over the nation.

oh brother...

what a waste hoarding all those dinosaurs onto the Ark. One would think god would've spared boah such a thankless task of saving so many large creatures only to have them all go extinct a few years later. (or did Noah say screw it and they all drowned in the flood? I'm confused...)


I've seen Ken Ham on public television several times. His whole spiel revolves around using dinosaurs to prove creation. He's got some pretty great overhead slides.

In fact, he came to my university a couple years ago and proposed that anyone could debate with him on the subject.

And yes, he bears a resemblance to Haggard, maybe its evolution, a new species (!).

sorry, not boah -- Noah.

If they really were devout christians, they are completely missing the point of the bible.

And also, the evidence that dinosaurs lived long before humans is undebatable. I wonder if iwishimademovies got to see this guy debate. I'm sure he would be intellectually thrashed.

I understand brontosaurus burgers were served at the last supper.

I understand brontosaurus burgers were served at the last supper.

Yabba dabba do!


"We live in an era where people think that science has disproved The Bible."

Now I finally understand the ferver of these radical religious nuts. They see the end coming and realise that the time for their crazy belief systems is almost over, as well it should be.

A candle always burns brightest right before it burns out and it will soon be time to say goodbye to these flaming fundamentalists.

What??!!! I don't know why you guys can't believe in this theory. After all, this guy based his museum on science. Let me get this right, you atheists use science to proof the non-existence of God but when someone uses science to proof the opposite then you disregard the findings. Make up your mind. By the way, I always knew people lived with Dinos…after all the Flintstone were based on real life back then…of course, they didn't have cars or stuff like that…that was made up.

"...and it will soon be time to say goodbye to these flaming fundamentalists."

You've never been to the South, have you?


A little of topic but relevant: Iv been reading Kurt Vonnegut and he made a really interesting point. The religious right keeps on asking that the 10 commandments be posted in front of public buildings. But the 10 commandments were written by Moses in the old testament, not Christ, and in fact Christ was utterly against the 10 commandments. In the Beatudes Sermon on the Mount Christ preached love and self sacrifice, saying things like "blessed are the peacemakers", etc etc. My point is, isnt it interesting that the religious right wants the 10 commandments, but would not even consider putting up the actual words of Jesus that preach peace and understanding. Can you imagine a block of granite in front of the Pentagon that says "blessed are the peacemarkers!!!" Just a thought.

If they really were devout christians, they are completely missing the point of the bible.

I don't really see why that would be so. Because of the hammer blows of modernity, people have now been forced to leave certain literal interpretations of the Bible. Under what parameters, however, are we to judge which metaphysical stories are to be taken as true and others as metaphorical? So Noah's Arc is preposterously outlandish, but saying that a man was born of a virgin, came to earth as the son of god, died and resurrected after three days and ascended to heaven is not outlandish at all and is true? Time and time again I've heard this argument and I frankly don't see the logic behind it.

My question is, if the dinos were on the Ark, what happen to them? Why are there no dinos today?


God suddenly killed them all, to test our faith and to give the humans a chance to survive. There weren't many humans around then because the many large meat eating dinos made life precarious. so god slew them and turned them into fossils to test our faith. Ain't it obvious? Now that's science!!


Between this and the article about Kirk Cameron I read earlier I'm really depressed about the mindless approach to zealotry ourmedia has taken.

Also, an article from a few weeks back in Newsweek caught my attention on this also. It's about a chaplain who served in Vietnam and lost his faith in god. The article ends with the writer hoping the man finds god again. It's fascinating how they could completely miss the point of this former chaplain's loss of faith.

It's all so damn patronizing!

Re: SG I KNOW! I mean, ever notice that whenever you see a show on television where a character has a crisis of faith, it is portrayed as one of the worst things in the world that could happen to them. And then when they do have some reaffirmation of their beliefs, everything's all better!


Ever notice how often other people get killed just before or just after the re-conversion of the lapsed believer, on TV shows and movies?

It's as predictable as the death of the security guard in horror movies. The first security guard you see will be the monsters' first victim.

First I lost my faith, and just couldn't get it up. Then I lost my religious delusions and well, things have been fine since.

Susceptor:…but would not even consider putting up the actual words of Jesus that preach peace and understanding.

Actual words?

Jesus preached the death and condemnation of anyone who didn't believe in him -- which damn sure is not a message of peace and love. For that seekth ye the Holy Words of John Lennon, a much greater rabbi and damn sure more relevant.

I'd like to see a list of the museum's donors and where the all money is going.

Holy Crap!

No, really. It's all holy crap.

That's just great. Now the wingnuts are migrating here from other countries to set up their crackpot museums. Is this what we're know for now? Not longer then land of tolerance but the land where you can fly any nutjob idea up the flag pole and make a killing off of religious zombies? On second thought, I am for stiffer immigration controls!

The funniest bit about the Ten Commandments mess is that it actually started out as a movie production thing. I mean, that's how it got started -- "The Ten Commandments," starring Charlton Heston. It was a fucking publicity thing.

And there's no consensus on what the ten commandments actually are, anyhow -- the Catholics leave out the bit about the graven images. The Bible mentions them in two parts, but they don't correspond (like much of the stuff in the book).

Like, did Adam and Eve get created at the same time? Yes, they did -- according to the Bible. But nope, they weren't -- according to the Bible, Eve was only created (from Adam's rib bone) after Elohim failed to pimp Adam out with an animal. Yeah -- God tried to find a "wife" for Adam, amongst the animals. Kinky bugger.

Well, what are you doing creeping around a cow shed at two o'clock in the morning? That doesn't sound very wise to me. Well, weren't they nice? Out of their bloody minds, but still... Well, obviously it's not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products. Oh, it's blessed are the MEEK! Oh, I'm glad they're getting something, they have a hell of a time.

I agree with Zaphod 2016..

Noah's ark..

"ok folks move it along. Giraffes right and back, zebras isle 7, chipmunks in the lower bunks, umm trex, you guys in the...." WHUMP...CRUNCH "Aaaaaarghh...blugrgghhh" Blood spurting, havoc ensues.

I'd so much like to see that creation documentary...


Yeah, I wish just once a reporter with some standards would loose it. He'd be in the middle of some professional-sounding question to Ken Ham: "So what is the message you hope to convey to the skeptics?...Do your patrons--[he'd abruptly stop], I'M SORRY, I JUST CAN'T DO THIS; YOU'RE SUCH A FUCKING MORON, I REALLY CAN'T LOOK YOU IN THE FACE AND ASK YOU THESE QUESTIONS. WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR DEGREE FROM...FROM YOUR MOM? JESUS HOLY FUCK ARE YOU AN IDIOT." [rants, throws down microphone, storms off camera, still ranting] In the distance we hear, "I mean fuckin-A, dinosaurs on the Ark..."

Noah wasn't the only one to build an ark. The dinosaurs got on another ark that was lost. The plants were kept on Noah's rafts. A lot of the fish that couldn't handle the change in pH, salinity, temperature were on the small aquarium ships. Yes, the polar bears treaded water. God told lotsa folks to build boats, Noah's story is the only one we hear about because Jewish people controlled the media back then too.

I really, really wanted to laugh... but this makes me want to cry. So freaking sad.

I bet you're all in your 20's and have anti-bush stickers on your cars.


And I bet you're in your 60's with a big corporate pension living off the fat of others while metaphorically blowing Bush and his cronies and praising a non-existent entity...

Honestly, seen any fairies or goblins lately...?

And the above isn't accurate then grow up and stop being such a pillock. Go spread your tripe elsewhere.

I wish I was still 20 (in some respects only)


Oh fuck, I'm in my sixties and forgot to get my pension and join the Republican party whilst living on fat rendered from the poor. What was I thinking?

In spite of that, this so called 'science' museum will be a wonderful monument to American religious idiocy.

I still have some Confederate money around somewhere, perhaps I'll give it to them. It would be in keeping with the variety of 'science' involved in this museum of feeble fantasy.

And the T-REx and the Raptors were vegetarians apparently...? righhhhht...

Must have been a lot of completely freaked out tomatoes in those terrible days of vegetables.

well, this world is so pathetic, i have no faith in anyone. I cant wait till the next huge global disaster hit, the religious will say it's god's fury, the scientific will say it's our collective destructive ways of living, and I will say, all is absolutely completely meaningless. sit tight and let nature work itself out

They forgot to add leprechauns and unicorns to their magical universe.


This must be an example of what S.J. Gould was talking about when he said that science and religion are "non-overlapping magisteria".

They forgot to add leprechauns and unicorns to their magical universe.

Funny you should mention unicorns because they actually appear in the Bible!

Unsurprisingly, many moderates say that this is merely a mistranslation. Funny enough, some skeptics let them have it their way, but I have actually come across people who refuse to accept this as a mistranslation and firmly believe in such creatures.

don't you heathens know god uses the internets and the google? it's a series of tubes. and many of them can lead straight to hell, you don't mind your mouth. get back to bible study or yule be twitchin with the sodomites soon enough, you gwan about man bein monkeys and monkeys bein e-volved from little bitty o-meabas, you just watch, god spank your atheist rump just like pastor bates did to us when we was bad. a-men.


I want to see all the other religions get there own Creationist mueseums too! How good would that be, then we could put the people who made them together in a some kind of gladiatorial arena and have them battle it out! I 'd pay tall cash to see that shit and you know it would make more than a paltry 27 million! Also if humans coexisted with Dino's I wonder if they ever tried fucking 'em! Because they seem to have tried it with all of the other of gods creatures! Human-asaurs will destroy us all!!!!

ooh! good! i wanna see the fundamentalist screw the dino!

This is not "The Flintstones" people! Human Beings and Dinosaurs have been separated by 65 million years.


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