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Christopher Hitchens / Bill Maher

Bill Maher interviews Christopher Hitchens author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything In a New York Times review In God, Distrust Michael Kinsley writes, "Christopher Hitchens is an old-fashioned (and very entertaining) village atheist, trying to pick arguments with the good citizens on their way to church."

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"And God should be flattered: unlike most of those clamoring for his attention, Hitchens treats him like an adult."

Is it true then that the Canadian government is fully free to back religion? Surely we aren't considered an Anglican country on paper or anywhere else!


Just one correction: In Germany you actually have the choice. You only have to pay if you want to be member of the church! Richard Dawkins seems to be a really reasonable and intelligent person who does actually know what he's talking about, but Hitchens is - that's at least my impression - just not well enough informed....

I’m glad to hear anyone rebuking the god concept but, sadly, Hitchens comes off here as a somewhat incoherent drunk. The best interview I’ve seen him do was with Lou Dobbs last week.

It was a good exchange back and forth, and yet there were numerous uncomfortable silences, which I thought was strange.

Near the end I got the impression that Hitchens was drunk and struggling not to pass out.

Karl Rove has no doctorate, but dropped out of college to be a republican.

Hitchens referring to him as Dr Rove made my skin itchy. Also, most Germans refuse to claim a religion officially so must not pay the otherwise required taxes. The many atheists of course have no tithe requirement.

Hitchens definitely appeared to be under the influence of something in this interview... definitely not his shining moment.

Love Hitchens/Hate Hitchens. He's merciless in his book and spares no sarcasm in terms of anyone's faith yet he is oddly apologetic for Bush Jr. and his born-again crap. Why does Hitchens have so much love for this fucked-up administration? Bush also said Jesus gave him the thumbs up on the war -- does Hitchens forgive that one because he is also for the war?

Enough with Hitchens...he's basically an idiot...

"The President, notwithstanding his shortcomings of intellect, has been able to say, repeatedly and even repetitively, the essential thing: that we are involved in this war without apology and without remorse. " -Christopher Hitchens

I've long lost all respect for Hitchens on another Bill Maher show. This is part one:

For a guy that is an atheist Hitchens sure seems like a big time suck up for the war mongering neo-cons

I do however highly respect Richard Dawkins as a scientist and for his down to earth and bullshit-free method of explaining his point of view.

good points all around. i'd add that hitchens made another untenable point when he said secularists wouldn't blow up a mosque. how was the secular, atheist soviet union's pogram against kazak, tajik, uzbek, et al. muslims--including but not limited to destroying their places of worship--not an example of secularists-targeting-mosques?


It's been said that in the absence of religion, humans are nonetheless inclined to be worshiping animals. There's a competition for your mind that cannot be avoided. It could be coming at you from a religion or from a best-selling author who had the Anglican church stuffed down his throat --and who wouldn't grow up resenting that?

Having followed their ascendency, TV viewers keep turning to the same Pantheon of talking heads as the chosen respective champions in this blood-and-guts "Smackdown" ('hate that term) match, which is a most thinly veiled outlet for so much bigotry. If you'll notice, it's not the kind of discourse which tends to enlighten so much as it elevates one side in proportion to how effectively it humiliates the other side. What does that say about public discourse? --how lame is that?

Hitchens refuses to go along with the rest of the world in calling Sharpton "reverend", which is not a title one usually seeks credentials for. But he also bucks the trend of the whole of the rest of the world by referring to Karl Rove as "Doctor". What's his game? Doesn't he know that the use of Rove's PhD title is inappropriate in these circumstances? What is he trying to say? And why?

Seems to me he's attacking one set of religious types by being one of another set.

As for those who think he may have been drunk, this is Christopher Hitchens. He hasn't been sober since he was about 14, stealing stuff out of Kingsley Amis's drinks cabinet with his friend Martin.

Can we PLEASE have at least ONE fucking thread on Hitchens' atheism that doesn't babble on about the Iraq war? It's like a debate on Clinton that degenerates into mindless obsession with Monica Lewinski's blue dress.

Yup, the Iraq war is a monstrosity, and those responsible should be on death row -- while Bubba's blowjob was a complete triviality. And yes, Hitchens' stance on the Iraq war is completely off kilter. But I think the topic was FUCKING ATHEISM.


Yes, no longer am I an atheist, but a FUCKING ATHEIST -- in all caps. When vocalized, vociferate.

Sour Grapes,

Doesn't he know that the use of Rove's PhD title is inappropriate in these circumstances? What is he trying to say? And why?

Rove has earned no PhD title, but merely a High School diploma.

We should have expected Hitchens to know this.

"America is the only country on Earth where you have separation of church and state".

(ahem): 1. "America" is a continent, not a country. The country which you refer to is the United States Of America. 2. I guess the United States Of Mexico doesn't count, with its' Constitution Of 1857, as well as the reiteration of secularism in its' Constitution Of 1917?

Mr. Hitchens, go back to your books and study a little harder so that you may stop embarrassing yourself on airwaves and the internet.

I think Hitchens was a tad drunk, or rather, a tad more drunk than usual. He was mincing his words and idioms and he had the deliberate drunken speech where you put in a huge effort just to sound sober.

Not that I mind him being drunk!

My point was that everyone who is gently bashing Hitchens for his glaring errors should realise he was probably rather intoxicated. It isn't ignorance but inebriation!

I liked the way Maher was speechless after letting Hitchens speak

What does it mean when he says "when they go to the hospital they act as if Darwin is more likely to be right"? I thought when people go to hospital it's because they are sick or there's a chance they die. I thought that's when people become more delusional and turn to faith because they're scared.

JAR, you are being petty in nitpicking Hitchen's usage of the word "America." In the US (where I presume Maher's show is filmed) its understood that "America" refers to the US and its foolish - beyond foolish even - to focus on his usage of the word then, you know, his actual arguements. Also, I find it funny how you don't mention that Bill Maher should also "go back to [his] books" since he also refers to the US as "America." Unless you feel that interviewers should not be held to the same standards as thier interviewees?

Or perhaps I'm missing the point entirely - it is after all much easier to correct grammer then to analyse an arguement properly.

"What does it mean when he says "when they go to the hospital they act as if Darwin is more likely to be right"?"

I think that he meant that the people going to hospital would accept medicines and medical advice which is based on scientific and evolutionary thought...

"I think that he meant that the people going to hospital would accept medicines and medical advice which is based on scientific and evolutionary thought..."

I knew it was going to happen. The tired argument that antibiotics came from Darwinian thought


Well, I don;t know why Hitchens would refuse to call Al Sharpton "Reverend" while giving Rove the "Dr." title, but I figured that Rove had been awarded an honorary doctorate at some point. Commencement speakers who make big bucks are often given this degree to go along with their exorbitant fee.

Guess who gave Rove the honorary doctorate?: Falwell awarded him an honorary doctorate of humanities for his "commitment to conservative ideas."

I bought the book and am currently halfway through it. He writes better than he speaks--especially since he's either hungover or drunk during most of his interviews.

One thing I've noticed from his book is that just like a lot of people who comment on OGM, Chris has to disagree with people he likes.

I'm loving the book even though I don't agree with his stance on the war and the bushies.

So if you have something to say about Hitchens at least couple it with a valid point about the clip.

That being said, I must say I'm pretty disappointed with this interview, but not as much as the one he had on TDS.

I think it's because Dawkins does his interviews way better. He stays on point.

Hitchens' message is right in the subtitle "how religion poisons everything" and a lot of the time he just spits out a random fact about a religion and doesn't really relate it to his thesis or even the question that was posed to him which creates that awkward silence.

wow, he was loaded...

god real or not...Hitchens could use some to get off the sauce. What a miserable human being. People drink like that - unapologetically, it seems - to quell the least he's somewhat honest about it, i guess...

"I knew it was going to happen. The tired argument that antibiotics came from Darwinian thought"

Hey, thats what it seemed to me what Hitchens was aiming at. If you feel he was aiming at something else you should write so and inform the rest of us.

Hitchens is an enigma, and I am still trying to figure him out.


God and religion can't be to blame for humanity's stupidity.

PEOPLE ruin the world, not Christianity.


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