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In The News

A little of "In the News" from the BBC4's fabulous "The Now Show"

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BBC Radio 4 The Now Show



gotta love those Brits, spot on.

no one finds this offensive? they blatantly make fun of the way a person speaks (a particular accent). That's pretty shitty.

yeah the outrageous asian stereotype almost always leaves a bad taste in my mouth, even if no actual racism is contained in it.

He started it off as a clear "America: World Police"-thing. Did anyone find that so offensive?

He started it off as a clear "America: World Police"-thing, with Kim Jung Il. Did you find that movie, or the segment where they made fun of him offensive too? And did you find it offensive when they made fun of the shrub's fake Texas accent also? Or is it only offensive to make fun of non-English speaker's accents?

Bah! Everyone talks funny when trying to speak a language foreign to them. Somebody call Mel Brooks... I'm in need of some good racial humor.


Ya, anyone who is offended by that obviously doesn't have an asian friend. Engrish and its variants are quite possibly the funest accents to make fun of and people that can't understand that really need to lighten up.

dzwonka, yes quite a lot of what south park does is offensive. they make no secret about that. that doesnt mean its not funny. its a different question. in my view, its totally fine to be offensive, i dont care, as long as youre also funny. this is also why i enjoy dave chappelle. however, i cant say i erupted into laughter at the sound of the kim jong il impersonation like all the audience members did. you need more than just an outrageous stereotype to make me laugh. this is why i hate carlos mencia.

some of the other jokes were pretty good.

I strongly believe real racism is far differant from imitating an accent or calling someone a name, and those people who are calling attention to thoe things are losing sight of actual, dangerous problems.

Great clip man.


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