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Go Rocky

Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson defends his call for the impeachment of George W. Bush on Take Two a local Utah political talk show hosted by Rod Decker on KUTV 2 the CBS affiliate. Rod is a nice guy, but judging from this interview he's been drinking too much of the right-wing kool-aid. Hey Rod, how about a nice game of chess.

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I thought this was an excellent interview. Rod asked tough questions, and Rocky gave him honest, no BS, answers.

I respect Rocky quite a bit for being true with his answers. I certainly got the feeling that he really was speaking his mind, and that he wasn't just trying to give answers that would please everyone, the way most politicans do.

I also find it pretty disheartening to hear that some people in America still think that Iraq is better off now than it was before this war.

People who take that position, in my opinion, are giving more support to the idea that some Americans still have no clue about what's going on.

When I hear things like that from people, it just strikes me as being exceedingly lazy on their part.

If you don't know anything about the situation, you shouldn't open your mouth about it.

A great interview — IMO it's nice that Rod Decker takes the right-wing side of this, as it gives Rocky Anderson a good base to get his point across from...

Im more and more impressed with Rocky everytime I hear him speak.

Its quite refreshing to hear a politician speak his mind, and not apologise for having an opinion that people seem to find so radical.

Its great that he refuses to answer a question put to him as "yes" or "no" when the answer is much more complicated than that.

Gives foreigners like me hope that Americans like him exist and can (sometimes) be heard.

Why can't this be the Mormon running for President?

i thought local news was supposed to have less substance than national news.

This clip should be sent to Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly. Rod may be a deluded right-wing kool-aid drinker, but at least he has class enough to give his guest time to finish his sentences and make his points.

I agree Rod really is a nice guy. Years ago he used to show up at the U of U and play a little speed chess. He was always friendly, like I said a nice guy.

That was the best interview I've seen in months, in terms of its content. Mr. Anderson is of a rare breed: Someone who can talk and think. I know a lot of people on the Democratic side can think well about their position, but can't defend their views on the spot if challenged, and I know a lot of people on the Republican side do nothing but shout slogans without regard to any or all opposition thrown at them.

I especially liked his answer about whether America should "lose" Iraq, when we technically won it twice according to some of the reasons-for-invading-du-jour.

The ignorance of the American callers was appalling. The only one who even presented an argument was the man referring to the retreat of Vietnam.

I suppose its not that surprising. Predictable are the effects of media concentration blended with a healthy dose of blind Christian faith.

Rocky is a diamond in the rough in its truest sense

I'm not sure what impressed me the most: Rocky's level-headed, sensible and intelligent words -- or the fact that he was allowed to answer the questions almost uninterrupted.

Falaffel-boy O'Reilly would have cut his mic two minutes into the interview, called him a terrorist, and threatened to beat him up.

Chris Matthews would have have cut him off two syllables into his answer, in order to ask him three more questions.

I wish I could call him my mayor.Rocky for president!

I'm so happy that this interview went through with neither of them shouting at each other. Go Rocky. "Islamicists" a word? Islamicist: definition * 1. A specialist in the study of Islam. 2. A member or supporter of an Islamic revivalist movement; an Islamist. The term Islamist was adapted from the French term Islamiste, replacing the term Islamicist that was previously in use in the English language


I don't know if Islamicist is an official in the dictionary word yet but the term is in common usage to describe Islamic extremists who want to conquer the world for their own brand of Islam.


I found the term in three on line dictionaries including the American Heritage Dictionary. Haven't looked at Websters yet.

If you look at Rod's questions, he does a lot of 'baiting' so to speak- trying to lead Rocky into saying things that could be turned into handy little sound-bites for Rush and Co. tinfoil hat off That said I have to applaud Rocky's patience. Despite Rod's probing and some assclown callers, he never seems to get annoyed with their stupidity.

We need to draft this guy for president, and I don't even know what party he belongs to.

Not only does he have integrity, Rocky has guts. Half the callers spewed venom at him and he didn't even flinch. This, people, is a real man.

Shouldn't we skip impeachment & go straight to trial for war crimes?

Including war profiteers. I think the "war on terror" is a smoke screen for big oil & war profits; this war is shaking down US citizens for generations to come.

Rocky is a great politician, but a poor mayor. As a resident of Salt Lake (who voted for him), I'm one of many who are a bit upset that he's spent more time crusading against Bush than he has running the city.

Great politician (and activist), but he's been slacking in the mayor department the past months.

Dan Baker


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