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Boss of the World

A very funny bit from Marcus Brigstocke on the Now Show. Is the BBC anti-American?

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BBC Radio 4 The Now Show



Wow. This doesn't happen often. A witty ruthless commentary on the US policies which actually ends with an encouraging punchline. Thanks for sharing.

Ps. The Microsoft paperclip: little bendy metal bastard :)

I followed it all except the marmite thing. I don't even know if I've spelled it correctly.

Out of curiosity, I looked up American thinker. It's a laughably bad "conservative" site that makes illogical, inane points and is often quoted by Rush...

Always interesting to hear humor with a lot of cultural references and, in reference to above comment, much more than Marmite got by me.

Daeowan: Marmite is a VERY tasty food spread made from yeast extract. You either hate it, or love it (like me!) It have a very strong taste. SNP: The Scottish National Party. I'm not up on Scotish politics and I'm not sure how much power the seprate staes of the UK have now since devolution. Git Wizard: One of Marcus' pet hates.

I hope this answers your questions my friends!

oh...hehe...I forgot to explain who Git Wizard is! It's David Blane. Much hated here in the UK after his "trick" of being suspended over the Thames in the London for 40 days without food or drink. He bought out the British spirit of anyone trying to show off, by people throwing eggs at the box, someone was teeing up golf balls at him and then someone flew a mini helicopter with a Beefburger dangling below it, around the Git Wizards box!

Awesome clip. I laughed, I cried, I learned Scotland has a Jedi Party!

and then someone flew a mini helicopter with a Beefburger dangling below it


Thanks for the explanations Joseph!

It seems that the English are known for eating marmite. Anyone hear about the lastest nasty comment from the right-wing media? “Britannia really doesn’t rule the waves any more.” The British showed themselves to be “Marmite-eating surrender monkeys”, said Michael Rubin, the American neoconservative and an Iran analyst.

F**ck the Brits, like they haven't screwed up the world even more than the US. A pox on both our houses.


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