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Scoundrels like Hitler

Tom Delay is a giant asshole, and that's no lie.

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Countdown w/Keith Olbermann



woo hoo, up to 11,600 at the time of this posting!

Apparently Tom Delay has never heard of Godwin's Law.

This man is a representation of the failure of the american healthcare system, atleast the mental health aspect anyway.

Honest to god....

Tom Delay is a saint, a martyr -- almost a latter-day Jesus.

I also appreciate his comments defending "dark skinned people;" i always knew it, but this shows once again that Tom Delay truly is the Malcom X of our generation.

Fight the power, Tom! Stick it to the establishment -- those rich, corrupt white men who are only too happy to send poor black men to fight and die for the interests of toy politicians and their corporate benefactors. I know that you're a man of the people, Tom -- a man who has always been in the corner of the working class, a man who could not be bought, a man who held the common good over the interests of the moneyed few. Keep on fighting the good fight, Tom! Oh wait....

Go home, little elf; go back to your home is the woods.

By the way, who knew that Tom Delay used to drink?

91,900 when googled.

tom delay delusions of grandeur

I get 92,700 when googled


To add a little fairness, just because DeLay's book didn't make the Top 30 doesn't mean nobody reads it. Also, even someone as smart as Olberman should know the variance of Google searches.

But yes, his overall argument makes a lot of sense and DeLay sounds more delusional than ever.

Why does everyone always pick on Hitler?

Why do I have the feeling that Delay couldn't fill up the back of an index card with everything he knows about WWII? Do you know who was a lot like Hitler? Hitler and only Hitler. Got it, all of you retards like Delay?

Honestly, I find this too funny. How on God's green Earth did Delay think that he was making a good comparison there? You're taught in high school the necessity of writing a clear metaphor... you think he'd have gotten that bit of education by now.

What a goober.

actually, you get 92,100 results, but hey, who's counting.

He probably did not even wrote that book himself.

If you know how to search using quotation marks(IE "Tom Delay" "Delusions of Grandeur"), a Google search does return 11,600 results.

I think it was on T-Shirt Hell where there was a T-Shirt that said "But what about all the good things Hitler did?" The tired comparisons to Hitler often bring that shirt to mind.

I agree with you, leftbanker. Why is Hitler always the default bad guy when you want to say, "no, he's not just bad, he's really bad"?

Plenty of the time the differences between the accused and Hitler are much more notable than the similarities, and a lot of the time I don't see any similarties. I mean, I don't like Bush, but I think the occasional comparisons I've heard of him to Hitler are just silly, and inaccurate.

I'd like to see a retiring of the use of Hitler-resemblances as an insult, because it's not useful in modern debate, and it removes everyone from the real horrors committed by Hitler such that the warning to avoid becoming like him might eventually become meaningless.

Instead, let's dust off and pull out the still-known but less-used evil political archetypes of days past: Idi Amin, Nicolae Ceauşescu, Chairman Mao, Stalin & Pol Pot. Revisiting them would do worlds of good for our historical context, and possibly open more eyes to the seeming tyrannical leanings of our current administration.

And, yeah... Tom Delay sucks ass.


"I agree with you, leftbanker. Why is Hitler always the default bad guy when you want to say, "no, he's not just bad, he's really bad"?"

I think the rhetorical technique is called reducio ad Hitlerium. And it's been overused and misued since the 1950s. It's so bad now that composition teachers have to tell their students about it. It's a clear sign of a moron. Jonah Goldberg launched a massive project three years ago to make the technique respectible again.

It makes you happy that Delay is simply making a fool of himself in print, rather than what he was doing as Majority Leader. People make stupid Hitler references everyday, but Delay was world-class bad. His indictment for money laundering was not the big lie, but the "big truth"--he was as corrupt as they come. It's a great credit to the American system that the guy did not do more damage than he did.

WOW Olbermann layith the smackithdown

Delay needs psychological help.

I always find it funny that American politicians always make Hitler and the Communist the bogeymen.

What about facists or military dictators like Franco and Mussolini?

Oh yeah, I forgot. USA has the habit of supporting military dictators since WW2 as long as they are pro-AMerican or sympathetic to American causes.

And I was wondering who no one made the case that America is soft on fascists or military dictatorships.

Sorry, I forgot to end with this.

Perhaps the reason why Hitler and the COmmunists are the default bogeyman is that the former slaughtered the Jews while the latter attacked both the Jews and God.

Perhaps that's why secular dictators like General Pinochet, Saddam Hussein and the largely intact militaristic regime of WW2 Japan were able to garner American support?

Is that a fair comment to make?

I can see how an idiot in a moment of passion, in a priavte conversation, might start making comparisons to Hitler. But to actually write it down in a book you are writing to be I think it shows weakness in intellect, character and, quite frankly, mental health. I however don't expect much better from a man who claimed that families living on minimum wage don't exist. That he didn't go to Vietnam because "So many minority youths had volunteered...that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like myself." (Sooooo many things wrong with that!). And, in his better days, claim that "I am the Federal Government". Glad he is gone from politics.

Now, Jesse – your sarcasm is just so unfair. Tom Delay's magnanimity concerning "dark skinned people" has shone through his record of public service, despite his having been denied his chance to serve in Vietnam by those same selfish folks. As he has said, "so many minority youths had volunteered…that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like myself."

Amazing how distorted history becomes as time passes on.

What do you think will happen 100 years from now? Will we have street slang or jargon referring to how people suffered during slavery or the Holocaust? Is that what'll happen?

Amazing how distorted history becomes as time passes on.


Ain't that the truth!

As far as I'm concerned, this truth is a huge part of why, if they can survive just a generation or two, many religions manage to flourish despite their insane "histories". Is "mainstream" Christianity really any more rational than Mormonism? Of course not – but most Christians think Mormons are nuts. Still, Mormons' "respectability" grows every generation – to the point that they are no longer considered to be really really nuts by a lot of "mainstream" Christians. The long-term survival of Scientology is still in doubt, but its chances are improving every year, I think.


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