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Scandals And Fuck-Ups

George W. Bush, Scandals And Fuck-Ups Collector Plates.

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Real Time w/Bill Maher
More Bill Maher video here



I was thinking, "that's odd -- that whole list and they didn't even mention Katrina"... and then there it was in the kicker, as if on cue.

I'd get them just for that sludge globe! And 3 payments of $89.95 for something with such sentimental value, how can you lose?


"Selling the ports to Arabs"

Perhaps selling them to one of the allies would've had less of an impact ? Who am I kidding ? Of course it would. We all know what Arabs are, don't we ? So the deal compromises National Security. It's sending a clear message to the terrorists that.. wait.. It IS in fact a full-scale surrender !

I bet Bush said that himself ! No ? I'm confused now.

May be you did invade the right country after all; the two "plates" don't go all that well together. May be Maher is pitching to both sides so to win majority approval. I have a suggestion in this case, which is printing an adversary somewhere on the two plates so that one wouldn't end up having them together and then end up being called an idiot or something similar.

Oh well, except for this bit, it was sorta funny. However ingenuous.

(Goes back to cave)

I was under the impression that the ports deal never went through.

Am I mistaken?


The Harriet Myers deal never went through, either...

"I was under the impression that the ports deal never went through."

That's just because thet got caught, the mere fact that they thought it was OK to trust port security to a foreign entity demonstrates the potential for fuck up.

And that is just the fuck ups that we know of, I am afraid that this is like an iceberg and that we are only aware of 10/20% of the total fuck ups. Which is an scary thought...

That bit about oral sex in the Oval Office and haircuts on a plane really put it all in perspective! So why is there no visibly serious push for impeachment in Congress? Is it because in their hearts Americans really do think the Republicans are the natural party of power and that to impeach Bush would be somehow disrespectful or "wrong"?

It's kind of late to impeach. 18 more months of a lame duck president. Now if we could lock them all up, that might be worth doing....fat chance of that.

I think the ports to Dubai noise was a media diversion, but I don't recall what else was going on at the time (Feb 2006). Just seems likely in retrospect.

Though it had lots of supporters. Dubai Ports World controversy

According to this link;

Hannity was against it. O'Reilly was for it.

err...21 more months of a lame duck president.


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