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Happy Birthday War

Mitch Benn with a little ditty from the Now Show on BBC Radio 4, a celebration of the war.

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BBC Radio 4 The Now Show



What we came here for? Halliburton Profits


Now that's a catchy little pop song, clever lyrics aside...

If anyone's interested, the singer is Mitch Benn. He lists Tom Lehrer among his influences, which explains a lot...

Mitch Benn...Legend! On the same show, Jon Holmes had a good rant about the Son of Star Wars system the USA goverment want to install just up the road from here in Leeds.'s quite ironic how Bush and his cronies were so distacted with SOSW that ignored the 9/11 warnings, and they're still banging out the drum about this system. But as Jon explains, it's no good putting it here and we'll deliever the missle to it's destination too late. We'll blame leaves in the air!


BTW Norm, thank you for introducing me to the NOW show! What a gem!


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