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Bill Maher - New Rules

A nice rant on the real patriot Valerie Plame, and the real traitor George W. Bush.

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Real Time w/Bill Maher
More Bill Maher video here




I was with him pretty much until he plugged Hillary Clinton at the end. Why do that?

She's the front runner, sure, but I have serious issues with her policies, and Bill Maher should too.

He had the right idea with that crazy-ass photo near the beginning of the clip. That bitch is whack.

I think he was trying to make a crack with endorsing her, bringing honor and integrity back to the White House. I'm sure you remember what the climate was like last time the Clintons were in the White House.

I'm not vehemently opposed to Hillary. As a candidate in the primaries I do not support her one iota (similarly, John Kerry was just about my last choice during the primaries last time). But if she's running against any of the potential republican candidates that I'm aware of, she'll get my vote come election time.

I'm pretty sure the only reason he mentioned Hillary at the end is that he knows she's probably going to be the Democratic nominee next year. He's said she'd be a good president, but he's bashed her more than a few times and been booed by his audience for it. He's said much kinder things about Barack and Joe Biden.

With that said, his speech at the end of New Rules was one of the best ever. I can't wait to see Bill O'Reilly show this clip on Monday and have some bogus psychologist come on to explain his ulterior motives for bashing the president.

"Niger please" ... I don't get it. Feeling dumb at 4 in the morning, ben

The mob doesn't target your family? Someone is unfamiliar with the term "vendetta"...

Anyway, nice speech by Maher at the end, though I could have done without the Hillary endorsement.

Fox, I know what you mean by the "mob" comment. I'm pretty sure everyone was thinking the same thing. There's a silence right after he said it.

The Hillary "plug" at the end was in reference to Bush's platform of restoring honor and integrity to the white house, which was a slap at the Clintons.

I have such mixed feelings about Bill Maher. I've been a semi-regular viewer of his since 1995, when Politically Incorrect was on Comedy Central - back in the days when I had cable TV. I've always been drawn to him, because of his eloquent speech patterns and apparent charisma.

But in a lot of ways he and I differ. I remember watching him during the Clinton administration, concurrent with the point where I was making the transition from conservative Republican to liberal Democrat (not making many stops in between), and my thought was that Maher was a pretty staunch Libertarian - not all that in line with the Democratic party.

He must have given the appearance of being a Democrat or a liberal, or at least a Clinton supporter, in his loyal support of Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal; but, in truth, I don't think Maher is even close to being a liberal.

Really, I think that a lot of Maher's "apparent" political views, can be traced to his just being a "dirty old man."

I sat at the keyboard for a full 4 minutes trying to come up with a more diplomatic way of saying "dirty old man," because in my mind, that isn't such a bad thing (I have no qualms with sex or sexuality in any of its conceivable expressions, including pedophilia, so long as it is not forced - I mean I say that having been on the child side of pedophilia, and just as an illustration of the degree to which I am "ok" with sexuality).

But let us think about it for a moment (and I am entirely open to dissenting, ridiculing and separatist opinions from my fellow global citizens). Based upon my recollection (which I concede may be faulty), Maher did not display much respect for Bill Clinton until he was having to defend himself for having committed an obvious act of sexual impropriety.

Maher seems to mostly despise far Right pundits, and yet he always has a soft spot for Ann Coulter. I have not once (in my very finite wisdom and experience - please correct me if I am wrong) observed Bill Maher speaking ill of Ann Coulter as a human being, even as he openly dissents from her loudest opinions.

It isn't difficult to find information on the web supporting his having dated her at one time. A lot of folks might have a lot of nasty things to say about Ann with regard to her physical appearance as a result of their anger toward her points of view (isn't that how most dissent toward vocal women tends to fall? "Oh, I don't agree with her? Well, let me find some way in which her physical appearance is lacking as my first and laziest objection th whatever it is she has to say!"). Well, let me throw in one self-appointed objective vote on Ann Coulter's appearance divorced from her viewpoints. As a woman who has judged and is used to being judged based upon her appearance, I can tell you that Ann Coulter is beautiful. And as a lesbian, I can tell that Ann is entirely fuckable. As long as she kept her mouth shut, even knowing all that she stands for, I'd bed that woman any chance I got. Maybe others of all sexual orientations and genders would have more scruples than me, but the fact that I consider myself pretty scrupulous and yet willing to have a mad, passionate fuckfest with Ann Coulter, gives me evidence as to why Bill Maher might seem excessively supportive of her.

And then there's Valerie Plame... How much doubt is there among this particular audience that she is both fuckable and patriotic? I actually elect to reserve judgment on Plame's patriotism, myself, because I feel I have not yet properly educated myself on the matter to come to any educated objective conclusion on the matter. But education and objectivity aside... uh... where can I get me summa dat? Yum!

So with my potentially skewed perceptions that Maher liked Clinton once he got busy with a young intern, that he shows uncharacteristic favor to Ann Coulter and that he is constantly undressing Valerie Plame in his head (as am I, rowr - please don't ever attribute any saintly qualities to me, because I can hardly think of anything that might be more offensive!), I am entirely wary of his support of Hillary Clinton as being much more than support for the viable candidate with a vagina.

I think Bill could probably get any woman he wants, but I believe that he has an affinity for powerful or intelligent women. Hillary Clinton has gone a bit beyond her physical prime, but her age can't be too far from Maher's (I concede momentary laziness here, because I am not making the effort to determine their respective ages - I hope if my arguments are rejected, it is for other reasons than this, because I can certainly think of a few).

I should reveal the fact that I am a fervent, biased, evangelical, even, supporter of Barack Obama. I live in Iowa, and am proud to have the privilege of being among the first of U.S. citizens to have the privilege of voting for the next President of the United States. I am an active volunteer for the Obama campaign in Iowa, and thus, I am a bit sensitive of any criticism against him. I do hope that one day Bill Maher will drop his seeming support for Clinton and replace it with a support for Obama, but I have some cynical suspicion that that it will take Obama's involvement in some sexual disgression before Bill Maher will endorse him.

In the meantime, I guess if the best opposition that Bill has is that Obama smiles too much, then we could certainly be doing worse.


For once I agree with Syngas!

Yeah... you'd think Rachel's write-spewing time would be better used elsewhere. And then you'd be wrong. Phew! What's with that chick?

In the comments section of some of my blog posts (or comments to my comments), I often encounter this thing I assumed was a typo: "tl;dr"

I recently decided to google it, and it's in fact, not a typo. It means, "too long; didn't read."

That makes me giggle.


Woohoo! My verbal diarrhea serves no better purpose than when it unites otherwise [bitter] rivals against me.

Maher has always maintained he is an Independent. He speaks his mind even if all his guests disagree with him. We shouldn't watch a show that only supports "our side." Providing different viewpoints and allowing guests to comment on his own is what makes the show interesting.
I don't think that was an endorsement for Hillary. He was making a point as the Clintons were so degraded about ethics and dignity in the Whitehouse....and who would have expected this Administration to bring it to it's lowest point ever.

hillary is a twat. that is all.

Somebody do something unpleasant to Rachel so I don't have to scroll down so much anymore.

Fantastic read, Rachel.

Curious on your mention of pedophilia. I have friends who've become sexually active early, say at 12 years old. Two have had their first extended relationships at 14 with partners in their 20s. Neither thought it wrong nor would consider their partners to be pedophiles. Is your experience different?

Maher's motivations may be explained as simply as you suspect. I find I'm often in strong agreement and strong disagreement with him which is rather odd. Perhaps thinking with his dick is the most reasonable explanation. Well done.

Hitler didn't approve of pedophilia. And by not approving, I mean he really seriously disliked it -- and by pedophilia, I mean Jews.

Sorry. I just just love the way this thread is heading. And by love, I mean...

New Rules are always fantastic.

"Maher liked Clinton once he got busy with a young intern" Posted by: Rachel | March 24, 2007 4:55 AM

You may be right, but I think he just believed it silly to tear down the presidency for sex, or lying about sex.

It's such a non issue & here we're still talking about nookiegate a decade later.

It's pathetic.

Okay I quickly browsed whats her face's schpiel above, and I gleaned this tidbit:

I don't think Maher is even close to being a liberal.

In theory he's a classical liberal, in praxis he's anti-government, anti-progressivist social engineering, and completely for negative rights, all of which sanctimonious illiberal left wingers in the Democratic party are for. So yes, he is a liberal, they're the ones who aren't liberal.

Child-like stream-of-consciousness, I swear...

I haven't slept for 3 days because I've been writing a paper, and my preferred means of letting off steam while writing is ... more writing, but of the recreational sort.

I finished my paper an hour ago, and I'm now making the rounds of my personal blogroll with apologies and thanks for enduring my spewing. I see that Syngas and received some of my more frazzled and lengthier bits. I'd erase the entry if I could. It's like drunk-dialing, only worse.

So thanks and sorry!

Craig, thanks for the niceness. Click on my name and meet me at one of my links if you'd like to take on the pedophilia discussion. If I were more computer savvy, I'd have said "meet me at camera 3" and made it clickable to one of my silly links.


Sorry I made you scroll. I'm going to stop typing now so you don't have to scroll anymore.

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Wait! Just one more thing!

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Um... sorry... I forgot.

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God, I'm annoying...

I promise I'll be quiet(er) when I get more sleep.

Pleasant dreams, and cutting isn't the answer.

Can you post this in another format so not just the 4% fags using mac can see this???????

Can you post this in another format so not just the 4% fags using mac can see this???????

Find somewhere else to watch it or figure out how to use a computer.

Why do you have to use fucking Quicktime? Jeez. Please use Flash next time.

I'd really like to watch the video, but I'm not going to install fucking Quicktime on my computer.

and people call me lazy!

and people call me lazy!


Maher is O'Reilly with a conscience, that is about the best way he can be explained. He speaks his mind and is very honest about his opinion, but his opinions are grounded in humanity, not in political hackery like O'Reilly, Limbaugh etc. He speaks out against blatent lunacies, like the Clinton impeachment and Plame outing, but that doesn't denote any particular political allegiance.

As an aside, what have people got against Quicktime, I think it is great. I live in a rural nowehere in New Zealand so the connection speeds I get aren't fantastic but quicktime offers far better picture quality without the tedious download and buffering times most other formats have. Not that I am representative of this blogs main audience or anything.


I don't really understand this Quicktime controversy myself. I guess it depends on which operation system one has. All of the Quicktime videos here work perfectly well for me with no annoying buffering and the quality is exellant.

Can you post this in another format so not just the 4% fags using mac can see this???????

You "fags" can just click the download file button and play it in VLC. If you have windows or a Mac you can use Quicktime.

Don't like it, too damn bad.

Why do you have to use fucking Quicktime? Jeez. Please use Flash next time.

I'd say you're fucking out of luck or you could use VLC

Offtopic: I love the crystal-clarity of Quicktime, but sometimes they lag on busy nights when my speed drops out and my neighbors read pornography.

Point being: perhaps a low-res Flash version (a la YouTube) is in order.

P.S. I found this blog through one of your YouTube videos, and became a fan.

Norm I couldn't give a shit what format you put your videos in and everyone should STFU.

Hi guys, Maher wasn't plugging for Hiliary Clinton. He makes fun of her all the time and there's even a joke in this clips on her before his "rant."

The reason why he remarked about Hiliary Clinton that she should run to restore honour and integrity to the White House was a word-for-word quote from one of Bush's many campaign promises in 2000 i.e. that he (Bush) would restore honur and integrity to the White House [after Clinton's impeachment and the Lewinsky scandel].

Now the opposite may well be true i.e. Clinton restoring honour and integrity to a formerly Bush White House who has no credibility in USA and the world at large.

perhaps a low-res Flash version (a la YouTube) is in order. Posted by: zaphod2016 | March 25, 2007 1:25 AM

Norm's Videos are roughly half the bitrate while keeping much better quality than youtube flash. I personally hate flash.

Quicktime is the best thing going. I'm a windows user but, Apple got it right again.

Rachel, I firmly believe there is no such thing as TMI. If you want to share it with others, go for it.

Norm, never stop using Quicktime. The fact that you use Quicktime was actually the reason I originally liked this site. Not that that would stop you from changing if you wanted, nor should it. So... uh... yeah.

Ron Paul for president..that is all.

If Hitler was alive today, and if he approved of pedophilia, would he have used Quicktime, or would he have used Flash? I think that's the question; nay, 'tis the very elephant in the room, ain't it?

LOL dzwonka... good way to sum up this weird thread.

Did the cutter girl actually endorse pedophilia or am I seeing things?

Quicktime is excellent video and audio quality at a reasonable size.

If you dont have quicktime, you suck.

And please note that one does not have to be on a Mac to use Quicktime.

Thanks kes for that true bit of insight. He was quoting Bushs campaign promise from 2000.

Maher has been against Hilary because he doesnt think she can win. I dont she can win either.

I am really glad Maher put all this together, it sums up my feelings on the Plame affaire very well.

Why Bush & co. are getting away with this in the realm of public opinion, much less the legal sphere is unbelievable to me.

I guess they just buried this scandal under layers of other scandals, so it lost its true impact...

Great new rule Bill.

Dionysus, cutter girl? I think you may have made an assumption about me which is not true. But I can see how self-mutilation would be awfully convenient for you in the task of delegating someone to "do something unpleasant" to me.

Dwzonka, There's naught so funny as Hitler, pedophilia and elephants. I appreciate the clever combining of all three in your comments. You sir/madam, have made me laugh, and I thank you.

C, kes, even if I had been in a position to catch the subtle jab at Hillary by way of ironic "support," I haven't watched enough "Real Time" and wasn't familiar with the word-for-word quote from Bush's campaign promises, so it might have flown over me regardless. I very much appreciate the insight and clarification.

Dionysus, cutter girl? I think you may have made an assumption about me which is not true.

Would MILF be more accurate? jk ;P

Hi shano and rachel, you're welcome.

At times, Bill Maher's comments also fly over my head.

I tend to make sure to watch his clips at least twice to make sure that I don't miss anything.

You have to get married first before this applies right, Erick? I was referring to this statement: Would MILF be more accurate? jk ;P

I just finished watching WEEDS and I really liked Snoop Dog's MILF weed rap.

[quote]Dionysus, cutter girl? I think you may have made an assumption about me which is not true. But I can see how self-mutilation would be awfully convenient for you in the task of delegating someone to "do something unpleasant" to me. [/quote]

Who said anything about self-mutilation? I was talking about cutting the cheese. Is all okay in Wonderland?

You "fags" can just click the download file button and play it in VLC. If you have windows or a Mac you can use Quicktime.

Don't like it, too damn bad.

Or may I suggest a parade in the village perhaps? LOL. Sorry, that's my last one. Promise ;)

Erick, I have to be a mother in order to be a MILF, right? Or maybe you weren't suggesting I was a MILF. I don't know. I'm so lost right now. I'm thinking I need to get sleep-deprived again to get back to a place where the bizarre makes sense.

Dionysus, Then I'm totally lost... cheese cutting? A reference to how bad my comments stink? Either I am so pathetically behind on my net lingo (entirely possible) or you're just messing with me. I'm leaning toward your just messing with me at this point.

Oh, and I don't endorse pedophilia... I just don't have a problem with it under a lot of circumstances. Kindof like I don't endorse drug use/abuse, but I don't have a problem with it either.

It's not a particularly strong statement. I was just using it to make the point that while I think Bill Maher is heavily motivated by his penis, I'm totally down with that.

Oh, and I don't endorse pedophilia... I just don't have a problem with it under a lot of circumstances. - Jefferson Airplane groupie

Well that's great, but I'm sure the children who get fucked in the ass by their Priest do have a problem with it in every circumstance. I have a friend who was molested by a babysitter, I don't think they're okay with it under certain circumstances.

But it's okay, moral relativity stretched to fit one's labido is a.o.k. with the strong arm of the law, as long as you exchange your night with a 12 year old for about a week in San Quentin, where they let you run the gauntlet of soap dropping in the shower before they murder you like they do all pedophiles.

I'm not going to waste energy getting riled up over pedophilia as a general concept.

I didn't get ass-fucked by any priest or molested by a babysitter, but I did have my own experience that fell under the umbrella of pedophilia, and I've reflected on it and judged the experience itself to have been not too bad - especially when compared to the punitive process that was to follow.

What was bad, for me, was the police investigation and court case, and strained relationships that developed with my friends and family because I couldn't muster enough sense of indignant victimization to make the offender seem like a monster, or testify against him.

Of course there are those who now say my inability to demonize the offender for his actions is just further evidence of how "broken" he's made me.

(shrug) They'll believe what they want to believe, and there is virtually no way I can adequately convey where it is I am coming from or how I have come to feel the way I feel.

I am opposed to the action of the priests in every case of abuse in which I have read/heard some or most of the details.

I am opposed to all incidences of non-negotiated, forced sex, regardless of the ages of the participants.

But because I, personally, do not see inherent evil in someone 18 years of age or older having sexual relations with someone younger than 18 years of age, I can not generalize a feeling of rage toward the act, divorced from the circumstances.

Like I said, though, my personal views on this have very narrow implications. I don't want to screw children. I don't want children to be screwed. I don't want to watch children being screwed. I just wanted to share my observation that it seems to me that Bill Maher's political views are easily swayed by his bits. I have a problem with that because I have a problem with wishy-washiness, regardless of the motivation - NOT because I have a problem with sex, or men or even Bill Maher.

Love the sinner, hate the sin - sin in this case being wishy-washiness, NOT horndoggedness.

When I don't go to great pains to make a point of assuring people that sex and men aren't on my shitlist, then I often get the "frigid dyke," argument and am quickly tossed aside. So "bein' all free-love 'n' shit" is a knee-jerk debate tactic I use anytime I'm arguing against a circumstance where men having sex is involved. It's one of the many adaptive strategies I've developed over the course of being an outspoken female in an outspoken male's world.

Of course I neglected to address the cheese cutting, Wonderland, Jefferson Airplane arguments that should have been obvious on the horizon. My bad. We'll attribute that oversight to lack of sleep.

And look... you've made me write too much again. So what happens when you poke the dragon?

Rachel, this will sound hollow.

I'm sorry for what you have gone through.

I have no issues with what you've posted so far at this site. That may mean something as I'm a conservative/prude who practise abstinence for all of my life so far.

I hope to see you posting here. There are a fair bit of dissention and personal agreements here but we tend to just roll over it. Or continue the bickering via emails.

There's nothing more I can say about what you've gone through.

Except that I'm again sorry that you've gone though it.


Dionysus and Rachel, would you mind talking about something else? Paedophillia is a bit off topic at this thread.

It's also a very gray area when we are taking of sexual preferences and consentual sex.

Besides, I'm not sure whether the rest of us can add to this discussion as we may not have enough experience to matter.


Absolutely, kes. I agree. Thanks.

Btw Rachel, nice idea with the (better rested) adjunct to your alias.

It's like MSN where you can write a line next to your name, mostly to show your state of mind.

(laugh) Thanks, kes. At some point, and somewhere other than here, probably, I'd love to hear your motivations, as a conservative, for being here. "Motivations" sounds shady, and I don't mean it that way. Mostly, I wonder what makes someone from one side reach out to better understand the other side, other than the do-gooder motive on one end of the spectrum and the infiltrate-the-enemy motive on the other end.

I feel like since I'm falling into full-on liberalism myself, I ought to balance a little bit with something from the Right that isn't grossly damning of its source (like Bill O'Reilly). I have had some fondness for William F. Buckley Jr. in the distant past, and have revisiting him on my long list of things to do (but in truth, since he is critical of the current Bush administration, I feel like I might be cheating by getting my 'Right' exposure from him). Do you have any recommendations?

Also, I notice you use British spellings of words. Are you in the UK? I'm preparing for some hardcore ad hominem arguments against you.

Kidding, of course.

Maher is a comedian. He has had some problems in the past with his other show "Politcaly Incorrect". He is a painfully honest in his opinions, but is always searching for the truth of the matter. He is his own man.
(Unlike bill-o, who I think is certifiably insane, esp. after his last rant at his assistant for telling the truth about the Bush offer to Congress on the attorney scandal.sheesh. bill-o is a spin machine)

Maher is for the legalisation of drugs, admits he smokes pot and likes it, defends it on the grounds that alcohol causes more problems in society-which is probably true.

Maher also admits sleeping with Coulter, but sort of a one night stand. He also says "she is always wrong". He hasnt talked to her for a couple of years....he hangs with porn stars at nightclubs. He does not deny any of his lifestyle choices. There is not a hint of double standard with this man.

And I felt the same way Maher did about the Clinton scandal. It used to be honorable for a man to protect his liasons. Dont kiss and tell was the way honorable men handled their affaires with women. Aint nobodys business if I do, hahah.

It should be that way still...

Hi Shano, no offense but I do need to qualify your comment on Maher, even though I'm a fan of his programme.

He is becoming too rabidly pro-Israel and anti-Islam. I'll be glad to listen to him in these areas if he can offer a balanced and informed opinion on them with the facts at hand.

I'm still waiting unfortunately.

Rachel, you are sharp. My country is a former British colony and I tend to differ to UK English.

As a conservate who cleaved unto the traditional values of my culture, I am not blind to its faults.

I have gay and lesbian friends and I have never questioned their life choices and they have never questioned mine.

To each his own I say.

An unfortunate fact lies in that most conservatives are too groupie in thinking and cleaves to too many norms without questioning them.

The one thing I admire in Confucius' thinking is this line:

"Know what you know and know what you know not. That is true knowledge."

Often new knowledge is derived by questioning and re-examining our existing knowledge and their premises.

I do that all the time, while not compromising in my conservative beliefs in small government, limited government involvement in civil matters, fiscal discipline etc.

And I believe that women has the right to choose. That may sound liberal but it's not.

My mum gave up her dreams and prospects for her family and her unworthy children.

I will never champion that a women has no right or freedom to choose because she may make the wrong decision in the eyes of a judgemental public.

In my mum's case, she made the best possible decision for her family as well as for me and my brothers.

However, in so doing, she made the worst possible decision for herself.

That's why I am sick and tired of all this black-and-white or you are with me or against me thinking that afflicts Americans of every stripe, religious and otherwise.

That's a bad way to view the real world.

And as someone who reads and is continually reading far more than many liberals or conservatives as well as atheist and religious folks, I keep coming across insights, ideas and opinions that I'm surprised that no one mentions them in real life.

We should all be appaled at the amount of knowledge we discards because of our biases, grudges and pre-conceptions of the world.


Btw, we need more lady posters.

It's always a pleasure when Jo Ann graces us with her presence.

She actually belongs to a more arty farty crowd than the motley crew, yours trule included, at this site.

Too much testerone contributes to too much testiness in the air.


Maher is a very clever fellow, tho more a wit than a commedian, and he makes some valid points and gets them across well. Personally I enjoy watching him and agree with him much of the time, however there's one thing I noticed about Maher several years ago that remains the same today, and that is that Maher sits back and waits for juicy items in the news then comments on them, kind of like Jay Leno only with more of a political slant. He pounces on his political enemies with rapier wit, but rarely if ever offers a solution, but merely criticizes after the fact. In this way he is somewhat like Fox News, in that he entertains rather than delivers hard facts, nor does he host an honest and open forum, nor does he offer solutions to ongoing problems. He pretends that he cares and is involved, but does he and is he? Sadly, the answer is no, he's merely an entertainer of the left, much as his gal pal Ann Coulter is to the right.

yea, I see Maher as a type of modern day court jester. He has changed his stance on a few things, though. At first he was kind of for wire tapping, because he lives in a port city in Ca. He wanted Bush to be listening to people talking to Al Qaeda.

But when they abused the priveledge lately, he changed his mind about it , saying it is wrong.

Think he has alot more substance than Coutler, surely, hahah. But, no, he doesnt strive to be PBS or the BBC. And probably does lean to the left in his choice of guests, but maybe a certain type of guest will usually refuse to appear on his show, so ?

He is pretty brave to take some of the stands he does, like openly calling to legalise marijauna.

He thinks Islam and the people who devoutly practice Islam are 500 years behind civiization. Because the Christians were doing this stuff, going around killing 'unbelievers' in the past too.

But now the Christians have left that behind, so to speak, and Islam needs to catch up to modernity.

I have a few Jewish friends, and sometimes their support of Israel is based on family history more than looking nakedly at the acts of Israel now. I understand the origin of their bias.

Funny how in these times comedians are leading with searching for some facts and truth in broadcasting. The funniest jokes are grounded in truth most of the time.

Hi shano, Bill Maher as a court jester?

Then do catch Robin William's Man of the Year on this jester comment at the end of the movie.

Don't trust the reviews.

Just watch it : >

Aw shucks, Kes. Thank you for the kind words!

Hi Jo Ann, you're welcome. I apologise if I'm a little harsh in my last reply to you.

And I do think that the motely crew at this website offers a wide open embrace for any ladies with the passion, the gumption and the BALLS to make their views heard here.

Thank you, kes, for the background. I'm strongly driven by curiousity, so I appreciate your humoring me. I sympathize with all of your points as you presented them.

I hope to hang around for awhile, as a participant, and if I do, it'll be interesting to see if I get socialized into the rough and tumble tactics or keep my head above water somehow.

Well that's great, but I'm sure the children who get fucked in the ass by their Priest do have a problem with it in every circumstance.

Irrespective of what position you take on the issue, it is important to get a few things straightened here. There is a difference in the terms “pedophilia” and “child molestation”. Pedophilia is a paraphilia of sexual attraction toward PREpubescent children. Pederasty is for sexual relationships of adults and adolescents (those who have undergone puberty but are underage with respect to legal or social parameters). The media generally conflates the two but there should be a distinction if anyone is to approach the issue. Another less occurring one is known as Nepiophilia (Infantophilia) where an adult or perhaps even an adolescent is sexually attracted to children ranging from 0-3 years of age. There is actually a Church controversy (I'll try to see if I can obtain the link for you guys) about a priest who vaginally penetrated an infant of about 9 months give or take and Cardinal Mahony who apparently knew of this incident suppressed the knowledge of it in order, I presume, to not call attention to the Church. Child molestation (some form of coercion or sexual exploitation) is not necessarily the case in every pederasty/pedophilia case. The horrible cases we of the Catholic priests are of them imposing themselves on children against their will. Mary Kay Letourneau, for example, was charged with "statutory rape" which is a legal term used for having sex with a minor without coercion but the law considers it rape because they consider a minor to be incapable of giving consent. In order for any of you to give adequate normative statement I thought I should chime in and set the lexicon in its appropriate categories.

Hi Rachel, no worries. You are welcome here.

Many, if not most, of us do give people the impression that we are blowhards who think we know a little bit more than our fellow men.

While that may not be the case, the frequent appearance of fundamentalists taking pot shot at us seems to indicate that it's a majority view.

Get to know us better. It's best to go through the threads from the past to present slowly at your own time to find out who we are and where we stand.

> > You will find out who among us is worthy of some trust and who among us that you need to watch out for, no matter how cordially the person now presents herself or himself as a form of belated PR campaign or as a way of worming back into the good graces of the people here.

I'm not trying to scare you, so I can safely tell you that most of us here are consistent in our views and personality traits at this website.

You'll know who we are from the way we phrase our views and the way we back up our arguments.

At the very least, I and many others won't tell you that we are experts on anything and that you just need to just shut up and listen to us with no facts or research given.

A real and meaningful conversation is a 2-way process after all.

On a personal note, I believe in facts and always read both sides of the story before coming to any conclusions. That's why I can back up my views to the maximum and I can more or less anticipate the dissenting lines of arguments.

Sunzhi's art of war does say that to know yourself and your enemy is the path to victory.

This is an imcomplete quote actually but that's a story for another time.


At the very least I assure you that if you are curious and knowledge-minded, arguing with us is an interesting and energising experience.

You don't have to agree with any of us here.

No one has acquired a perfect knowledge of things.

We are all still working on it and healthy dissension about our views keeps us from becoming too moribund or attached to our comfort zones.

So fire away. But do try to keep to the facts and bring out relevant research when appropriate because many of us here still has academic pretenstions.

That's due to the lack of beer here : P



The concise description of the terminology as it is commonly used and understood is welcomed. I will make note of that for future discussions relating to the subject matter, as it comes up not irregularly in conversations or debates I have with other people.

Per kes's request, and my own self-consciousness about deflecting again from the subject of this post (Bill Maher's New Rules), I am going to decline to comment further.


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