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Bill Maher - New Rules

Mitt Romney, Pizza, Disneyland, the religion of peace, and war happy talk are the topics of Bill's New Rules

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I was very impressed by Deepak Chopra. He called himself a prophet "spelled PROFIT." He said religion is corruption, cronyism, bureaucracy, etc. He said "The Secret" is preposterous. That positive thinking is stressful. Instead, we should have the space to be human and fully accept and embrace our emotions.

I've never read anything of his, but I may now. Even if he was wearing diamond-cruseted eyeglass frames. Profit indeed!


Bill Maher has a really dumb view of ethinic conflict, which unfortunately is believed by many Americans. 'They've been fighting for centuries, they'll never stop, they only lived in peace because they were oppressed by a brutal tyrant.' It wasn't Saddam who forced Shiites and Sunnis to live in the same neighborhoods in Baghdad and let their kids play together. They lived together in peace despite the fact that the government favored one group and brutally repressed the other one. Unfortunately, after a near total liquidation of all political institutions, state capacity, and general public order, people fall back on ethnic identities and those who want to stoke conflict for their own ends can get away with it. That problem probably won't be solved by simple partition.

Deepak Chopra is an low-life scam artist.

I posted this on another discussion, but this is basically what I think:

Man, what a load of stupid idiotic BULLSHIT this Chopra imbecile is full of. Truly disgusting. I also hated Rosie O don... er... Roseanne Barr, but at least she put the guy down a bit.

And the hypocrite asshole then bashes on that Secret bullshit? Why didn't anybody call him on that!! It seems the competition gets him upset. He complains about Maher giving it too much attention??? Look in the mirror, ASSHOLE!!

...those people really get on my nerves. I have so many people dear to me who believe in this bullshit, and then every time I talk with them I have to bore them to death explaining why it's exactly bullshit. And these fuckers make millions.

And then I responded to a subsequent post that suggested consciousness is something important to be studied:

No doubt consciousness's origin is a great question that deserves a great anwser, and neuroscientists and scientists in general have some good hypotheses, but people like this idiot don't help any at all, throwing the word around and devoiding of all its meaning in some New Age blabber.

I don't think he even understood what the hell he was saying, spewing out words, beside "consciousness", like "space-time", "continuum", "death of the physical molecules", etc, etc... without making any sense or providing any argument.

It's fairly easy to spot these scam artists because an honest, knowledgeable person (maybe scientist) will try to explain their hard work and research in complicated matters, the simplest way possible. If you have read Brian Greene's books or Hawking's books or Dawkins's books, you know what I mean, especially The Elegant Universe.

By contrast, the scam artist will throw complex words to explain a very simple idea, a rehashed and unoriginal "new" take that reincarnation happens in this case. It is always the case with these morons.

Again, it wouldn't bother me this much if people I care about didn't fall for this. Nobody understands clearly the words these scam artists are saying (of which most are clearly-defined physical and scientific terms, like the favorite: "energy"), but many in the public are going: "yeah, he's right... there's definitely something out there."

So don't give this idiot your money, I ask you as a favor. Please. If you are really curious, go to a library or something. Even downloading it from the internet would be less immoral than what this guy is doing.

dende blogger, I'm interested in your sources. Got some links?

Bill Mahers consistently taking shots at arabs and muslims for no reason,i understand if someone did something to instigate such a reaction but using 9/11 as an excuse for a hate campaign is just as bad as what the Bush administration is doing.Don't get me wrong I agree with most of what he says,but thats the equivalent of saying something eloquent then slipping on the "n" word and cancelling everything productive you least it is to me.

When did Maher begin to hate the Iraq war? As far as I can remember the last time I watched it (aboiut a year ago he was saying that it was going to be a success.

I'm not criticizing himm I'm glad he too is finally seeing the reality he now wants the Republicans to see, but I'm just wondering what event really changed his mind.

Forget Maher's politics. (Which are naive. He doesn't seem to have a problem with the US being an imperialist power, just with the fact that we're not being one very well...) He is a TERRIBLE comedian. More than half of his jokes are puns. He is the democratic equivalent to Jeff Foxworthy. Awful.


"dende blogger, I'm interested in your sources. Got some links?"

On ethnic conflict in general? Or something else?

On ethnic conflict, a good place to start is John Bowen's "The Myth of Global Ethnic Conflict" in the Journal of Democracy (1996). A good book length treatment used in many collge courses is Donald Horowitz's Ethnic Groups in Conflict. Just about any scholarly treatment of the issue will make it clear why the "irrational ethnic types will never stop fighting" theory of ethnic conflict is pretty dumb. Bill Maher thinks he's against the grain but a lot of his pearls of wisdom are mainstream ignorant American.

Deepak Chopra a moron. If you read Pharnygula blog often enough you understand why.

Bill Maher is awesome. I good atheist :-D

Bill Maher is awesome. I(sic) good atheist :-D

I'm pretty sure he's not an atheist, believe it or not. Just anti-religion.

Here's one source: (Bill Maher is somewhere near the end of the article)

But I'm pretty sure he's also said he's not an atheist on the air, too.

Maher does have something IMO, in that I think religion is a better target for criticism than the "god" idea in general. Lots of people have silly notions, but they are only particularly dangerous when they are part of a big powerful club, such as a cult or a church.

hey Frenetic, thanks for the link! Very interesting answers there. Conan's is hilarious. John Leguizamo is onto something too.

Yup, good old Bill. Always quick to attack Islam, always quick to endorse an Israeli invasion of Lebanon. (Or did we forget about that video already?)


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