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Joyce And Beckett

What a great short film.

Quicktime Video 4.2 MB : 2'30'
Quicktime 7 required
This file is available for download here.
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Hahahaha. The nerd in me loves this.


brilliant. did he say "all fecund in its knottiness" referring to a candy bar? i don't care if he did. loved it.

this was f'n brilliant.

Yes it was yes it was yes.

Very funny, indeed. Not sure though they got it right.


well, it was worth a second viewing. i think the word was "naughtiness". any thoughts?

Shite and onions.

I spent half a year in Dublin, and tried desperately to read Ulysses (I worked next to one of the locations (pubs) visited in the novel) -- and failed. :( Only thing I got from it was "Shite and onions," and a dislike of overly verbose prose.

Waiting for Godot on the other hand, I loved at first sight.

Damn funny.

I thought he said "nuttiness"

Also love that line and thought he said "naughtiness"; but upon second listen, I do believe you're right... that it was "nuttiness" -- even better!


It's definitely "nuttiness". I'm Irish and a Topic is a chocolate bar with hazelnuts in it.


disappointed. i thought "naughtiness" went better with "fecund" as a reference to a candy bar. oh well.

I remember seeing this in front of a film a few years ago here in Dublin. Didn't really get it then, not even sure I do now... Although I do like "all fecund in its nuttiness". I'll use that next time I but me a topic.

Ahhhh! Thats my local golf course, its in Bray in Ireland! YAy!

How come I never heard of this film!

I'm glad I'm not the only one immediately reminded of Waiting for Godot


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