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Sponsoring Terrorism

Onegoodmove reader Roger aka pedantsareus writes:

I noticed that another UK fan sent you something from Punt and Dennis the other week.

here's a little beauty from Friday 8th December's The Now Show I call "Sponsoring Terrorism"

I hope you appreciate the twist in the tail.
Thanks, I certainly do.

Audio is 890 KB : '50



Why did you crop of the next few seconds about R. Dawkins... Sometimes Norm, i think your choice is somewhat selective, Norm...


You obviously didn't read the post. I received the clip from Roger, and he made the editing choice. But I must be missing the point you're trying to make since every clip, unless I post an entire program, is selective.

The point i'm trying to make is, the ferociousness of Dawkins. The youtube clip shows this brilliantly. I'm not sure if the full frontal method, that Dawkins uses, will work (on the large group of doubters).

Just downloaded the whole podcast - thanks introducing us to the show - it's excellent!!

Unless someone else steps up to the plate and doesn't present the evidence in the pussy manner Shermer does to the public, Dawkins and Harris are the best we've got so far. I'd love to see Neil deGrasse Tyson go at it hard with his methods of appeal.


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