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Julia Sweeney

Julia Sweeney author of "Letting Go of God" now has a CD available of her one women show, you can find it here. You can also listen to 30 minutes of her show here Please note: Julia Sweeney now has a discussion forum here .

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Julia Sweeney ROCKS rocks rocks rocks rocks.

wow. I can't imagine a more irritating voice. who wants to listen to that?

I bought Julia's cd the week it came out. The story of her spiritual journey was a moving one. As she says, she is very respectful to religion in the show. The irony being that it was her very desire to learn more about the scriptures and "get closer to God" that led to her becoming an atheist.

Having been raised first as a Catholic and then a Pentecostal, I found a lot of resonance with her story in my own life. As she says in the show, "God, it's really because I take you so seriously that I can't believe in you anymore."

Julia is simply the best. I love her to pieces. The CD is great, and I strongly urge people to get it and listen. I wrote about it here, too:

Norm, did you post the video twice?

Indeed I did. Goes to show what can happen if you're playing on the internets when you should be sleeping. I hadn't even looked at it after I posted it.

Damn those tubular Satanic Internets to Hell!


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