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Speed Bandits

This movie was made by the Danish Road Safety Council and aims to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark. Despite a decrease in speed violations, 7 out of 10 Danes still exceed the speed limit on a regular basis. Respecting the speed limits is the simplest way to save lives.

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I <3 Denmark!

That old lady belongs in the US with her backward thinking repressed sexual beliefs.

Rule of thumb, if you can't see the tities juggling when you pass by, you've gone past the speed limit.


Loved the cabbie:

"Denmark has totally redeemed itself!"

Oh and Erick didn't you hear? "backward thinking repressed sexual beliefs" just got voted out of both houses.

Lets hope this idea catches on here! Kansas City has a serious speeding problem ;-}

I'd be the one stopped in the middle of the road taking a good long look, pissing everyone else off.

Creative and free-spirited, but maybe not thought all the way through. (Maybe they'll attract -too much- attention?)

"This movie was made by the Danish Road Safety Council"

Hmmm.. thinking that maybe this movie was made by the Danish Tourism Council.

The cabbie rules!

Very funny but gotta say - I don't think it's exactly repressed thinking to not like it. Nice try, though...

Maybe we need the same thing in the U.S. to get people's attention in places like Kansas that evolution is the reality.

These women could have signs "No God", or "Jesus Who?"

Why is he calling them Bikini Bandits? They're not wearing bikinis. Isn't that the point?

I heard somewhere about a road paved over a sequence of special sound-emitting devices, so it would play a tune if you're going the speed limit, but if you weren't, it would sound awful.

I couldn't find anything about it on the internet to check, so maybe I'm just imagining it. Dunno.

And the name of the Policeman? Bent Koch Hansen!! Gotta be a spoof..


I would just like to point out... a lot of the translations are bad!

And no, these chicks aren't all over the place... this was no different from when Howard Stern makes some chick go naked through the street... well?

If they had that here in San Francisco I would slow down, but accidentally run over a little chinaman or something.

good idea though!

This would be great in Austin, TX on 6th Street


a little CHINAMAN? What century are you from buddy? That expression went out in the 80's. Shame on you.


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