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links for 2006-11-22



check out this nonsense at CSmonitor:

not only are we the new gays, but we're responsible for many more deaths in the last two decades than any religious folk in the last 2000 years


check out this nonsense at CSmonitor:

not only are we the new gays, but we're responsible for many more deaths in the last two decades than any religious folk in the last 2000 years


pretty offensive to phrase a muslim plotting a terror attack parallel to an atheist setting up a wireless network...


I am a huge fan of Dilbert--it's the only funny comic strip in existence, and some very good social insight besides. But there were two really dumb statements that Adams made in that blog:

1) 'Presidents are not good role models. Look to your parents.'

No, presidents are the ultimate role models. They are not just CEOs, they are the head of state. They are the closest thing to an embodiment of America. If Bush looks dumb, we think it makes us look dumb. If they lie or care for nothing more than their own self-interest, it's bad. If they are stupid, cruel, lazy, or morally wicked, it's bad. Not necessarily true of a bureaucrat or executive.

And why do all the bad role models (Charles Barkley, Brittany Spears) always tell us to look to our parents? Hey, some parents are crappy role models, too. At least we get to choose our president. And I'm not choosing a guy who had a hand in developing Windows 98. Remember everyone--Halo was developed by Bungie, not Microsoft.

2) 'Bill Gates' charity work makes more of a difference than he could make as president'

Even liberals believe this idiotic nonsense! George Bush has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq, where tens of thousands, possible hundreds of thousands have been killed. The fate of everyone in the Middle East will be altered for a generation. One thing you can say about the guy, he really made a difference! In comparison, Bill Gates is spending a few billion dollars of charity money. Governments can do more for good or ill to affect people's lives than even the richest or most influential private individual can do.

Getting rid of protectionist cottton policy in the U.S., making a significant committment of foreign aid, forgiving debt, or putting diplomatic pressure on governments (all things within the power of a president) would do much, much more to help ordinary Africans than private donations can do. It's a really sad American dogma that government really doesn't do anything.

Sure, government schemes can fail and sometimes backfire. But so do private efforts. Private donations are also much more vulnerable to philanthropy fads and economic cycles (people give less when times are bad).

And I don't buy his notion that atheism is significantly more acceptable since 9/11. Perhaps more confident, not more accepted.

All I can say is that the Dilbert Blog has some of the stupidest commenters I have ever seen on the Internet.

I couldn't find one cogent argument in all the tens of thousands of words people wrote in those comments. It was all puerile, ill-educated, incessant babbling.

People are of course entitled to express their opinions. But I choose to ignore the really bad ones. Oy.

Blog commenting has created a a whole new Internet archetype:

The ill-informed doofus blog commenter who has lots of free time, lots of energy, and lots of bad opinions.

It's scary to see so many people write so many words based upon the stupidest logic and reasoning (if we can even call it that) imaginable. It's all knee-jerk opinions based on malformed ideas created in childish minds.


Do I think I’m high and mighty because I’m so critical of all these boring, ill-informed idiots? Maybe, but I can also spot massive holes in their thinking at just about every point in their arguments. It’s alarming to me to see so many malformed intellects.

There’s more information available today than in all history. What’s lacking is wisdom.


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