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I Didn't Know

BBC Radio 4's Now Show last week on Rummy's known knowns previously only known to the Brits, and now if you listen carefully, known to you. It is unknown if they would ever have been known to us if onegoodmove reader Kieran from sunny Glasgow had not made them known.

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Very very good!!

Knownity know know known, knicky knicky, knicky, known, knicky know know known, knicky knicky knicky.

Damn that's funny. :)

Something that hard to say trumps Jack Sparrow's any day.

Who could have known that knowing how to speak of such knowns would be unknown to actors that ought to have known. I know of one known actor by the name of Johnny Depp, who, by virtue of the practice we know he has come into knowing, should know how to speak of such known knowns.


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