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Real Time with Bill Maher ends it season with just a sniff of funny, and promises to return in February

Quicktime Video 2 MB :2'28
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Real Time with Bill Maher



Something wrong with this particular video. For some reason the control bar at the bottom doesn't show up.

Macaca for Men - rofl!

Oh, Erick... I get that browser error with OGM all the time - but with Firefox (as well as Mozilla) it crashes my browser. I rarely get browser crashes, except for here!

So, if the video is messed up, just close your browser (if you can), and try again.

"Speaks without thinking, splash it on your redneck" Macaca For Men.

I'm still larfing.

these comedy bits are nice, but i think you should post the bits where Richard Dreyfuss gives his take on civics and the importance of an informed and responsible citizenry.

much more interesting than these easy gags.

i'm glad dreyfuss butted in on the o.j. bit. it's actually quite remarkable and inspiring that such an intelligence can still hold people's attention, as was evident when everyone gave him the floor. i really hope the conference gets picked up.


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