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Just Plain Goofy

Now we have additional confirmation that what Tucker said was spot on, and from evangelicals no less. George Bush speaking of Iraq at today's press conference said, "The stakes couldn't be any higher. . . There are extreme elements that use religion to achieve objectives. The book Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction by David Kuo

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I guess we should be happy and thankful the republicans think these folks are nuts... God help us if they actually pushed all this crap legislation thru.


Was there ever any doubt?

Once again, it seems the christian congregation is being used, and being blinded by their faith, they are easily led down the primrose path.

They may still refuse to believe it, infact I bet we will be hearing a hell of a lot about this once the book is out for the public. And about how this guy is really an atheist secret agent or some crap like that.

You know, like that democrat Foley.


I agree; they are probably nuts anyway.

Revealing that George is not taking that whole Christianity thing serious is as obvious as the radical islamic leaders having other interests than faith.

They both abuse the religious emotions of their people to push their own agenda. In the end it's a war of religions which, originally, wanted nothing but peace on earth!

Uh... man.

I don't really know what to say, and there is not an internet emote specific enough to express my disbelief.

Sure it's bad for republicans to lie in this way but i am quite happy to see they're not as nuts as these religious freaks.

Are Republicans going out of their way to lose this election? Maybe the Republican party will completely slough off the evangelicals though I doubt it. They would still get the evangelical vote though. Where is Karl Rove? Are these self-inflicted wounds all part of his master plan to win the presidency in 2008? Maybe they really have UBL in the freezer and are having him stuffed for unveiling during the week before the election and all this bad news for Republicans is just a joke on Democrats. I say this tongue-in-cheek, of course. They wouldn't waste him on a midtern election and he is no good as a martyr.

Where did new-Olbermann come from? Did he just wake up one day and say 'I should start actually reporting news'. This is... wow.

Just wait until there are more PHC graduates running around in Washington. In ten years from now the nuts will be real if conservatives don't take back the republican party.

As much as I agree that Evangelicals are crazy... does this make the GOP better? Or does it make them worse?

I don't find any of this surprising. It seemed fairly obvious in 2004, and since 2002 (2003 at the latest) it was clear their morality was in question.


Regardless, Bush has given the religious right a vehicle, that being the republican party to activate all those religious sectors of society. The Actions Bush has taken have legitimized religious dogma into politics take creationism, abortion, “….transfer of the federal government to religious institutions. The damage Bush has caused is real the power the religious base can bring to bear is real, look at the judges he has appointed!

The religious right can either pull up stakes, start petitioning the Democrats or start their own party. One thing for sure the political mobilization of the religious voters is real danger. If the democrats start courting religious groups with placations and half honest promises the problem will grow. The ability to throw their weight around and put more faith base candidates up for election will bring the faith based into real power. Once the faith base voters realize that they can mobilizes as a block and swing elections to a candidate of their choice the catastrophe of the Bush administration will reach maturity.

The Christian block is putting there votes up to the highest bidder that’s what that this book is! Bush’s religious bent only has room for a limited number to make the trip to heaven. W’s personal relationship with the creator ….

In the new book by journalist Bob Woodward, Plan of Attack, based on taped conversations with the President, Bush describes himself as a "messenger" of God who is doing "the Lord's will." From Los Angeles Times reporter Robert Scheer:

What ever Karl Rove thinks or other in the administration/staff think the foothold is real. Could there be any more evidence for Bush personal “relationship” with god has come into play in his war on Islam.

Bush leaves office soon and in the end the Christian voting block has been mobilized, they are poised to hand pick the next president!

Lets be serious, who else are these people going to vote for? Democrats? You may as well have them vote for Satan. :)

I find it all terribly amusing, and it puts a whole new spin on that Richard Dawkins interview with pastor Ted "I have a weekly phone conference with the Prez." Haggard. I wonder what he'll be telling his congregation this Sunday.

It also brought to mind the final scene from "A Face In The Crowd," one of my favorite movies. Patricia Neal leaves the microphone on while Andy Griffith, who has been promoting a crooked southern politician on his TV show, tells his cast members what a bunch of rubes his audience is.

Of course, the Repubs have put together a coalition of single-issue voters (abortion, god, guns, gays, taxes) and I don't imagine they'll turn Democrat.

Last time around somebody I worked with thought Bush was a monkey and dead wrong about Iraq, but he voted for him anyway because he was a hunter and NRA member and thought Kerry would personally bust his door down and take away his guns. I have no idea how the Dems could swing that guy.

It's all amusing political theater, but Democrats still need to work hard to win in Nov. Hopefully by emphasizing actual issues that affect people’s lives.

I'm so glad those religious bastards are getting it handed to them. For once I approve of Bush's lies and trickery.

A point I neglected to make above, I think the best we can hope for is the single issue Repub voters will just stay home.

Well, on the bright side, Bush probably doesn't really believe the end of the world is coming soon.

I am happy to see the evangelicals blunted by Bush, I had long suspected this. I am unhappy to see how utterly corrupt Bush's political machine can be. But, I'm not surpirsed. It's going to be a bad election for the Republicans.

Fascinating... and yet not surprising. I don't know who could trust our president - who has such a cavalier attitude about death and the war. It sickens me to see the Christian church becoming so entwined with a finite, pathetic political agenda.


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