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Jon Stewart on Letterman

Jon Stewart appeared on David Letterman's show to promote the Night Of Too Many Stars . Jon talked about his children, George Bush, and Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf.

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Late Show with Dave Letterman



I think Jon had a little too much coffee today.

I love Jon Stewart more than I can say, he is delightful, but shouldn't he start worrying about the way he "caricaturises" himself more and more ?

Someone commented a few posts ago about how fake Jon's laugh is. I think you're wrong. When he was talking about his children and they made jokes, that's the same laugh as when he's interviewing someone and something funny is mentioned.

Jon is anything but fake.

I don't think Jon should worry about his caricaturisations in the least bit. He's real. Everyone that loves and respects him and the Daily Show, loves him and respects him for who he is. To start worrying about his caricatures would be to cater to those that do not 'get it'.

Why would he want to do that? Unless, of course he wants to become a politician and starts pandering to the lowest common demoninator. I really doubt he has plans for that.


The self-deprecating humor so prevalent in Jon Stewart's presentation counteracts the tendency of the right to portray him as a political figure, when he is actually a comedian; albeit one who uses the absurdity of modern politics to express outrage in a humorous manner.

It's the same modus operandi that George Carlin has been using for years, just to a largely younger demographic than Carlin's present audience.

As Stewart himself has pointed out, the sad irony is that Stewart/Colbert '08 (in jest) makes a strong statement; that two comedians are being portrayed as the answer to the present political fiasco in Washington, shows how strong and deep seated the public's disgust is.

I dunno why some of yall are saying that was a bad interview.

do people with autism really care they have autism? why not do a benefit for hungry people or something?

"Someone commented a few posts ago about how fake Jon's laugh is."

Quite possibly me.

"Jon is anything but fake."

You mean besides being a fake news anchor? Besides creating an entire persona around sarcasm and irony? Okay. I know a fake laugh when I see one. When Stewart goes spastic over unfunny jokes, he's faking it.

He did it with Rakoff. He did it with Dennis Miller. It's not a crime. He did not do it with Letterman. They had excellent rapport. Fun interview.


John Stewart - a fake news anchor!?

A perfect satire of Fox news.

John Stewart shills for too many people...

"Oh my god, I just ate soap!"


"John Stewart shills for too many people..."

i do sometimes wonder how he can bring himself to shake the hand of some of the people on his show. i mean i know you gotta be professional, but recently he had buchanan on talking about how the mexicans are invading us, and its an emergency and all. i dunno, i personally wouldnt be able to be respectful i dont think.


A problem shaking Buchanan's hand? Didn't HST openly admit on many occasions that he was able to separate out the politics and simply enjoyed hanging out with him? Not to mention shooting the breeze about football with Nixon. Just because you have an interest in a public figure and follow that impulse rather than obnoxiously offend that person doesn't make you a schill.

and by drank coffee you mean smoked weed right?

Jon Stewart is ace. He should've been interviewing Letterman....

The comment posted by "Brian" on October 12th is beyond ignorant.


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