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Bill Maher - New Rules

Beer, banks, Pee Wee Herman, 'exercise', think tanks, and those who man them.

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I'm glad he brought up the think thanks... but I disagree on the predictions, which they are not. They are instead ways on how the wars are sold to the population. That it would turn into a mess, they knew that, but that can be useful to further spread the wars in the middle-east. Their main objective in the M-E is not to bring democracy nor to fight against terrorism, but to have permanent military stay in the region to "protect the continues flow of oil" which is done by permanent military stay. Not solely to keep the prices done, they are after all oilmen, but so that it doesn't fall into the hands of say China, who has most of Iran's oil business and USA or rather the neocons want in.

Project for the new american century is just modern imperialism and terrorism is the way to sell the wars. Think bigger than terrorism, think of it as the grand chessboard.

Republicans have put a lot of pressure on NPR to offer more viewpoints from conservatives. News is not showing both sides of an issue, especially if one side is wrong, but NPR has tried desperately to hold up neo-con thinking on the issues. For this they rely heavily on these partisan “think tanks.” These institutions are not think tanks; they don’t encourage thinking. They have an opinion and hire people to backup their contentions. They are also referred to as “non-profit organizations.” That is like saying the marketing division of Pepsi is a non-profit organization.

I liked his sexual analogy at the end... Maher and his writers always have sex on the brain, but they sure do have a creative way of making strong points! Time to pull out!

That was the best description of the war I personaly have ever heard. I am not always on the same page as Bill, but he really nailed this one.

These people have screwed things up royaly. I have ZERO interest in listening to a single word they say.


"Thanks", Mr. Maher, for comparing me to a drunken anti-semite. :-( I guess that wasn't exactly the degree of sophistication you usually miss in President Bush's administration ... :/


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