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Say Again?

Rummy responds, Keith is not impressed .

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I think this pisses me off more than anyone because Rumsfeld is using arguments with which I agree to attempt to bolster an idiotic premise. He's trying to be a carnival pitchman - that smooth combination of bully and sweet-talker.

What dismays me is the fact that when he uses honorable words to sell dishonorable plans and deeds, many feel that he devalues the words themselves. I contend that it takes two to play that game - there are people who throw in the towel and there are people who don't - but if he didn't keep calling it shinola, it wouldn't keep smelling more like shit every day.

My question is, when is a fucking Democrat going to sack up and push through this impeachment resolution? We have enough self-satisfied righteous indignation and moral outrage in this country to make our own Michael Moore film. Nobody is going to step up? Seems like it would be one hell of a plank to build the next presidency upon.


Rumsfeld is a fascist. Look up the definition of the word, he and the entire administration fits it quite perfectly. i resisted classifying our current government as fascist for quite a while because of the association to WW2 and the NAZI's. When my grandfather, who actually lived thru WW2 in NAZI Germany, Berlin called the current administration a fascist government, I disagreed with him. Today however, I am beggining to change my mind.

How do we bring the center and near right along without making the ea to much crow



Seems like the republicans, if they really were the statesmen they seems to want us to think they are, they would do it themselves.

Like in Ol Yeller, the boy didint ask sombody else to shoot his dog. He wnt out put the dog down and learned that sometimes even your best friend can be a danger to yourself and others, .

Stop looking to the democrats to clean up this mess, they wanted Gore in office. Not that he wouldnt have sucked, but Bush is off the scale of maximum suckiosity.

I figure if the republicans came up witn maybe 25-35% of their ranks to support and sign then the dems might be able to squeeze out 30-40% of their memebers to support it, but the red states need to put the ball in play so as not to seem partisan.



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