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Richard Dawkins

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science website is now online. I suggest starting with the Introduction to the Foundation video. The link is at the top of the left sidebar. The site promises to be a wonderful resource for those of us interested in a world that understands the value of science and appreciates that reason is essential in making our world a better place.



Ooh, I hope Dawkins goes on The Daily Show to promote the new book..

Did you catch Dawkins will be at The Colbert Report on Oct 17th!?

AND did you see that Ann Coulter has a very special place on the website????? start looking for her now, it's worth the find!

Yeah, I'm excited for The Colbert Report interview. If you need your Dawkins video fix until then, go to and search for 'Dawkins', selecting only video. There's hours of fun.

Thanks for the tip. I will post a link on Linkateria, too. what a great website!

Thanks for the link. I notice that gets an acknowlegement.


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