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NY Post Hinders FBI Investigation

Rupert Murdoch's New York Post thinks terroristic threats are a joke.

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How can anybody argue with what Keith has to say? Seriously. I can't see it being done.

Ooh! Dat's gotta hoit!

Perhaps the New York Post might report that the people behind the October, 2001 Anthrax attacks have not been exposed, rather than attacking Keith Olbermann.

The comparison at the end to how Fox was treated when they needed some professional courtesy (not to mention common human decency) was devastating.

I never gave the Post much thought before, other than noticing their right-leaning inflammatory BS front-page headlines. But now they are on my shit list. Anyone I see buying a Post will have a lot of splainin' to do before they can convince me they're not a jerk.

Keith went a little bit too far. As much as i agree with him, implying that Murdock supports terrorism is a bit of a stretch. It would have probably been better to keep the the facts, that Murdock disregarded ethicaly and legally prudent behavior and endangered an FBI investigation in his zeal to smear a reporter. That, would be sticking to the facts without hyperbole.

Keith Olbermann really is a class act. It's refreshing to have him on the good guys side.

The Post is despicable, and the people that work there are assholes. I've seen a few interviews with Post reporters...the WORST!

Murdoch is a scourge.

As little common sense as it takes to know keith is right he still comes off as a whiny bitch to me.

Don't forget that "The New York Post" was itself an intended target of the 2001 attacks. For them to publish this now is absolutely beyond the pale.

Murdock and his crew have always been slime. Not surprising he would hire bottom feeding slime 'reporters', and PR hacks for news anchors.

The Post goes out of it's way to write a tabloid smear piece, presented as 'news', in regards to a terror threat. A threat serious enough to cause all of the above mentioned activity by the police, FBI, and other emergency professionals. Professionals who took the matter very seriously.

Given the times and the seriousness of such events, the Post piece is inexcusable.

Then again, perhaps the Post piece was a bit of pre-emptive damage control. Just in case one of Murdochs' employees gets fingered as the terrorist in question.

You know, "Ah, it was just a joke, nothing to send poor old O'Rielly to jail for."

The fact that the offending object turned out to be a hoax device, does not alter the simple fact that such threatening actions, meant to terrorize the recipients, are in deed terrorist actions and in fact, the Post did side with the terrorists and against the FBI. Fact, not hyperbole.

This does demostrate, once again, that the Rebublican right, the neo-con thugs, and their so called journalists, and the fools who support them, hold them selves to a much lower standard of hehavior than they expect from the rest of us.

That's kind of freaky. It seems like the thugs are coming after Keith. Rupert is starting to seem pretty damn evil.

implying that Murdock supports terrorism is a bit of a stretch

How so? Isn't he giving aid and comfort? Isn't he essentially agreeing with the terrorist's motives? Cuz make no mistake, whomever sent this package is in for a world of hurt. He or she may just end up losing their constitutional rights and being declared an enemy combatant. And then shipped to Gitmo. And then tortured to provide more names. That's what the House and Senate are trying to write into law RIGHT NOW. Pretty fucking funny now, huh?

Make no mistake -- sending FAKE ANTHRAx is still a felony -- making terroristic threats. Just like making a fake bomb, with fake dynamite and fake detonation wires. Get caught doing this? How about getting a bullet to the head? Cuz that is how the police would react. Murdoch thinks this is funny? Let's see his reporters laughing when the FBI drops in on them.

Keith totally told it like it is. I am a nervously moderate independent but he is obviously on the side of honest reporting here.


Right on Keith. Good for you.

Keith takes the high moral ground. Good for him. The conservatives journalistic efforts continue to make a mockery of moral behavior.

Keith Olbermann has got my vote for the top 100 greatest Americans of all time!

Keith may overuse his theasaurus from time to time with his special commentaries, but at least he's not full of @#$% like Murdoch's gaggle of propagandists.

Ah, Anthony, my naive lad, it is in fact quite easy to dispute what Keith has said, for in fact, although he seems to have told the absolute truth about the incident, he has managed to change its meaning by using the word "terrorism" as a scare word - exactly as the administration does.

Keith was not subject to a terrorist threat. You can find the legal definition of terrorism in Chapter 113B of Part I of Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 2331. This was a criminal threat against him. His calling it terrorism is akin to calling it terrorism if your brother-in-law sends you some soap powder and claims it is anthrax. A very serious crime, yes. But not terrorism. Not every threat is terrorism, not even when New Improved Tide is impersonating a dangerous substance.

Now, if Keith had said that the NY Post was not taking a crime against him seriously, he would have been completely right, but would have sounded like a whiny girl, and would not have been able to add any political top spin. Instead, he called the crime terrorism, and accused the NY Post of not taking terrorism seriously.

You see, there is no difference between the methods of left-wing ideologues and their counterpart right-wingers. Once you commit to an ideology, you have to make everything in the world conform to it, whether you are Karl Rove or Keith Olbermann.

Olberman is an idiot, and a baby. Dish it out, and can't take it. WAAAHHHH WAHHHH....sniff sniff,,,

This has got to be the first time I've seen Olbermann and 'class' mentioned in the same line.

Someone said 'It would have probably been better to keep the facts'

That's his whole M.O. He never sticks to facts. They slide right off him.

I cant even watch him do sports anymore. Whatever credibility he had there is gone too.


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