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No Free Passes - Keith's Special Comment

Keith Olbermann with another special comment, the target, the president, and his failure to act. Chris Wallace is a monkey posing as a newscaster, and the iraq war is not a check on terror but fertilizer for it.

Here is the transcript

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Countdown with Keith Olbermann



I’m so glad that you posted this, Norm. Keith Olbermann has truly emerged as the most eloquent, inspiringly passionate voices of reason and dignity that our mainstream media has to offer. He’s just getting better and better!

Go Keitho....go!

Shame on the rest of the MSM for not standing up against the conservative nut heads..


Where are the other journos with balls? Where'd David Gregory go? Where are today's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (figuratively I mean, other than the still existing actual Woodward and Bernstein).

Somebody needs to hold this administration accountable for their obvious usages of the works of George Orwell, Herman Goerring and Joseph Goebbels.

For SpaghettiMonster's sake do US schools still teach 1984? Do they still teach history, other than The Bible?

What has happened to the brains of your country and where have all the learned men and women of character gone?

Impeachment proceedings against this (at best) hopelessly inept and (at worst) horribly corrupt Presidency must begin immediately.

Ah, i see someone else knows of his holiness of the noodly appendages? And to answer your question, as far as I know, no they no longer teach 1984. In fact, im not sure they teach much of anything anymore... As far as the brains of the country...Im in immigration law and i was just discussing that point today. We get over 50,000 immigrants from countries like India, China and Russia to supply us with scientists and engineers because our country is simply not producing any. And on top of that we have to import half the countries nurses from Thailand because we dont have enough of those either...something about not teaching science in school may have something to do with it. Who knows, maybe this explains why Bush is president. When you get a country where the people dont know their own constitution, can't write or read properly, and still think the earth is 10,000 years old...well then to such a people a man like Bush seems like a pretty brilliant guy! Sorry, Im a bit sarcastic today.

Was Keith's first editorial directed against Chertoff and his comment that the city of New Orleans was underwater with his impassioned speech that it was a state?

Anyone know where I can find it on onegoodmove?

I just want to compare...

Is it just me or does he seems almost ready to give up as he’s totally fed up with the crap?

Was Keith's first editorial directed against Chertoff and his comment that the city of New Orleans was underwater with his impassioned speech that it was a state?

Anyone know where I can find it on onegoodmove?

He is eloquent, intelligent, and correct. But his rants are so dense and long that they're not going to change anyone's mind. He's preaching to the choir.

Speaking of God, I'm beginning to think God put man on Earth so that man could figure out a foolproof way of dismantling neoconservative thinking and prove that a freemarket economy eventually destroys the planet -- that wealth comes not from human labor but clever engineering and cheap, hydrocarbon based energy. Once we've eradicated these evils, all things will be in harmony.

We have the tools to build utopia sitting right in front of us... and we don't.

I'm with Olbermann here but I'm a bit unsure of Bush's active role in trying to blame his predecessor. Is Bush on record having somehow expressed that the failures of Clinton led to 911? I ask because honestly I don't think he is smart enough to reach that sort of conclusion no matter how far fetched it is. However, it reeks of the Turdblossom and his ilk.

Olbermann gets better and better. The left needs to be reinfused with ANGER, instead of lamely shuffling around. Clinton in the "interview" finally had some of that Southern wupp ass back, and this girl was most glad to see it. Where O'Reilly flicks spittle's of paranoia, Olbermann intones a quiet fury that many share.

Olberman is aiming for the title "Edward R. Murrow of the 21st century" with his closing "good night and good luck". Rightfully so, might I add.

Excellent work.

I like to see politicians a little flustered and unscripted: you finally see the truth.

Moreover, I feel an overwhelming swell of pride seeing the special comments: finally we have someone standing up in a dignified and courageous manner calling upon all Americans to do the same.

Amen, Brother. This guy is Edward R. F'ing Murrow reincarnated before our eyes. At last, an old-school journalist who is not only unafraid to buck the system, but who revels in it.

Rise, Dems, rise and be counted!

I want this guy doing the 5:30 PM (central time) news report when more people are watching. I don't undersand why more people would rather listen to O'Reilly's nonsense, than listen to Olbermann.


Good stuff. Too long, though. It's a good, but very brief point that the scandals were at least partly the fault of the GOP. The more important point is that Clinton wasn't distracted at all and had a good anti-terrorism effort going, while Republicans were dreaming up ways to subvert it.

It doesn't matter if Olbermann is preaching to the choir. Not everything in the political media is about straight-ahead persuasion. Is it harder or easier for other media people to criticize Bush with Olbermann out there? I think easier. Sure it gets tedious, but he is making real arguments.

I STILL don't think I like Olbermann using "Good Night, and Good Luck" but he means well. He's good, and I like him, but I don't think he's been in the game long enough (Outside of SportsCenter).

He's a great speaker, his verbage on a completely other level. Takes notes

Keith Olbermann for Prez!

This is the biggest left wing bullshit I have ever heard.Olbermann does nothing but make accusations and insult. There is no fact in anything he says. Clinton did nothing after he was given Bin Laden on a silver plater. KO only wants to make a name for himself, not give the news.Clinton has been badmouthing Bush even before 911.Clinton let the Twin Towers be bombed the first time then did nothing when the USS Cole was bombed.His own champain manager Dick Morris said Clinton wanted nothing to do with foreign affairs.Bush has done nothing but protect this country and the left wing media has lost it.Fact


Holt Romero, you listen to too much sports radio. Fact!

This is the biggest right wing bullshit I have ever heard. Holt Romero does nothing but make accusations and insult. There is no fact in anything he says.

That was easy. Furthermore, you should ditch the Dick Morris hearsay. I'm sure you could find someone better to feed you your bullshit.

Nate: Condi Rice has testified to the 9/11 commission that they never received a plan from Bill Clinton's admin - even though they were.


I'm very new at this comment thing where do I find a printed copy of last nights (10-5-060) "special comment"


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