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May This Country Forgive You

Keith Olbermann with a special comment on This Hole in the Ground - Transcript

"For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all its own -- for the children, and the children yet unborn."

When those who dissent are told time and time again -- as we will be, if not tonight by the President, then tomorrow by his portable public chorus -- that he is preserving our freedom, but that if we use any of it, we are somehow un-American...When we are scolded, that if we merely question, we have "forgotten the lessons of 9/11"... look into this empty space behind me and the bi-partisanship upon which this administration also did not build, and tell me:

Who has left this hole in the ground?

We have not forgotten, Mr. President.

You have.

May this country forgive you.

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Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Keith Olbermann is the author of The Worst Person In The World a collection of miscues by Bill O'Reilly and other miscreants.



It amazes me that this man once hosted Sportscenter. I'm glad he has found something more suited to his eloquent face-slappings.

this guy's monologue rocks!

Please tell me Olbermann receives hate mail by the thousands. He uses words that must inflame scores of Freepers. "The impolite phrase ... is impeacheable offence"

Keith has been getting pretty feisty lately, and I like it. He has such a wonderful way with words to express his (and the many people of this nation's) feelings.

This may be Olberman's best Special Comment yet, at least of those posted here. He eloquently sums up why it is that what modicum of good could have come out of 9/11 was utterly destroyed by Bush and Friends.

I really wish that the observations being made now by him and other media figures about the utter exploitation of 9/11 for political gain and consolidation of power were made a few years ago... maybe then more people would have realized why allowing Bush to act at all in any of the ways he's inclined to act is always a terrible idea.

The terrorists win until something replaces the 9/11 memorial? Please...

Islamic Jiihadist: "if you build it, we will come."


Mr. Olberman, I thank you for your recent comments. You are one of a handful of journalists with guts enough to speak the truth. Your words and presentation inspire me.

It's difficult when one watches the news and finds that he cannot confide in what's being reported or trust who is doing the reporting. Thank you for helping me to believe once again. Please continue your work. It's a true service to our country and its citizens.

Another brilliant commentary from Keith 'The One Trick Pony' Olberman! I wonder who Keith's scapegoat might be? Hmmmmm....

Keith's scapegoat? He doesn't need a scapegoat. Bush'll do.

His special comments are wonderfully Murrow-esque. My question is: how long before someone at GE axes him?

I very much respect Olbermann I am disgusted with Bush and his administration. I have an issue with the WTC being used for a photo-op as does he I am not sure I am comfortable with him doing it. The real issue is that terrorists’ attacks in Iraq serve a better purpose for our enemies right now then attacking the US: Radicalizing the people of Iraq and Muslims outside of Iraq swelling the numbers in al-Qaeda.

The circumstances around the hole still being in the place where the WTC once stood may have as much to do with city and state issues but I don’t really know what they are if there is some way Bush is holding up the construction then lest hear that.

Where can I find a transcript of this?


Finally the TRUTH.

Murrow would be proud.

Journalists used to be brave and smart...thank you KEITH...for bring back inteligence to the news..

Amazing... Beautifully put.


BUSH is responsible for:

My being poor My kid being rude My job sucking The price of gas Global Warming No atomosphere on Mars Sunspots Bugs in Windows XP Steve Irwin's death

Did I miss any other fine liberal whine???

Superior - our dislike of the little man who is pretending to be President isn't because of your silly little list. Rather, We hold Bush responsible for:

  1. Incompetence
  2. Using Fear to Divide Our Nation
  3. Mismanagement of the Government Budget
  4. Starting An Unnecessary War that has made us LESS safe, not safer
  5. Ignoring the Bin Laden threat (possibly because of family financial ties) until AFTER 09/11/01
  6. Excessive and Unwarranted Secrecy in the conduct of our government to increase the power of the executive branch
  7. Authorizing torture and allowing his staff to refer to the Geneva Convention as "quaint."
  8. And along with these, countless other “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Is this not enough??? Can we not send this little man and his minions to trial and into prison for many years for all of this??? And if not, just what does this little man (Mr. Bush) have to do before his sycophantic supporters finally say, "Enough!”?

"The terrorists win until something replaces the 9/11 memorial? Please...

Islamic Jiihadist: "if you build it, we will come.""

^ How about "Give me liberty or give me death"? A memorial is what he is asking for. Or a big building to say "to hell with you guys." I wouldn't want to live in a country that hides in the face of opposition because of fear. I totally agree with Olbermann.


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