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In The Company of Friends


A Pat Bagley cartoon that I think our British friends might enjoy.
Pat Bagley is political cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune and author of:

Clueless George is Watching You

Clueless George Goes to War



I did indeed enjoy the cartoon, Norm.

Tony Blair is, as everyone who reads this site knows, the current Prime Minister of Great Britain. What you might not know is that he is the leader of (what was) the British left-wing party.

I suppose many of the people who read this site are Democrats. The British left-wing, I think it is safe to say, has historically been further left than the American left-wing. Socialism is not a dirty word in the UK.

But the horrible thing is that New Labour is not Labour. New Labour took "the Third Way" in politics and moved towards the right. But traditional Labour voters still voted (New) Labour. What choice did they have? This wasn't a new party, this was their party changed beyond all recognition. So Tony Blair has stayed in office since 1997, kept there largely by people who don't agree with his policies or indeed his general political ideology.

It's a sad and depressing state of affairs.

how can i log in too see your political cartoons?


please help me! i am the prime minister and i want people to stop making political cartoons about me because they make fun of me. HELP ME!


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