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I'm A Mac

David Letterman explains why he doesn't have a computer, and no intention to get one.

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Late Show with Dave Letterman



LOL for that.... I also thought the Dell laptop battery story incredibly funny though. Along the lines of "Wait, Lithium and air don't mix?" I bet if it affected me directly I'd be more upset. Still, despite the literature pro-Mac, I'm afraid I'll never be a Mac user. PC has been born into me, and all those errors, viruses and spyware just add to the charm. Well, mostly it's just the price that keeps me away, and the fact that I now know Windows fairly intimately and can operate smoothly in it. I suppose if I were to try to learn a Mac, I'd best do it while I'm young and the synapses in my brain are still forming etc.....

that joke commercial was satisfying in so many ways. the missinformation in those commercials are almost as similar as the republican party

another mac vs. pc war.

who would've thought.

misinformation by the repubs? the dems dont put out as much or as bad minsinfo? puhlease.

…"the missinformation in those commercials are almost as similar as the republican party."

Your sentence is my rebuttal to it.


So... Macs can't run windows? Don't have spyware problems? Don't come with iLife? Don't have virus issues? The Wallstreet Journal didn't write an awesome article about macs? The laptops don't have the magsafe connector on them? I think I defenitely see your point.


Macs are the best! Just like conservative views!


how about the end user agreement (that stupid thing nobody pays attion to as they install software). It stats that you don't actualy own the software your using so. if you buy into macs propritary-must-use-there-sofware-to-make-it-work hardware then you (in a way) don't own the hardware ie: the ipod only works if you have the program itunes

There is but one party. Names are just a form of illusion.

It makes it much easier to sell right from wrong, though.


Macs do have viruses, do have spyware, iLife sucks, when Mac is running window it's not a Mac. The difference between a Mac user and a PC user is atleast the PC user is aware and has stuff to try to block it.

Momma don't take my mac-in-tosh awayyyy....

from my cold. dead. hands...

dude throw ur dell in the trash and go get a mac, i just got my mom one who is 60 and she loves it. no viruses, no spyware and the thing is a work of art compared to a pc


I'm a Mac owner but not a Mac propagandist. Mac OS is good and Quicktime rules all. But the machines are no better than Dell. I had a Dell notebook for years--it had some screwups but Dell fixed them quickly. I got a Mac and it's the same story. I'm sticking with Mac but taste overrides any subtantive differences. My taste just happens to be that I can't stand getting a new security update from Microsoft every other day.

Yeah you'd just rather buy a new version of osx every year and then still download security updates about once a month.

LOVE it. Undoubtedly the Mac Zealots will come up with a reply (the MacTools don't GET that they're JUST tools!) Morons.

Desktop PC (cheap as chips), and i am a new Linux convert ... i couldnt be happier. I still dual boot into WinXP now and then (now) but i forsee a future where OSS dominates, where ideas and innovation are champions and marketing and upgrade lock-ins are seen for what they are ... or something :P

Microsoft kills baby seals... and kill one kitten for each copy of Windows.


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