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Clinton vs Fox

Bill Clinton sets the record straight and calls Fox News on their claim of fair and balanced. Think Progress has been fact checking Wallace's assertion that he asked the Bush administration officals the tough questions on terrorism here on the question of Clarke's demotion, and here on the Cole incident and finally here on asking Condi Rice about the PDB . Consider yourself nailed Wallace. Part II of the interview is here

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Yahooo! Bill the Man.

Thanks for posting that. I was afraid I'd miss it.

Clinton OWNS Fox and this d#@chebag puppet "reporter" here. Right on!!!

Chris brings shame to the Wallace name...

lol. "And when Duckie-daddles, Turkey-lurkey and Goosie-poosie and Cocky-locky came to Foxie- woxie's lair, Cocky-locky called Foxy-woxie on all his bullshit."

I like how the interviewer is already defensive less than 30 seconds into the interview.

Go Bill, Fox apparently didn't realise he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, did they?

thank you for uploading this. haven't found anything other than "Clinton freaks out" "Clinton goes Mad!!!" on youtube.

I think that in this context, Clinton's interview of September 11, 2002 on David Letterman is very interesting.

Listen to this intelligent thoughtful man and then consider who and what sits in the oval office today.

Lo' how the mighty have fallen.

Listen to this intelligent thoughtful man and then consider who and what sits in the oval office today.

Lo' how the mighty have fallen.

Cinton did everything but bitch-slap that little Fox News twerp.

I'm not surprised that fox found a way to spin this interview. Bascially said he was a nutjob, a conspiracy theorist. Check out the article. It's funny, that claiming that FOXnews has a rightward slant is a "conspiracy theory."

If anyone feels so inclined, FOX will air the interview again at 6:00 PM (EST).

Ha ha ha fox bitch!

GodDAMN, I miss this man!!!


Bill Clinton is my fuckin hero.

Wow, Chris Wallace is a smug little prick. Did anyone see when he interviewed his father, Mike Wallace? At the end when Chris tells his dad, "I love you", Mike looks like his skin is crawling.

I'm reminded of the horrendously famous Jon Stewart Crossfire interview, but this is so much more than that. If I had a hat on, I would take it off to this former president who knows more about what he talks about than anyone I have ever seen.

Congratulations, sir, and may you win the fight on unspeakable evil -- and then work on defeating terror.


I love this! BC: " So the next day when there's a bad headline, it's President Bush's f... responsibility."

He was going to say Bush's fault! LOL

I love this! BC: " So the next day when there's a bad headline, it's President Bush's f... responsibility."

He was going to say Bush's fault! LOL


What bull interview does Fox has!!!

I thought i the interview was about the climate.

That interviewer is so dumb and stupid... He can't even get a word trough.

He could easily leave that question out, but nooooo..

I am so glad that Clinton hit back at Fox. The democrats in general seem unable to muster a propper offence when it comes to attacks and smears. They're always just reacting.

It is great that Clinton saw this coming and mounted a great pre-emptive strike. If only there was this type of fire in the current democrats.

sly Willy out-slies sly Foxy. the interviewer made me sick with his cheap shots - but Bill kicked his fox-butt.

Wallace is a Jewish name? didn't know that.


sly Willy out-slies sly Foxy. the interviewer made me sick with his cheap shots - but Bill kicked his fox-butt.

Wallace is a Jewish name? I didn't know that.

Al Queda bombed USS Cole on Oct 10, 2000. The Navy finished its report on 19 Jan 2001.

George Bush assumed his Presidency on 10 January 2001 and from that time to Sept 11 2001 did nothing against Al Qaeda, while downgrading the status of Dick Clarke and his department, which were US authority on terrorism.

And it’s Bill Clinton’s fault? And the Republicans are claiming that they are the party that can be entrusted with US’s national security?

Remember when the president was a man who inspired, rather than embarrassed?

Besides firing larke and downgrading his department which targeted terrorism and Al Qaeda, the Bush admnistration admitted that the Bush administration didn’t want to retaliate for the Cole bombing, despite Clarke’s urgings.

They do not see terrorism as an urgent security issue that had to be immediatly acted upon:

BANG. ZAP! limp-limp-limp-limp... thud.



Why are you beating on Chris? Reporters are traded like ball players now..and Chris didn't start here..he is earning a buck like everyone else... He was being quite professional..give it up.. As far as Clinton...great job Bill!

Get him, Bill!

We're sick of Faux not-news.

Kick that prick's butt, big Bill!

Go, Bill!

Go, Bill!

Still the President!

Still the President!

GO, Bill Clinton, the real POTUS!


Wow. Lots of folks so hungry for any score against Republicans and Fox that they treat a well-hit double like a grand slam homer, and treat the hitter like Babe Ruth and the Mighty Casey combined. Gee, we on the Left ARE desperate.

Clinton as the high-water mark of the Democratic Party is like saying Gore is its most scintillating speaker. Can we approve and applaud without hyperbolizing?

Clinton - who brought us NAFTA and welfare reform, which Bush, Sr. was not able to pass - is doing good post-presidential work with his CGI, and God bless him for it (just kidding about God, norm). He sounded like his dentures needed new adhesive. But he stood up and slapped back in a little slap fest with a Fox interviewer about a charge against him that he could have done as well to belittle and deride, as to get all in your face about. And missed an opportunity to make Wallace and Fox respond to him about global warming, about Bush's obsession with torture, about the Republicans being in fundamentalists' pockets . . . But Clinton responded to them, met them on their terms, again. He won, but provisionally, since he was still taking them more seriously than they deserved, and playing by their rules.

SO... while the Left blogosphere wants not to just give him an A+, but to invent a higher grade to award him for valor above and beyond, the Right and the MSM are saying Clinton got defensive or blew his stack.

What a surprise: extreme partisans on both sides saw what they expected to see, and want to think of this as a watershed moment in American history - or at least a decisive victory for their side.

Meanwhile, in the real world . . . every river in America is polluted; the Senate Judiciary Committee was expected to meet today to have a moderated and sensible discussion about making torture standard operating procedure; we continue to kill civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan; we continue to hold uncharged untried prisoners in Guantanamo and our secret prisons, and are torturing them; we are in the midst of the largest species extinction since the dinosaurs; we continue to produce more cars - and those without increased fuel efficiency; and the Democratic Party can't bring itself to take a stand against torture - or for or against much of anything else.

No wonder the Left is excited over this. It's the only thing we have to get excited over.

Blaming Clinton for being soft about Bin Laden is a way of hinting that the democrats were responsible for 9/11 by neglecting the country's security. Basic Rove strategy, but more important is WHY the Bush administration downgraded Clarke. One possible answer is because of the Bush/Bin Laden business connection. Let's face it; there's a lot of money to be made in war. Just ask Dick Cheney, who's making a killing through Halliburton and his oil interests. Peace doesn't sell weapons, so what's the confusion? Everyone talks about 'democracy' but no one ever mentions capitalism, which is what the global game is all about. That the Dems are going to 'rescue' us from this situation is absurd. That's why neither side will bring up the REAL issues. At least Clinton comes close.


5 yrs after 9/11/01, 100,000 lives & $500 billion later, 3 agents of AntiChrist, Bush, Dick, and Rummy still cannot find Osama. They are looking in the wrong country for Osama-Saddama (who cares - they all look alike!) Now the junta-cabal devised a new diabolical plan: blame their failure on.... Bill Clinton and maybe even.. the Dead Kennedys. Maybe the living dead Americans on Kool-aid will fall for it again......

Thank you President Clinton. The press,and Fox, have way too much freedom with attempting to destroy our respect for OUR Government. He, Fox, showed his immaturity, intellectual inferiority, and I congradulate President Clinton for standing up to the nasty and disrespectful way he interviewed President Clinton on public television. It is about time the press is reprimanded for infringing on our rights, and showing disrespect for our President. I was taught respect for political leadership, regardless of their affiliation. Would that we have more leaders who speak out against the control, and opinions spoken by idiotic press people. Thank you President Clinton, and God bless us All!

bc: respected the world over

bush: was, is, and always will be a fart in a jar

Chris Wallace, you were disrespectful, rude, impolite to a man that was our Commander and Chief. I was so glad that he spoke out against your free press. We have no free press, or reporter or the news today, we have Kens and Barbie dolls that report each other lines. Shame on you Chris, I will never watch you again. Your Father turned over in his grave at such an act.


800,000 people died around the world,bosnia,somalia,rwanda,iraq and countless other places while your beloved president clinton did nothing.your selective outrage is sickning

Are you all democrats here? this page is unbalance and unfair. the fact is, more than 5 times clinton has a chance to kill UBL and didn't do anything,finally admitted on Fox that he that he tried and failed. I've never seen a 60 year old man so childish and can't answer a question directly but blaming it neo-cons. You neo-libs, don't get upset, just answer it straight. Only Howard Dean supporting Bill on his childish behavior on Fox, i think because i know, they both childish.

Glenn, why not direct your criticism against Bush who had more than 3 times the time Clinto had after Al Quaeda's first attack on US i.e. USS Cole?

George Bush had 5 years after Sept 11 to attack Osama and he did not do the job to the point of saying publicly that he does not pay attention to Osama and even disbanded the Osama search and kill department.

And you are blaming Clinton here for admitting that he tried and tried but failed to get Osama because the CIA, FBI, Armed Forces and Republican Congress were obstructing him to the point of accusing it as his Osama obsesion and as a wag the dog tactic.

Glenn, do you want anyone here to take you seriously?

Clarification: USS Cole's Bombing was the first verified, undisputed and successful attack against the US.

Refer to this for background only and not for analysis:

Clarification: USS Cole's Bombing was the first verified, undisputed and successful attack against the US by the Al Qaeda.

Refer to this for background only and not for analysis:

Clinton did say that when he did launch operations against bin Laden, Republicans quickly questioned his motives.

Republican Senators Arlen Specter and Dan Coats were outspoken in associating Clinton's 1998 pursuit of bin Laden with the movie "Wag the Dog", while insinuating that his bombing of an al Qaeda meeting was to divert attention from the Lewinsky scandal.

The Republican Party, instead of safeguarding US security by going after Osama, were more interested in going after Clinton and obstructing his attempts to go after Al Qaeda.

And this party has the cheek to claim that they are the party that can ensure national security?


Ahh, what it was like to have a leader who was competent... Those were the good old days...

Whats amazing, is to contrast Bill Clintons ability to lay down a factual smackdown on this guy.... and Bush can barely get through an interview without mangling every word he mumbles.

Please tell me you know where I can get this video. I just have to post this to m blog, but I can't get it anywhere. Is it possible for you to send it to me?



And the walls came tumbling down Jericho!
The day ex-prez slapped Fox News around and implanted a spine in a cowards' back Congress woke up like a sleeping giant as the walls came tumbling down

Bush cringing within his stunted growth rubbing each wrist and in ghastly voice stammered and stuttered "er...I mean, ahem, ...I was mindin' my own business when 'fore I could swagger off to Crawford Big dick made me do it!"

sniffling, "don't put handcuffs on these wrists, they's led cheers at football games! 'sides, I'm too cute to consider for torture, remember me?
the torture-er"!

The veep blew it off like a nuisance fly "I don't buy it" sez he "I make big bucks,
and I invent laws, so FUCK YOU irrelevants, fuck you all!"

As he picked up his gun shooting birds in a cage. as he took out his flask shooting birds in a cage! Did you know He shoots birds in their cages?

(c) Sept 28, 2006 djbeagle

ps: Huzzah!

What you Democrat sheep fail to se is that Clinton was WRONG for verbally attacking (well, he also was poking the guy's notes... so it almost was physically attacking as well) a reporter.

You act as if Wallace blindsided Clinton with an attack disguised as a question - when it couldn't be farther from the truth.

Wallace received HUNDREDS of emails from viewers asking him to pose the question to the former President. Clinton's people knew the question was going to be asked. There was an agreed upon time for Clinton's pet project... and then Wallace could ask other questions.

And when the question was asked... it wasn't a fastball at Clinton's head, but a soft lob that he could knock out of the park.

(FYI that outburst WASN'T planned, like the Dems are trying to hint - as if Bill was rising to defend the whole Democratic Party... because while he was losing it, his people were trying to get the interview stopped... and Bill was yelling at his staff as they left because they let him screw up so badly)

Had Clinton not lost his composure, then you Democrat zombies coiuld have called it a victory.

But he lost it, and Wallace looked better because he didn't lower himself to Clinton's level. It's like the saying: "Never argue with a fool. Because someone walking by might not be able to tell which one is the fool, and which one isn't."

The other thing is that Clinton (and every Democrat trying to defend his unprofessional actions) wasn't even correct about what he calls the "facts" behind the question!!!

If you read the final report of the 9-11 Commission... they place as much blame on Clinton's Administration as they do Bush II's Administration.

BUT... not ONE Democrat will admit that, and that is why they will lose. They are out of touch with reality, and the voters won't folloow them over the cliff like the rest of the mindless lemmings lining up to defend Bill.

The 1st Al Qaeda attack on the World trade center was 1993. That gave Clinton EIGHT YEARS to do something, but he failed time & time again.

Even if you excuse the stupidity of his people for not being able to put the blame on Osama until 1997... that's still almost FOUR YEARS of his failures!!!

But Clinton wants us to forget his four - eight years of failures (of which there are MANY recorded failures & missed opportunities that can only be blamed on him) and concentrate on the EIGHT MONTHS of the Bush II's Administration.

HMMM... eight months compared to 48 - 96 months.


Hell, Clinton was too easy on him. Anyone who works for Fox in any capacity deserves worse. They are simply anti-American.

Wallace is a Scottish name. He may well be Jewish, but his name is not.

I love the fact that Bill Clinton slammed Chris. At last, some TRUTH!!!! Go, Bill, go.

I hope Chris Wallace enjoys s#!^^ing out of his new A$$#@!e. Clinton is a genius and, unlike FOX news, actually knows what he's talking about, and this little turd thought he could debate him? Please.

"Clinton wants us to forget his four - eight years of failures"

Then who do we blame for Bush soon to be 8 years of failures? the pot calling the kettle black it seems.

all this arguments from the right is to prove what? "Bush is a failure.. but atleast he's not the only one."

oh and for this....

"800,000 people died around the world,bosnia,somalia,rwanda,iraq and countless other places while your beloved president clinton did nothing.your selective outrage is sickning"


America was the defenders of the free world! NOT war mongers back then.

It's sort of disgusting how Wallace tells Clinton to keep quiet until he finishes the question, and then tries to interrupt Clinton when he tries to give a complete answer.


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