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Bill Maher - New Rules

A few much needed new rules, A President should know where his heart is. "Most people don't clutch the wrong organ, but then again most people don't invade the wrong country."

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My favorite part of that was the god stuff. I’ve, also, always found it to be incredible when people say “Thank god the hurricane missed my house”. I’m sure the other people who got smashed to bits prayed to god, too!

I’m hoping that if these strange last 6 years have taught the world anything after watching Allah worshippers scream “death to the infidels” as they blow themselves up so they can hang out with 72 virgins in heaven and our born again Bush proclaiming he was called by god to bomb Baghdad while Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell tell us god punished us with 9/11 because we allow sin to exist in America…that maybe there is a better way. Maybe this god concept needs to go. Now.

Dont you all know that anyone who is a skull and bones member can not pledge to anything but skull and bones........go read all about it

I can not believe that this paragraph made it to press. Regarding the Montreal shooting. stabbie rip stabstab wrote "I cannot beleive (sic) you are dead," stabbieRIPstabstab wrote. "(D)amn police...they're supposed to be the good guys...why did you shoot him?

maybe god doesnt think death is a bad thing. there are much better reasons to not believe in god.

It's time to wag the dog a bit now that control is being challenged this joyous election season. The irony is that the tail and it's brother in arms, the anus, don't realize everyone is watching and some are bound to understand.


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