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Yo Blair

Jon explains George's 'thinking' on the Lebanon crisis. "He doesn't want the killing to stop until he's sure it will stop. So there will be more killing until the president is convinced there will be no more killing.

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"So there will be more killing until the president is convinced there will be no more killing....or everyone runs out of people." Sad but true; I have wondered about this.

John Oliver's "fecal blueprint for peace" would be spot on,except for the last 2 words.

Good for Parliament! I wonder if Blair will incorporate Bush's good ol' boy self effacing comments in the face of criticism [like Bush's recent comments about his requests, finishing with "letting me know when the mic is on."].

The clip was both funny and sad.

That was the perfect spin to show what a hillbilly our president is.

Ever think that Bush should have a comedy talk show and Jon Stewart should be president?

i do :(

with vice president Dave Chappelle. Hamas terrorist camp..... mmmm. GREAT!

I hope my comment isn't too off topic but... what's with the "Why Mommy is a Democrat" book, advertised at the side of this page? I regularly visit this site and love it! I consider myself a democrat and, for the most part, agree with much of what's posted here. But this book is downright awful. I hope it's a joke; it's filled with the kind of close-minded generalizations that many conservative are guilty of. Like "Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like Mommy does." and, "Democrats make sure we are always safe, just like Mommy does." Woah... talk about brain washing. My fundamentalist Christian mother didn't read me stuff like this. What happened to letting our kids freely decide?

That's John Oliver of the Bedford Youth Theater Group. That's a joke that will only make sense if your from the UK. He hates being reminded of that!

Good to seem him appearing in the Daily Show as well!


This has bothered me, too, for a while. It is creepy.

Growing up, I had to chose my political leanings, as one of my parents was democrat and the other a republician. My parents, however, agreed on what values to install in me sans political branding, and neither tried to deface the other's stance with generalities. Later on, I started to lean democrat for whatever reason, although I feel I benefited from having the agency to choose. Both my parents were sensible people and, while I lean left, take issue with branding and generalities.

The answer is that liberals romanticize Democrats, just like they romanticize everything else. As if the Democrats have all the answers. Funny thing is, you can look at the Democratic candidates and see how blatantly obvious their stupidity is - Hillary Clinton? Joe Lieberman? We're doomed.

Everybody knows the old saw about turning 30 and becoming a Conservative. The actual fact is that by the time you're 30, most people have enough real-world experience to know that all this idealistic bullshit is just the ultimate form of self-pleasure. Some do a 180 and become die-hard Conservatives. But some end up not identifying with any major party, and end up taking shit from drones on both sides who tell you that you need to be open-minded when they're too closed-minded to even examine their own kneejerk political affiliations.

"So there will be more killing until the president is convinced there will be no more killing....

If Bush really believes this he should stop shaving until there is a cure for hair growing out of men’s faces, I mean why shave? It’s just going to grow back? Why make your bed? You’re just going to mess it up later? The analogies are endless but what’s clear is we have an utterly vicious jackass representing America.

Hey Joe, not all liberals romanticize Democrats. If you can listen beyond the Republican talking points, Democrats actually do have a vision for America. If you look at the current representatives we have in Washington as a glass of water. Liberals see it as half filled with contaminated toxins and move to purify the water. Conservatives arrogantly defend their filthy water and accuse the other side of being empty. You bring up Hilary Clinton and Joe Lieberman as if these are THE representatives of a liberal Democrat. First of all, if you think Average Joe Lieberman is loved by all Democrats you haven’t been paying attention. He’s about to be defeated, in a primary, by a relatively unknown.

Do you honestly think you know more about foreign policy than Jack Murtha? Do you think you or any Republican has far more intelligence and experience about the human condition than Barrack Obama or John Edwards? Most of us are ready for a new direction. It’s time for regime change in this country. In the immortal words of George W. Bush “they gotta stop this shit”.

We will begin to in November.

"why mommy is a democrat" bothers me too. it has no substance other than to draw loose connections in a child's mind between the democratic party, their mother, and various things like education and safety. im pretty sure its not a joke.

That was the perfect spin to show what a hillbilly our president is.

But he's not a hillbilly. Like all the worst criminals afoot right now, he is not a member of the poor, working or even middle class, he is an old money blueblood.

Quit blaming the country's troubles on people who had nothing to do with it.

Dear Leader says the things he does because he is categorically, quantifiably, certifiably MAD. That's why.

As to the advertisement, I'm guessing it's on the site because, get ready now, I know this may come as a shock, THE BOOK'S AUTHOR BOUGHT AN AD.

Talk about "romanticizing." I suppose some of the commenters on this post romanticize the necessity to pay for bandwidth, connectivity, and the Blogger's own time. Sheesh!

I don't think we've quite achieved the Socialist Blogger's Paradise that would allow our host to work simply for the love of the art.

B-T-W, realitybites, Dear Leader is no "hillbilly." A hillbilly is generally a person of Appalachian extraction. You'll have to find another euphemism. I'd suggest you look to Connecticut. We real hillbillies aren't as dull by half as what Dear Leader is. Most of our forebears have actually had to get by on a lot of wits over the generations. Can't say the same for a member of La Famiglia Bush.


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