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Rocky Vs Fox

Rocky raises a little hell at Fox

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Good for Mayor Anderson! It was nice to hear the mayor not only call Bush what he is but he called out Fox, too! Utah is a very conservative state so I’m glad Rocky has the guts to stand up for what he believes in. Hopefully more politicians will attack Fox for being the catapult for the propaganda.

Also, I’m sad to hear that Mike Malloy was fired from Air America. He was my favorite truth seeker on that station. He will be missed by a lot of us. I wish him well.

Backed up by the French and the German? Yea, right! That's why they are all in Iraq right now, side by side with the American Forces.

I never write comments to websites, but I just gotta ask the more studious amongst us here: is it TRUE that, according to the Fox anchor who berated the SLC Mayor in today's clip, that "we (meaning Fox???) never lied to anybody"? Someone, please, dish up what must be a solid number of factual instances, cuz that one begs to be proved! From a loyal reader, far away in Thailand.

I just love how those two hinch(wo)men come on and the guy first can't remember whether he should smile or do the "serious face".

Unfortunately this major is, just like in his speak that you posted, not aware enough of their theater so he can act against it. Stewart made this great move of just saying "see, this is theatre" when the 'right center' guy tried to employ his rethoric.

This major would do very good just holding in for a few seconds, looking concerned, sorting his pieces and then going on to talk them out. And using polite tactics to not let these idiots break him off so much.

Because he does stumble and this is their chance to cut him and expose him as being... well... unrhethoric, but everybody will think it as he would be struggling to make a point at all.

This is so obvious rhethoric, propaganda and theatre that one can only expose it by showing the flaws and lauging at it. Those two presenters try their best to make it look all serious and create the concern in their viewers that will keep them in turn watching their bullish.

And I just love that they actually had them on "Fox&Friends". Because there is nothing so rhethoric as getting your enemies into your "friendly show" to have them do their thing and be "totally embarrased" that they don't act up to your false friendlyness.

Just like they tried to ask him whether it would be normal to not be polite to your guests trying to expose him as something completely unrelated as they can't get him at the points he's actually about.

He should have said "No, and I'm sure if somebody comes to your house just after he killed 'about, maybeee 30k people', you won't cheer and parade him and let him have dinner with your kids. You will shut the door and call the police on him."

Thanks Rocky! I'm from SLC and for those who dont appreciate the risk he took by saying what he did... In a way he has potentially committed mayoral suicide. (utah= conservative sheep state unable to cope with governmental failure&fraud) Many respects to Rocky for not being a sheep and giving this president the welcoming he deserves

I was looking for the part of the clip where Mr. Anderson said Bush has specifically condoned torture but I couldn't find it. I found the part where he said Bush makes excuses for torture, but for the life of me I just couldn't find the part where he said Bush encourages torture. Weird. "He sends his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over to Europe.." "And she's torturing people?"..."You asked me a question and I'm trying to answer it." "But you're not answering it." What the fuck is going on here? Out of all the Fox News programs, "Fox and Friends" has to be the worst. O'Reilly can't hold a candle to them in my opinion. If their goal was to have me pull my hair out, they succeeded.

Just another example of how Fox lies non stop in support of this president and the GOP, who owns them.

Not only did they not let him answer the question, after cutting him off, they said "We've never lied about anything", AFTER they cut him off.

They know they can't honestly defend themselves, so they cut him off and make an indefensible statement while running away.

That's FOX, through and through. Liars and cowards. Just like their preznadint,(sic).

Wow. What kind of journalism is this? I was transported back to the schoolyard, where the winner of the argument was the kid who yelled loudest and butted in the most. Whatever happened to waiting until a person has finished speaking? Call me crazy, but I thought that was the basis for adult rational debate. Congratulations America - the Bush administration has won. Your countrymen now call each other either "friend" or "enemy" with no option in between. The hatred brewing within America, between Americans, is far more terrifying and sad and destructive than anything Osama can come up with.

This just shows one of his points, that he made in his speech.

I think the major was great. there isn't much more you can do in this situation, those two people are still the interviewers. unfortunately.

No other excuse for Fox than they are totally in the pocket of the Bush administration. This is shameful. It is an afront to journalism and to decency.

Just makes me very angry. Very very angry. I don't know much about Mayor Rocky, and I still can't quite believe he's Mayor of Salt Lake City, but remain thankful that he is, and that he is making this statement at this time. Bravo for standing up to the propagandaists.

I'm sure there was a time in their lives when these hacks wanted to be journalists. Now they're just propaganda tools. "Torture? What torture?" How sad. Kudos for the Mayor for staying polite until the end.

how sad that a Mayor of Salt Lake has to stand up for us while our Congress sits on their ass's

I love how FOX always has to get the last word. . .

Norm - TDS is off, but do you think Rocky has a chance of being on as a guest later? I certainly hope so. . .

I applaud this man. I'm sure this is a slightly different reception than Bush thouht he'd be getting in Utah.

Thanks auraeus. Norm should have this clip too.

The vast majority of Utahns who may of heard/seen this Olbermann comment would likely say to themselves:

"Edward R. Who?"

Yea, I didn't know where to make a suggestion to Norm, so I figured here would be as good of place as any to post this. I'll do it again...

Norm if you get a chance, put this up. Keith Olbermann makes a beautiful speech to the likeness of Edward R. Murrow.

And just like cowboy said, most people probably don't know who that is, but if you don't know....go rent "Good Night and Good Luck"

The French and the Germans DID NOT conclude their were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. WHAT THE HELL!!! How can ANY news organization allow some blond bimbo to promote such irresponsible LIES!!!! I don't care if you are a totally partisan network, such behavior is criminal. America needs to hold FOX news on trail for treason.


I think Rocky would make a great guest for the Daily Show. You should write them and suggest it. is so sad the we have so many abominable people like these two interviewers in this country. So terribly, terribly sad...I am still having trouble coming to grips with the fact that we have come to this. Oh, my poor country. Will we ever take it back?

Does the interviewer not know the meaning of "condone"? She flips her lid when Rocky suggests that Bush condoned torture, demanding, in the spirit of hard-hitting Fox journalism, that he back up such a claim. Rocky proceeded to inform her that the Secretary of State, on behalf of the President, sought to play word games to dance around the word "torture" to make it more acceptable. That sounds like condoning to me. It was not so clear to our hard-hitting interviewer. She goes on to say that "making a case for torture" is not the same as Bush having said that people should be tortured. Of course, Rocky did not say that Bush prescribed torture as a moral imperative. He merely said that Bush, through his Sec. of State, condoned the behavior by dancing around the term, thereby condoning it. Condoning behavior does not mean that one prescribes it as a moral imperative. It means that one overlooks or disregards a certain moral failure, or, as Rocky points out, attempts to justify it.

I love this hard-hitting journalism that relies on a fundamental misunderstanding of the definition of "condone" and the manipulation of what someone has said. So noble.

they have moved beyond bringing in a tokin opponent in these shows and instead saying vague things like "some would say that you aren't doing your patriotic doing" "some would call you a traitor" etc.

now they are outright being the judge and jury. this is complete statist propaganda

Before I continue: Might I have one of those PPGEC (Post Posting Grammar-Error Checking) passes?: replace "may of" with "may have" above. Thanks.

No, what makes the headlines today is when a CNN correspondent makes a gaff on her open microphone. THAT gets noticed and not some mayor in an ultra-Red State having the balls to take on the President.

Has Fox no dignity? No shame?

At what point do you stop being a mouthpiece for an administration that has failed you, and do some real investigative reporting? At what point do you put down the partisanship and take a close look at reality? At what point do you put aside the false indignation and awaken to find that you have been wronged, neglected, abused and manipulated in a most inhumane way?

As our hour of victory approaches let us help those last die hard bush supporters cling to some rational excuse as to why supported such evil. The middle needs to be able to come around without eating too much crow. We might let them blame the press... of course we know better but the press can take it.

I thought the mayor failed in his response to her asking about specific instance of the Bush administration supporting torture. The best one being in his own signing statements on the recent law "passed" against Torture. It stated that torture could be used by the US if it prevented an act of terrorism. Of course their is no way of finding out how to prevent the act until after you torture some one. It leaves the US government the ability to simply torture any one they please.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. Anderson did this last year too. There are some legitimate criticisms to be made of his record, but on the whole I'm very supportive of what he advocates for.

There are some preconditions for a genuine politics, the most important of which, I think, is the well-being and safety of the constituency. Anderson, IMHO, excels.

Excuse me, but wasn't the mayor a GUEST on that newscast? That's some kind of welcome mat.

I am just beginning to answer some of what I see on your blog. The FOX commentators were so rude to Rocky Anderson.Never seen anything like this!

Well i guess its clear were fox news stand on torture...dont these religious nuts have any of the principles they claim?


Wow Salt Lake City! Hope you are proud of your maYor. What an awesome man who is willing to speak truth to power.

That Edie on Faux is a blonde bimbo. And I have never seen a TV host be so incredibly rude to a guest. Shame on you, Edie!!

"Fox & Friends" has to be one of the most repulsive shows that I've ever witnessed. It's supposed to be a cheery daytime show, but everytime I watch it I get this overwhelming sense of hostility and condescention.


That Bitch needs a good smack in the head! "We didn't lie to abybody?" Yeah right!


I continue to be amazed....its so amazing the way FOX news acts. Let me back up a little, Im from Russia, the one that used to be the USSR, and FOX acts just like the soviet news service, hell, it's better then that! This clip was an interview, and yet the interviewer was acting as a government spokesman for all intents and purposes. if you had Rumsfeld interviewing the mayor you would not have gotten a better response then the interviewer on that clip was giving to the mayor. It astounds me that anyone could possibly swallow the idea that the interviewer on that clip was objective in any way whatever.

OK, who's going to edit Wikipedia's biased paragraph concerning this interview?

==Interview with Fox News==

In August 2006 Anderson gave an interview with the show [[Fox and Friends]] on the [[Fox News]] network, concerning his plans for an anti-war protest to coincide with a visit from President Bush. The interview generated significant interest in Fox's viewers, with the show receiving a large number of emails, many of which were said to be critical of the mayor. These criticisms were raised at the beginning of the interview, which began cordially, until Anderson claimed that President Bush "makes excuses for torturing other human beings". At this point one of the interviewers, [[E.D. Hill]], broke in and asked Anderson for evidence supporting this statement. Much of remainder of the interview involved Anderson and Hill debating this point, until Anderson claimed that "you folks are the ones that are helping to mislead the American people". Later in the interview Anderson again claimed that "we were lied into this war by you folks, the mainstream media". In the final seconds of the interview E.D. Hill defended herself, saying "we didn't lie to anyone". Afterwards, Hill used her "Fox and Friends" blog to address the incident and printed some of the "hundreds of emails" she had received concerning it.,2933,211292,00.html

Witness E.D. Hill try to cover her ass...,2933,211292,00.html

Notice that they don't have a "comments" option.

Thanks Potshot. After reading her defense of being rude to my Mayor Rocky Andersen I still see where she feels there is no evidence that President Bush personally condoned torture.

I know some people who are pros at making connections of impropriety with someone. Think: Swift Boat Veterans. They made good shredding the dignity of a decorated veteran with a lot less evidence.

Connect the dots. They all lead to the Commander in Chief.

Mayor Anderson does have guts for not only standing up for what he believes in but for his outstanding performance on Fox. I think he did a very good job and I liked how he didn't take too kindly to them interupting him. I found it funny how they kept going on and on about him being rude to Bush but yet they had no problem being rude to him. And who do those faux people think they are anyways? I think the polls show that the public no loner believes in them nor their lies and cheerleading of killing and torturing innocent people. They really have no shame.

Rupert Murdoch's FOX news, which tops CNN and MSNBC, is largely responsible for so much of the dumbing down our our country. I have read that the FOX ratings are down, and yet FOX is still the No.1 news program in the U.S. Might it be that little American flag that they place on the screen which appeals to all of the Average Joes?

Guess what? A coup took place in the year 2000. And then again in 2004. They got away with it and because of it they couldn't have become more arrogant. They own the voting machines, the media outlets and they have one of the strongest lobbies in the U.S. Who Am I talking about ? Israel. To say that Fox news is in bed with the Bush administration is only telling half of the story. All of these media outlets are owned by Zionist Jews. It doesn't make a bit of difference wether your a Republican or a Democrat. America loses in the end. While we sit here and play phoney partisan politics, that doesn't lead us anywhere but deeper into the "plantation" , our men and women are dying in the middle east in a war that has noting to do with America and everything to do with Israel. Let the Israelis fight their own wars. Let's get back to the Constitution and throw these treasoness ass holes into the stockade where they belong.

Thank you

Rupert Murdoch the owner of Fox News is a Roman Catholic and not a Jew. Your statement that all media outlets are owned by Zionist Jews is both inaccurate and offensive.

In my experience racial and religious lines are forgotten when it comes to money and power. I wouldn't demonize one religion or race over another for a basic human fault. Greed.

Fox has an agenda that may or may not coincide with Israel's. That's no reason to condemn an entire race or reliion.

Just my opinion.

Did I say all Jews? No I didn't. There are plenty of Jewish sheep that have as little an idea what's going on as their Christian counterparts. In addition, much like all Catholics can't be blamed for wayward priests, all Jews shall not be blamed for Zionist "evildoers". Im sorry you're offended my friend. That was not my intent. I would agree with Dar with regard to greed. But ask yourself this; What is religion? Religion is a moral compass for peoples. Different religions have different moral compasses. These "compasses" create certain traits within their followers. Wether we admit it or not, this is the basis for religious rifts. With that said , I have suggested that this is a war for Isreal. I have but one suggestion before you condemn me. Read the Talmud, the Quran and the New Testament. You'll start to get a clear picture of what's going on. Americans have been completely decieved with regard to Islam. Who is behind this and what is their agenda? Don't take my word for it. Do your own research.

Nice one, made them out to be the propagandists they so clearly are.


mark c, ive read the new testament and the quran (in english) and a fairly large chunk of the talmud ( in english, hebrew and aramaic). the talmud is a library in itself, much of it devoted to minutae of jewish law that is all but incomprehensible to the modern reader, even religious jews who read hebrew and are familiar w/the minutae being discussed. advising someone to "read" it in order to draw their own conclusions regarding whatever veiled conspiracy you're talking about is completely unrealistic and i highly doubt you've done it yourself. you must be referring to some specific passage or passages, and i wondered if you might enlighten us as to what they might be. im a big fan of drawing my own conclusions, and i'm curious as to what exactly you're talking about. and way to go, norm.

Mr Becker. I think we can let the reader decide what's what here. You claim to have read all three books yet "advising someone to read it in order to draw their own conclusions regarding whatever veiled conspiracy you're talking about is completely unrealistic" ?? Surely you aren't suggesting that others aren't capable of doing this type of research on their own? There are plenty of translations of all three books. Your argument that the Talmud is incomprehensible to religious jews and scholars alike is pure nonsense and disingenuous at best. The Talmud is available in English, on line and in book stores. I got my copy at a used book store in upstate New York about 2 years ago. It was written and translated by Jacob Neusner. It's somewhat of a difficult read but by no means is it incomprehensible. Bits of this version are available for free online. Most of what I read of the Qur'an was an online version of Approaching the Qur'an. I have been told by muslim friends that this is a very good English interperetation to introduce a non-mulsim to Islam. I am Christian so the New Testament is something I'm very familiar with. I would just like everyone to become familiar with the basics of the three major teachings before they draw conclusions.

Thank you

Here's a great link to the Talmud It's something I came across after my last post. This appears to be a great read as it is real Talmud reading as opposed to anti- Jewish rant that you find on alot of other sites.


Let me rephrase the words of the FOX News goon:

As the President of the country in which Salt Lake City is a part of, it is Bush's duty to welcome and praise whomever the Mayor of Salt Lake City is.


"Rodkinsons' ten-book edition, the only extensive one currently in the public domain, contains complete translations of the 'Festivals' and 'Jurisprudence' sections of the Talmud. Rodkinson only finished about a third of the Talmud. All ten volumes were prepared at Sacred-texts and are available here in their entirety." mark, this quote is from the 2nd paragraph of the website you directed us to. it states that rodkinsons' edition,"the only extensive one currently in the public domain", only covers a third of the talmud and consists of 10 volumes. my "copy" takes up an entire 4 foot bookshelf, and i maintain it is unfair to expect anyone to read the talmud in order to arrive at an informed conclusion. i don't see why you would want to argue this point, since you obviously have not read the entire talmud (neither have i) and yet consider yourself "informed". i'm trying to help you here. also the talmud would not be a proper match to the quran and new testament, which are core texts. the talmud is an interprative text. the proper match in this equation would be the "old" testament. or do you think we should all be experts in the interprative traditions of all 3 religions in order to come to an informed conclusion about....what exactly were you trying to say? that the jews caused all the wars in the world? my, that sounds familiar.


also, your statement that your copy was "written and translated by jacob neusner" is pretty funny. the authorship of the talmud is very ancient and by many different people, none of them named jacob neusner. and did i mention there are 2 talmuds, of approxomately equal lengths, the babylonian talmud and the jerusalem talmud, which frequently conflict with each other, especially regarding the laws having to do with the land of israel? btw, my statement regarding the frequent incomprehensibility of said work is not disingenous. its based on my own years of study with both religious jews and scholars- which are not, of course, mutually exclusive, and which i highly doubt include you among their ranks.


mark, since you have categorized all jews as "sheep" or "evildoers", i felt it incumbent upon me as one of the "evildoers" (i personally own 2 banks and a hollywood studio) to challange you. you sound like a nice guy, though, and your spelling is better than mine, so we could probably work this out over a few beers. or i could bribe you. :) your description of all religions as moral compasses reminds me of one of my own favorite simplifications-use it all the time. here it is: christianity is all about mercy. islam is all about strict justice. judaism, being the root of both, is kind of like the sensitive biker type with "love" tatooed across one set of knuckles and "hate" across the other. waddya think? oh, and folks, sorry none of this has anything to do with rocky or george. u go, rocky.

This is infuriating.

The fact that Bush is trying for another crazy adventure in the Middle East is enough to make any level headed person want to protest him. The whole speech, in which Bush lays claim to US security to the Iraq War, he wants to push the same fear, to create the same frenzy as before the Iraq debacle.

We should be angry that more civic officials aren't protesting the current president.

I love rocky anderson. Won't you?

Mr. Becker, although you haven't said as much, I'm getting a sinking feeling that you're trying to convince us that the Talmud could never possibly make sense to anyone. So, you're wish is to move us all along from reading it. Highly suspect indeed . I said nothing of all Jews being "evildoers" and I completely resent you delivering your premise under such false pretenses. That's deliberate bait and switch and I shouldn't have to tolerate it within the parameters of this debate. I don't do that to you. I would expect to be treated as fairly in return. Touche on your point about "written and translated by Jacob Neusner" . However, I would have to point out that it is a misdirection, of the topic, by way of miring in the technicality of the words rather than the implied statement. Critical thinkers see right through that. However, I am happy to have you do that as often as you would like. That shows the "kicking and screaming" side of your debating strategy :) Incidently what you own and do for a living doesn't have a baring on the outcome of this debate. So, that's not something that I'm really concerned with. Although, I am proud of you. You've obviously done well for yourself. Good for you :) I would submit to you that none of the three(Talmud, Qur'an and New Testament) are the same by reasons that are obvious. I'm almost certain there isn't anyone alive that is all knowing in any subject from religion to garbage collection. I could be wrong. But I doubt it. I am not suggesting that I am a "expert " on any of this. However I have read enough about them to understand the basics. One doesn't need to know how to build an automobile to know how to fix it. Mine is a Babylonian Talmud. Thank you for enlightening me on the fact there are two different ones. I will get started on the other Talmud as soon as I can hunt one down online. You're the one who said " do you think we should all be experts in the interprative traditions of all 3 religions in order to come to an informed conclusion about....what exactly were you trying to say? that the jews caused all the wars in the world? my, that sounds familiar." Oh BOY does that sounds like some serious paranoia. I didn't come within 10 miles of approaching that context!! All of this verve generated from these posts and I haven't even mentioned "The Kol Nidre" . This is interesting. Whatever the outcome of this debate, I'm satisfied that you've given me some invaluable insight that I can never get from a book. Thank you very much. To the good readers of these posts; Brush up on the three religions and their origins as well as their history. Draw your own conclusions. Mr Becker thinks it's too hard for you to do. I, on the other hand, have great confidence that you're all smart enough to do this. I believe it's imperative that we all have a good understanding of them.

Caveat ; The word "conclusion" ,within the context of this debate or otherwise, is in no way implicit or explicit of the idea that "the jews caused all the wars in the world" as previously stated by Mr Becker.

Thank you


kicking and screaming? thats a little unfair. but if i misunderstood you about the jews being the cause,,,etc. to the extent that you say i have, i suppose i deserved it. i based this humerous exageration (one of my favorite debating techniques) on your post of sept. 2 6:33 a.m.,"With that said , I have suggested that this is a war for Isreal. I have but one suggestion before you condemn me. Read the Talmud, the Quran and the New Testament. You'll start to get a clear picture of what's going on", combined with this one, sept.1, 8:11 am."They own the voting machines, the media outlets and they have one of the strongest lobbies in the U.S. Who Am I talking about ? Israel." i assumed, perhaps wrongly, that you were referring to what is commonly known as the "war on terror", which includes a pretty broad cross section of much of the war activity currently underway on the planet. you weren't exactly clear as to what you were implying, so i took the liberty, hoping to draw you out. i'd STILL like to know what you were talking about, as i think it was your main point in your two initial posts. the only "debate" here (so far) is regarding the size and general inaccessability of the COMPLETE talmud to the english speaking, non jewish public, and i believe i proved this point, while reiterating that it is possible to attain a general understanding of what it is without reading the whole thing, which is what you o-so-casually suggested at first. for you to say you said "nothing at all" of jews being evildoers is disingenuous. your reference, i know, was to "zionist" evildoers, but lets not split hairs here. what are we, talmud scholars? the only other option you mentioned for jews was, in fact, sheep, so i don't think i was being unfair here. you still haven't addressed my point that the proper match for the quran and new testament would be the old testament. all 3 religions, as i'm sure you know, have EXTENSIVE interpretive traditions, and if you want to judge the jews by theirs, its only fair to judge the other 2 by theirs. i will point out again that you would in this case be talking about a lifetime of reading. friends have pointed out to me that i have a tendancy to use humor that goes over-or under-peoples' heads. i don't really own any banks or studios, i am a simple musician. the reference was to your statement, quoted above, about the jews owning the voting machines and media outlets, etc. you'll forgive me, i hope, for sensing in this a classic, primative anti semitism, which is what inspired me to challange you in the 1st place. since you were so unclear about the actual point you were trying to make, i admit i may have been wrong to jump to this conclusion. i hope i was, actually, because i like your style, mr. c, and it would be a shame if you were just a well spoken bigot. p.s. i certainly was NOT saying that the talmud is impossible to understand by anyone, nor trying to discourage anyone from reading (or attempting to read)it. i was trying to ENCOURAGE people to get involved in the issue, without thinking they were unqualified to do so simply because they didn't have 7 years to devote to the study of a religious text that is, for 99.9% of the world, completely obscure.

It is nice to see a politician stand up against George Bush. Dissent, discussion is the highest for on democracy

Interesting that we're both musicians? I would like to end it here as I believe that we may be at a stalemate. I am hardly a biggot. I love all peoples. I love humanity. I have a very strong belief that every generation makes this world a little bit better from the learnings of the previous generations mistakes. This belief is not bound to Jew, Christian or Muslim but to the whole of humanity. And I hold, in my head and my heart, that we'll all "Come Together" over John Lennon just has he wished. But we must first understand each other. That's the name of my game Mr B. Peace to you my friend.


and we still don't know who that masked man was, or what he was trying to say. i did get the last thing he said. i like john lennon too-whats not to like? well, actually on a personal level he could be difficult... like many musicians:)

Jeffrey Blankfort, an anti-Zionist Jewish American composed a “partial list,” of ethnic Jews here in the United States and abroad with media holdings and/or involved in the management of the corporate media – all could be considered pro-Zionist in orientation in that they actively conspire to mitigate by way of deceptive propaganda and/or outright suppression, the criminal actions of the state of Israel. Blankfort lists the following individuals; carefully consider what it really means for America and the world. AOL Time Warner’s CEO is Gerald Levin [AOL is the largest media conglomerate with holdings that include HBO, TNT, TBS, CNN, TCM, Warner Brothers, Time Inc], Roger Igor is CEO of Walt Disney company [Walt Disney is the second largest media conglomerate with holdings that include ABC, ESPN, A&E, Lifetime, Miramax Films, Caravan Pictures, Touchstone Pictures], Sumner Redstone [born Murray Rothstein] is the CEO of Viacom, the world’s third largest media conglomerate with holdings that include CBS, Paramount, MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Country Music Television, Nashville Network Cable, Infinity Broadcasting (radio), Pocket Books, Free Press, Schribner, Simon & Schuster], Edgar Bronfman Sr. and Edgar Bronfman Jr., CEO’s of Vivendi Universal, the world’s fourth largest media conglomerate with holdings that include Universal Studios, USA Networks, Houghton Mifflin Publishers and Rupurt Murdoch at the helm of Fox which is the fifth largest media conglomerate in the world. Blankfort believes Murdoch to be ethnically Jewish too, citing the fact that his mother Elisabeth Joy Greene was a Jewish Australian that married into the Murdoch name]. As mentioned above, this is only a partial list but you get the picture.


ok, norm, we're under the radar here, being in the archives. ive got no love for the rich and powerful, jewish or not. but are you just going to let this blatent anti-semitic attack (read:based ENTIRELY on genetic identity, the mens' political views being assumed, as is their willingness to jeoprodize their vast holdings in order to propogandize for israel)slide? (not to mention that ceo's are EMPLOYEES, working in at least one case that i know of here for non jewish higher ups, and a dozen other obvious objections anyone concerned with the truth would raise).WTF?

Yes Susan we get the picture you are anti-semitic. Your criticism is based solely on their identity as Jewish. Shame on you.


I just want to say that Rocky Anderson is a Donkey Punch and im ashamed to live in Utah because he likes to take it up the butt like a porn star and demand that our President should be impeached. Freakin Bill faggot cliton commited adultry and lied about it to the nation, then admitted it. Thats the kind of president that should be impeached. I believe Pres Bush sent the troops to iraq for the right reason at first but he cant control everything. Things just turned sour.

[administrative note: offensive language deleted] the type that will get you banned here and that's saying a lot.


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