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Nancy Pelosi with Dave Letterman

Dave's guest, Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D) California.

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Late Show with Dave Letterman



Too much stump. Too overbearing. She comes off every bit the career politician she is.

I felt a lot of hope in that interview. I teared up at the end when she spoke about rebuilding diplomacy in the world and know that we are capable of moving the pendulum back towards more realistic, thoughtful and progressive American policies. I think we're ready and I hope I'm not wrong.

Wow, I've never heard a politician say so vividly, especially one that could be majority leader, that she wants to make the Pres a lame duck. Themins iz fightin words! Go dems! Maybe she'd be a better candidate than Clinton II. -tgs-

Oh God, she's against high gas prices. What will the Republicans do? Next she'll say she's aganist child molestation.

Maybe high gas prices aren't such a bad thing--that would be an impressive thing to say. Because high prices force people to consider an alternative to riding alone in a behemoth SUV.

I respect her views on understanding goals of terrorists with "it's not that target blowing up that matters, it's the fear it instills afterwords", but she avoided answering the question directly on the currant solutions of restricting liquids on airplanes. I'm not sure how to take that... is she avoiding finger pointing, is she trying to get everyone look at the big picture, or is she just pussyfooting around the situation? No idea, but she is a good talker.

I tell you what i don't like about Hillary Clinton. She supports despicable litigation and malpractice suits. And she sat on the board of Wal Mart. She's a fucking bitch and if the democrats really think that she can win the presidency, then they're seriously mistaken.

Did you notice the song that Paul Schaffer chose to lead into the break? Depeche Mode's ‘The Policy Of Truth’


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