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Exxon Exposed

Exxon exposed for what they are, sneaky greedy bastards that need a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, metaphorically of course. This story helps.

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This kind of thing goes on all the time. Why couldn't ABC put this same story together about who was behind the Swift Boaters?

I knew those emails everyone sends me, always Bush, right-wing and corperate friendly, likely came from a PR firm or grassroots campaign. Do cyberspace some credit, erase these emails--or run them through snopes and reply back with the results. For whatever reason--probably they're just sick of you being a know-it-all--they'll stop and you're box will be free of such tripe.

So, basically... they found out that DCI (apparently a large Republican-relations group) created this video, and then found out that Exxon was one of their clients. Do you really think that Exxon is the only one of their clients who would want this message out? It could have been any Republican complaining about Al Gore -- not just Exxon.

Besides that, a crappy little video about penguins does nothing to show that the movie's statements are false. Anyone who sees the movie and agrees with its message is not going to be swayed by a YouTube video. Making fun of the messenger isn't going to disprove the message.

And regardless of who made the video, we should look at the content. Disregarding an argument because of its author is exactly the thing that the YouTube video was doing -- something we're all against here, right?

The sad thing about this is when the reporter says not to trust online materials - this company DCI has not only succeeded in tarnishing the message of An Inconvienent Truth but also any number of honest videos, blogs and reports posted on the web.

Score one point for corporations in the battle over democracy.

I agree, what about the swift boat crapumentary?? I still like the way that people (esp. the media) play up Al Gore to be so boring, but it's ok to have a president that is a complete dips*it!! As long as he's not boring!! At least it shows that the internet has some power and that the oil companies who, by the way, are making money hand-over- fist, are paying attention.

It isn't Exxon. Just some republican foolin'.

omg ... someone on the internet is not telling the truth whilst pretending to be someone else! But, but .. if this is widespread we might need to critically think about everything!

LOL! Kinda funny that a corporate hired gun is telling us to beware of 'corporate hired guns' selling deceptive messages in the guise of objective independent opinions...! hahahahah!

Does that guy actually say at the end "selling you something through deception"? I busted out laughing so hard when I heard that I spit chianti all over my screen. That's like the American way, ain't it? I can't believe ABC does that stuff. Boy, I think that Anne Marie Cox is hot! -tgs-

Disgusting...but to be honest pretty smart of them,untill they came out with that stupid reply to the questions they were asked. They basicallly admited everything.

Disgusting...but to be honest pretty smart of them,untill they came out with that stupid reply to the questions they were asked. They basicallly admited everything.

Global warming naysayers who speak of radical environmentalists can be easily spotted by their rhetoric. They turn the tables on rhetoric by claiming that it is you who is uneducated and not capable of rational thought. However, the emotional pleas and overly aggressive tactics are all too readily recognizable vis à vis this sort of pseudo intellectual redneck philosophy.

I recommend for your bookshelf Geoffrey Nunberg's latest book, Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show (Public Affairs). by Patt Morrison

It is truly amazing how powerful and appealing willfull ignorance is for so many people. And it is also interesting, like you pointed out Jo Ann, how such naysayers go about selling their point:

1) Claiming that a lack of evidence is evidence - logical fallacy 'ad ignorantium' (even though there is not a lack of evidence in this case, they think there is, and use this illogical tool against it)

2) Appeals to emotion, in this country specifically machoism and moral disgust, the logical fallacy 'red herring'.

3) Claim that "many scientist" disagree with global warming/evolution/anything of irrefutable evidence because they have paid a nameless sell-out "scientist" to make the claim (everyone has their price), logical fallacy 'straw man' is very commonly used.

To name a few, of course.

The Chad Vader videos are pretty funny.

theyre sneaky bastards, but is this really unethical? youtube means anyone can post, so that includes corporate people. its just they dont get a leg up. its funny theyd do something so petty and stupid, but i dont really get the outrage.

Truthfully, I have come to think a number of the more trusted mainstream bloggers are employed to integrate their opinions (health care, energy, environment, and defense) into the political dialog.

Consequently, I have become more selective in choosing my sources.

I see, hear and read a lot. I speak about, debate, consider and am schooled in a lot.

In my eyes, I'm ecstatic that there's a meme let loose through mass media that exposes something that is so blatant: media is malleable.

Anyone who's net savvy, most especially those who post via blog, media site, email, or comment, are directly contributing to a cultural conversation. This is nothing new, but that the mass media is beginning to recognize the power of collective contribution IS exciting and new (for me).

Media affords us each a hand in the most democratic exchange currently available. No, it is neither ubiquitous nor equitable, but it has begun.

Remember these recent years because the wall is coming down. The power of media as a medium through which we collectively communicate and have the power to shape our community is present.

This is Democracy outside of any political bias. This is how groups of individuals might share what they see in common, and where they differ.

Those are my two cents. Thank you for the dialog.

Some body

DCI reminds me of those other corporate whores CEI who made the slick propaganda about CO2 ( (153 comments) that a record?). Searching I found this link (TCS) stating former CEI employee Kendra Okonski working at DCI & promoting Intelligent Design.

This TCS is supported by DCI Group & likes to bad mouth generic drugs as well. is a nice site too. marketing

Anything for a buck, I guess. Calling them whores is an insult to actual whores. I don’t know what to call them. I suppose there are lots of people who make up evil lies for a living. Continues to upset me though. I know, too many links.

Is this really that big of a deal? Some silly comic video that isn't going to convince anybody of the film's quality? Maybe people are taking this a bit too seriously.

It is serious.

It is deceptive, and they where spot on, on how we do not trust the main stream media as much as we use to. People watch those things and send them to their friends who sends it to theirs, etc.

If it had been released on their coporate website, I am sure there would be no fuss over it, but they are intentionally being deceptive.

It is like a man on the side of the street trying to sell some shoddy products. He gets his pal to come by when there is a group of people, and say, "Hey! This thing is great, I have one just like it at home. I'll get another!"

It isn't illegal, but it is good to know who the hell is making it, and for what motives. They are just trying to cover their oil tycoons butts and have no real interest in honest criticism.


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