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Insticator in Chief

Is this a new Bushism or an oldie he is recycling? If this is an old one it would support his claim that he is the enviornmental president.

Coalition Iraqi forces will secure individual neighborhoods. Will insure the existence of an Iraqi security prescence in the neighborhoods and gradually expand the security presence as Iraqi citizens help them root out those who 'insticate' violence.

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Looks like it is an oldie.

Used during the Presidential news conference of April 13, 2004.

BUSH: Our military commanders report that this violence is being insticated by three groups.

I think it's a mash of instigate and advocate.

This coming from the son of a President who was sent to the finest schools. Lets not call it a bushism; which is an affectionate term. Lets call it sloppy; illiterate; dumbo-speak. Lets apologize to the world for letting this man even get near the oval office...

We need to root out those who insticate violets!!

Terrible flowers, those violets.

Poor guy gets nervous in front of people. Of course we know he meant instigate.

Wow. Stricken from the record.

Send me an email if you want an explanation.

That's ok :)


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