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Bill Clinton Gay

The Late Night Hosts on Bill Clinton's Homosexuality.

Quicktime Video 680K 1'04
Quicktime 7 required



lol! brilliant


Thanks Norm. That made my day!

Is it just me or is Ann Coulter a...what's the technical term I'm looking for? A horrible, bile-spewing, skank-ass ho? Maybe I'm wrong.


She's either what leftbanker said, or a tool the right puts out there so it can distance itself from her and seem moderate by comparison.

Now that's damned funny

Why is it that rightwingers all seem to think they have amazing, infallible gaydar? Personally, I very much doubt that Bill Clinton is gay. But life is full of surprises, so I guess anything's possible. I'll be the first to concede that Clinton's private life is far outside my area of expertise.


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