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American Lie

Don Davis has written a brilliant bit of political satire he calls American Lie. A sequel to Don McClean's American Pie. I added a midi of the music to the words so you can sing along to what Don calls a "tribute" to the Bush Mafioso

Quicktime Video 4.0MB 7'45
Quicktime 7 required



Wow. That was amazing. Unfortunately, that about sums it all up. We are doomed.

You had me till the ''up the tush'' part.

Can anyone express themselves anymore without being crude? Things are serious. Time to make the message serious without getting down in the gutter.

(Some of us are ladies, you know.)


Awesome work, thanks!

Nice work, but it all starts me thinking- is this all we have to fight with? They have the guns, the law, and Jesus on their side- we have insightful sacrasm. It just doesn't seem fair. We need our own brand of easily manipulated "blueneck", but can you even GET a gunrack for your hybrid vehicle?

Are you saying liberals don't own guns?

Political satire? Yes. Parody of American Pie other than in name? No. Disappointed? Yes.

I agree, I've modified the description to more accurately reflect that fact.


My god--QUICK! FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN SING! It's too good!


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