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Sunday Funnies

The Sunday Funnies from This Week with George Stephanopolous

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Does anyone think Chin is funny anymore?

Who the hell is Chin? Letterman and Leno are still funny. :-D

"If you don't like what we tell you to believe in, we'll kill you."

Wow, real nice, glad he's running the place.

marco- yah i never really cared for leno. no personality. dave is best

Oh, I see,,, chin. I prefer Letterman to Leno, but Leno can be engaging. I even like the comics on the comedy channel though. And I remember when Norm used to post Boxcar's comedy routines and I was the only one who found him to be funny. Apparently, I am not that discerning. :-D

Leno used to be a great, hard hitting standup & I guess he probably still is. He homogenized himself to get the tonight show gig. Musten bite the hand that feeds you.

Remember when he use to do a bit "Evil Jay" where he would really rip into people? That is more what he was like. He used to go on letterman & kill with "what's my beef".

musten? hmmm where's my coffee?

Yeah Gap is much more funny than Chin. However, Red blows them both out of the water.


Gap's cool, Leno deserves all the stick that Goatboy used to throw at him and more, Red's only funny when he writes for The Simpsons he's just too much live.

I prefer 4th Male Lead From Death To Smoochy and the 'Ber(t).

It's like a White House press corps gallery in here.


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