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Sunday Bloody Sunday

George Bush performing U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday in the just released video version. He couldn't have done it without his talented mentor Rx

Quicktime Video 9.8MB 3'07
Quicktime 7 required
Lyrics below the fold

there's been a lot of talk about this next song

this next song is not a rebel song
this song is sunday bloody sunday

i can't believe the news today
can't close my eyes and make it go away
how long how long must we sing this song
how long too long for too long

tonight we can be as one
tonight tonight tonight

broken bottles under children's feet
bodies strewn across the dead end streets
but i won't heed the battle call
it puts my back up puts my back up against the wall

sunday bloody sunday
sunday bloody sunday
let's roll

and the battle's just begun
this many lost and tell me who has won
the trench is dug within our hearts
mothers children brothers sisters torn apart

sunday bloody sunday
sunday bloody sunday

how long how long must we sing this song
how long too long for too long

tonight we can be as one
tonight tonight tonight

sunday bloody sunday
sunday bloody sunday
let's roll

anyone who wants more details on my agenda can find them online
the web address is not very imaginative but its easy to remember

wipe the tears from your eyes
wipe your tears away
wipe your tears away
wipe your tears away
wipe your blood shot eyes

sunday bloody sunday
sunday bloody sunday
let's roll

and it's true we're not immune
when fact is fiction and tv reality
and today the millions cry
we eat and drink while tomorrow they die

sunday bloody sunday
sunday bloody sunday

(words & music: u2)




amazing work. This kind of editing makes me wonder how much future generations of historians will be able to trust audio & video recordings of current events

Man, that takes talent to splice all that together. Yikes. Talent AND patience; both of which I am in short supply. :)

That was great, but I'm now I'm a bit nauseous from looking at that... (any expletive will do)

Man, this is amazing. I still prefer Bono's vocals to Bush's though. I don't know what it is, I guess Bono just has more pizzazz. Now if we can get Dubya to just wave around a white flag from the oval office like Bono did on the War tour.

Holy moly.

Where can I download this video???

I think I just had a seizure


You can download it by clicking on the "Rx" in the post itself...

The link to Rx only provides an audio version. If you have Quicktime Pro you can simply click on the right down arrow and save as source. Doing that without Pro will take you to the Apple site so you can purchase the pro version. It is a useful tool and works on most Quicktime content. Rx is currently in the process of getting resources to do his own hosting perhaps he'll provide a download link. I'll update here when and if that occurs.

Nice work. Now if you can synthesize it and offer it as a ringtone : >

Will have even the most blatant conservatives cringing...

That was an amazing creation! Good job Rx


I can't stop watching it.

awesome, awesome, awesome.

Wow....impressive. And oh so very disturbing.

Goddamn Amazing! Great job, man.

Yeah snak attack, I'm sure future generations will believe this really happened.



amazing work. This kind of >>editing makes me wonder how >>much future generations of >>historians will be able to >>trust audio & video >>recordings of current events

What makes you think we can trust historical events in various media now and in the past?

I-just-don't-be-lieve-it! Wow!!

Wow. I actually heard this on the radio earlier today and had to check out the video. That is some kick-arse editing there.

that was an awesome clip! the editing was incredible. it was unique because President Bus was performing it.

I think the person who did this is encedibly talented i love u2 and this song so i listen to it over and over

This song is Writin by Pillar

Awsome, n-i-i-c-e, my favorite song, sung by bush! LMAO!!

I think this was done so well. Amazing job. I've listened to it like.. alot.

actually, U2 wrote this song...Pillar covered it for the Christian u2 project "in the name of love"...quite horribly, i might add...

What makes you think we can trust historical events in various media now and in the past?<<<

You mean like did man really venture too the moon?


If i was a judge-i would give it a 9.9999999999999

A masterpiece. I like it way more than the original. Thanks rx for this. great tunes and cutting work. Greetz from germany


If people do see this in the future, then they will think that this really happened and that Bush was weird or had a medical problem.They also might think that this nation was retarted and that we were stupider then cavemen.

one thing: people can easily tell that GWB himself did not sing this song. The gaps in the music can be easily notified and you can tell if the person reversed it, but i really think you guys are giving it too much credit over how amazingly done that it is. Yes, GWB is classed as stupid, but remember, the people of America voted this guy in, so their is no one to blame but the voters

This can and will go viral.

hm, i guess it might, if they posted it on newgrounds or some other place that gets alot of hits


Suck me sidways! amazing. maybe you can make a Bush feat 50 cent video :D


woo this song turns me on

Has sort of a Johnny Cash vibe.



Great work, did I say GREAT, I mean Fantastic


Its kind of ironic, GWB, a man who glorifies war, is "singing" a song that hacks it! the irony is so thick i could eat it with a fork


loved it but I sent it to two people and neither had quicktime or wanted to download it QT so how about creating a more PC friendly format like wmv or real player?

this is so awesome hahaha


I used this link for the download:

"If people do see this in the future, then they will think that this really happened and that Bush was weird or had a medical problem.They also might think that this nation was retarded and that we were stupider then cavemen."

haha, what you think the rest of the world doesnt think this of America already? haha retard..

god your such an arse hole

I like this quite a bit, but wonder if there isn't some fakery involved in the editing. Bush is wearing the same tie in every cut. Did all the words actually come from one speech, or is it just cleverly dubbed? If from one speech, I'd like to know which one and find a transcript. Even if it's faked, it is awesome.

incredible work. if you ever get genuine feedback from bono, please please make sure the world hears it. i have a feeling he absolutely loves it, and i'm sure it's already on his lovely black and red ipod!

somebody's got too much time on his hands.

hey, great link to "my web"... Thank you, and keep it up! Hope

U2 is one of my favorite rock bands and this song is one of my favorites. This video's a classic! Only problem is I can't get it off my head when I play the real thing.

Perfetto! Come tutti i suoi precedenti lavori. Marthy Meril ancora una volta ci stupisce e ci fa divertire. BRAVO. Spero di sentire la canzone in radio perchè merita più di altre sicuramente

Very perfect. The best video Bush sunday bloody sunday by Marthy Meril the real producer


To download the video, go to -

(I am not a war supporter but I though I must warn you, the above site is a pro-War web site, so be prepared.)

You can download only music from:


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