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Links With Your Coffee - Friday

Here is a 30 minute interview with Al Gore from May 29th.. From Channel 4 in the UK

Intelligent design a difficult foe
For many, evolution theory hard to grasp

Scientists are absolutely correct to argue that intelligent design — the claim that a designer, not evolution, created life on Earth — is not science and does not belong in science classrooms. But it might come as a surprise to many of them that simply saying so isn't enough. . .

One out of every three Americans thinks evolution is "definitely false;" only about one out of seven is convinced it's true. In a ranking of 34 countries whose adults accept evolution, the United States stands 33rd. (Turkey is 34th.) Perhaps the most extraordinary claim made by Miller is that the United States is the only country in the world where a political party wants ID taught in schools. . .

Lilienfeld argues that intuition, so helpful in much of life, is a bad guide to accuracy in this case. The Earth does look flat; it isn't. The sun appears to revolve around the Earth; it doesn't. Living things appear to have been designed by someone (or Someone); they aren't.

Japan is proud home of Christ's tomb as good a myth as the western Christian version. (tip to Tommy)

See them boning

Evolution v. Intelligent Design a debate between Michael Shermer & Paul Nelson

On February 27th, at the University of Alabama, Michael Shermer defended evolution in a debate against Paul Nelson - one of the world's most noted proponents of intelligent design and a senior fellow with Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.
(the sound is a little fuzzy for the first couple of minutes but clears up)
(tip to David)



The Earth does look flat; it isn't. The sun appears to revolve around the Earth; it doesn't. Living things appear to have been designed by someone (or Someone); they aren't.

All the heavens revolve around the earth, the fact that they appear to do otherwise is a test of our Faith.

God Created man & all other creatures for man to use. Again the fossil record was put in the ground by God to test our Faith. The world was created 4769 years ago on a Tuesday. The Bible says so if you read it correctly.

Of course the earth is flat. Like an old video game, God in His infinite wisdom gave the world around wrap. If you’re going to say that it appears round from space, I will say there is no space travel. Humble man can not enter Gods Heavens before death. God just lets us believe that we can.

As a test of our Faith.

All of those reports of space travel are false. It is a conspiracy set forth by the radical, over zealous, atheist scientists who have their agenda to set forth.

In the Intelligent Design debate, no one seems to mention that by claiming the Earth to be only 6,000 years old, they are dismissing and insulting the vast uncounted millions of people that lived before that date.

They are your ancestors, your family, and they invented among many other things art, music, language, and even religion.

To view them as having never existed is an outrageous disservice by ungrateful children who don't seem to want to know or acknowledge the achievements of those who came before.

Honor thy father and thy mother indeed.

A reason that understanding evolution is so hard for humans is not only that it is "counter-intuitive," but also that it requires humility. We are a part of the animal kingdom, but humans deny this because they will cling to anything that gives them justification for rapacious consuming.

I have yet to meet a person who can correctly explain the process of evolution and remain simultaneously disbelieving.

"One out of every three Americans thinks evolution is "definitely false;" only about one out of seven is convinced it's true."


A Moment of Pessimism: We are doomed. shrug


To my own discredit, I wasn't paying attention to who spoke first, but I thought the first guy was speaking for evolution! What he said does not back up intelligent design. Here is intelligent design in a nutshell as i see it:

Everyday we see evidence of things designed by humans, and we know they are designed by humans. Therefore, everything (in nature) was designed by someone.

Does anyone have a problem with this logic?

To take it one step further, things designed by humans have a purpose. What is the purpose of life, humanity, and nature? Here is where the debate should lie.

Try to debate a Christian who believes that evolution is definitely false. They end up getting their feelings hurt and feeling challenged. Once that happens, the discussion ends. I think about all of the energy that is wasted on debating Intelligent Design, and it makes me feel ill.

...or like debating with Stipe where he tries to use logic and reason and then when he gets backed up into a wall BAM! hits you with belief. What a waste.

"One out of every three Americans thinks evolution is "definitely false;" only about one out of seven is convinced it's true."

I think it's funny how different people interpret this kind of stuff.

Doesn't anyone notice that nobody else in the world seems to ever do this kind of study? "X% of Americans think this, that, or the other." And everyone rolls their eyes. But where else are people revealing this kind of stuff about themselves, or even bothering to check?

I think you have to accept that there will always be stupid people. Look at Bush's approval rating: it's probably as low as it's going to go, barring another strike on US soil. Because it's eroded to the bedrock. There are some people you can't reach with reasoning or logic - and frankly they exist on both sides of every ideological divide.

Personally, I take heart in how we deal with our own shortcomings. We at least report and recognize them. Of course that always leads to the holier-than-thou's sniffing and mocking everyone who doesn't believe what they believe ... but at least it's out in the open.

In evolution's defense, if we keep up our current behavior, our species will soon destroy it's habitat and either adjust or go extinct.

The meek will inherit the Earth? Please. The survivors will inherit the moon.

Oh, but Joe, they do have these statitics.

//Just under half of Britons accept the theory of evolution as the best description for the development of life, according to an opinion poll. Furthermore, more than 40% of those questioned believe that creationism or intelligent design (ID) should be taught in school science lessons.//

More statistics from other countries.

Percentage of people who are atheists or agnostics. Sweden = 46 to 85%' Vietnam = 81% France = 43 to 54% USA = 3 to 9%

You just have to mention 'Dinosaurs' to Christians and they become paralyzed.

This is how they justify giant reptiles.

And I'd always wondered what happen to Jesus after he went to Egypt.. I guess he hopped on a plane to Japan.

Nice to see a savior with a good taste in culture.

My objection to supernatural beliefs is precisely that they miserably fail to do justice to the sublime grandeur of the real world.

The Ancestor’s Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution

Richard Dawkins


I have been watching your "Christians explaining giant reptiles". It reminds me of a drug addict explaining why he needs to borrow 20 bucks. All desperation and rationalization because your book does not match the rest of God's Creation.

Seriously folkes, watch it.

My favorite part: the speaker says "now they often ask me if we should be teaching Creationism in schools and I say that is a good question, but first we should answer a second question 'shold we have public schools?'" WTF?!?!?!

He loves calling dinosaurs lizards. Starts off by calling National Geographic 'National Pornographic' and uses more strawman arguments than I've ever seen one man pull off.

This is a science teacher denoucing evolution that doesn't even know the breed of dog he has. But admits that all dogs came from a single pair of dogs on the Ark, but that there is no Evolution. (wtf?)

I will say however, that evidence does suggest a flood occured, but I'm trying to figure out that whole Fossil record Evidence thing. Does he not know that the top of Everest has fossils in it? Fossils = death. Everest came before man.

A major rub for them: Dinosaurs came before man. Before man there was no death, so how did they die out first?

really.. I need that 20 bucks for gas, so I can look for work... really...

Truthfully, I'm surprised that so many Americans are convinced that evolution is true. In this country, science education in public schools is pathetic. I went to an excellent public school and, yet, I had to wait to go to college to study evolution in depth (from Steven Jay Gould Swoon). Even then, I had the option to opt out of science class.


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