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Immaculate Conception

Another clip from the TV series House I found amusing. Start a religion indeed.

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This perpetuates the misunderstanding of the meaning of immaculate conception, though. It refers to the sin-free conception of Mary, not the virginal conception of Jesus.

Interesting, unfortunately, I think it's too late. I suspect the way it was used on the program is the one most people would accept namely meaning virgin birth. My pet peeve is the misuse of the phrase 'begging the question' to mean raising the question rather than the logical fallacy where the truth of the conclusion is assumed by the premises. It may also be a lost cause.

Seems to me that it took a lot of years for Mary and the subsequent universal church to get to their immacu-late-concept-thingy. I mean, it wasn't about being w/chillin it was about actually having one and then not gettin' noodled in the process. Or have I missed something here? What really burns my butter is that smart-ass writers make a living writing things for TV that don't make any friggin sense and people seem to get a kick out of that. And then to pack it into a character that reminds me of Woody Allen on steroids. Oh man. I stand corrected. I guess that is funny. I wish I could get a job writing that kind of stuff. tgs

I am not a Catholic, but I believe that the Immaculate Conception actually refers to the miracle of Mary's BIRTH, so that she was born without original sin.

Damn I wish I had HBO. Love this character, House. Straight-forward, no nonsense kind of guy who is fed up with the fundies and fed up with bullshit.

Man, that christian god is one mean SOB. He can keep Mary from contracting original sin in anticipation of christ's birth, but he won't do it for the rest of us? He'd rather watch us grovel for the grace that he withholds, but he just hands it over to his personal hoochie/holy sperm bank when he feels like it. Such utterly unbelievable bullshit. Screw that guy! Based on what I know of the christian god, I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire, the tricky old bastard. heh.

ooo ooo call on me Mr. Kotter...

Here's my question. Who was Jesus' grandma? And if her daughter Mary was conceived without sin, well... is there a line of these amazing ladies that went back to the dawn of time, each without sin so that ultimately Hay-zoos himself could be born of this amazing mommy?

Or what?

And I don't mean to be indelicate here, but is it okay to have an orgasm during an immaculate conception?

Or not?

Jo Ann,

The program isn't on HBO but fox if you can get fox you can watch House. Season two just ended I believe. So it's not on again until fall unless they are doing reruns.

Thank you tlfleming!

i don't want to offend any christians, but it's total bullshit to believe that sex is a sinful practice. all organisms have one reason to live, and that is to spread their seed, so that their mutations can be passed on, which is the basis of evolution. so if having sex is sinful, then existence itself is wrong in the eyes of god, and if that is what god believes then i don't believe in god. if my logic is wrong please correct me...


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