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Dave Letterman / Stephen Colbert

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Late Show with Dave Letterman



Usual Letterman clip, highlighting his incredible interviewing techniques...

Its nice (and a little bit of a relief) to see Stephen be himself. Here & on 60 minutes.

Struck me that Stephen wasn't at all out of his weight class sitting with Dave. Loaded with talent.

Letterman seems a bit preoccupied with the status of Amy Sedaris.

yup, Dave loves Amy Sedaris. He loves to have her on his show. I think the last time Colbert did the Late Show, Dave asked about her then too.

Amy Sedaris is so weird looking that it feels weird laughing at her. "Strangers with Candy was a bizarre, unpopular Comedy Central show. Let's make it into a movie!" That sounds like the SNL mentality.

It's funny but Stephen Colbert is much less appealing a personality in his real persona. He still has a sense of humor, but then he flashes a smile and you realize: that enormous grin is his real smile! Weird.... Quite the opposite of Jon Stewart, who is never anything but his real persona (except in his worst movie appearances).


Amy is perfectly normal looking in real life. It's only in character that she's bizarre...

Well, actually she IS bizarre, but she doesn't look awful!

I've adored Colbert since I first saw him on SWC and I'm dying to see this film.

I also keep confusing the many personalities of Stephen Colbert. I've heard him once on a radio interview, and that was quite genuine. Then there was his Daily Show reporter. Then there is his (rather heavy-handed) O'Reilly shtick which oscillates between utter parody and tongue-in-cheek (like when he referred to his brillant exposure of Bush). And then there are moments like this one when I really couldn't figure out where he was going.

I still think one day he'd have to stick to one.


Is the Amy Sedaris in the clip the sister of the writer David Sedaris? It's wierd to read about her in his essays and then see her in a movie. It just conferms that what he writes about is real.

You all either think too much or are stupid...its easy to tell when he's being real and talking like he does on his show.

yes, Amy and David Sedaris are siblings from the same crazy family... I love his writings.

Me so stupid. Me finking too mutsh.

If you are a fan of Amy Sedaris, check out this new movie:


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