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Bill Gates Bug Killer

Craig Ferguson on Bill Gates retirement.

Quicktime Video 6.36MB 11'10
Quicktime 7 required



That was an excellent comedy bit, is Ferguson always that funny?

Craig Ferguson's monologues are teh bomb. ^_~ He is pretty talented to keep them funny and so lengthy night after night. I presume that you chose to put this one up only because you're a Mac user though. Ah well, there's a first for everything. Please put up more! I'd be very appreciative. Thanks!

I'd love to see more of Craig here, please, please, Norm.

But this one about Gates gets a tiny wee bit long...

hee hee - this guy's funny!

Ferguson is seldom this funny, in my opinion.

I have heard this Bill bending over for bills before. I heard it at $1000. I Googled & found $100 $500 $1000. Also from an Astrophysicist that says the average working stiff walking past a quarter is like gates walking past $45,000.

Bill Gates Net Worth Page (Based on Microsoft's current stock price) has lots of this kind of stuff. "What if you earned the US Minimum Wage? How long would it take you to earn Bill's fortune? Since September 1, 1997, the US Minimum Wage has been $5.15 per hour. If you worked continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and saved every bit of your earnings (disregarding taxes), you would need to work for 606,533.25 Years to earn Bill's money. If you took the wimpy approach, and only worked 40 hours a week, then it would take 2,547,439.68 Years."


I'm sure Ferguson is always that funny.

Which is not very.

Oh, psh. Humor is in the eye (ear) of the beholder. And if you have to stand up and speak every weeknight for more than 10 minutes at a time you are pretty much licensed to use some old jokes occasionally. I found him pretty funny. Ah well.

I thought it was a great pick, Norm (all right, I'm a Mac user, too). I've never even heard of the guy, but he's got some very good material and a nice delivery. I had noticed the same note of mass media delirium over this bit of news, and had to comment on it. Remember when Eisner gave notice at Disney, again about two years ahead of time? Ah well, at least you only have to give two weeks' notice when you're a plain working schmuck...

Fergie was funny that night, but he totally wings his monologue and it shows. Leno is polished and you know he didn't write a damn joke. This guy just lets his mind wander and most of the time it's funny. Sometimes it isn't. He sure acts like a cokehead though.

That was the least funny thing I've seen today. Was that a laugh track in the background? CF: Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. Crowd: HAHAHAHAH AHHAHAH AHHAHAHAH HAHAHaHA. What the hell is going on?

Very funny and very fresh. Ferguson obviously hasn't been to the Letterman/Leno school of pre-packaged slick schtick delivery. Step One: Deliver joke as prepared by writers. Step Two: Pause to wait for applause. Step Three: Repeat. Thank god there's still some spontaneity left on TV.


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