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The Big Bang

Peter, The Family Guy, on Evolution. "Then over millions of years evolution took its course. Of course I’m obligated by the state of Kansas to present the Church’s alternative to the theory of evolution."

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Love the Simpsons... can't stand the Family Guy...

...once again confirmed by how each handles this subject.

Hey Norm, you forgot about Al Gore on SNL--one of the funniest bits I've ever heard from a politician. Here's the YouTube link.

It seems is at it again with their deletions. Here's another link to the clip you might be refering to Daily Rev:

Click Here

I love the Jesus with the big "#1" foam glove!!! That says SO MUCH.

Yes, the "USA #1" was good.

Maybe it's just a M/F thing. I find males think Family Guy is hilarious, females not so much.

Ha! Ha ha! God farted! Oh, so funny. That Family Guy!

Erick, that SNL clip is classic, but I think Daily Rev was referring to Al Gore doing the opening bit on the show this weekend. If anyone's got a working link to that one I'd greatly appreciate it.

Cute, if I just didn't hate Family Guy so much

I heard YouTube had to take down that Gore SNL video for copyright issues, though Crooks and Liars still has it, though I bet not for long, since it got linked to from Alterman's blog. Well, I've got the audio file at Daily Rev, which flies safely under the legal radar.

Family Guy > The Simpsons

People can deny it all they want, but it's true.

I agree. They are not afraid to cross a line and their jokes are far superious than the simpson's goofball ones! Simpson's just has name and tenure.

The Big Bang? Maybe the universe began as a giant orgasm. God is more fun loving perhaps than the fundies would like to make her and him out to be.

Could anyone possibly get me a copy of that video in any format? It would be greatly appreciated. If you also have the DMV segment from that same episode, that would be great!


I was wondering which episode is this clip from ??

that's an epic fart


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