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Stephen Colbert on 60 Minutes

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The era of the Daily Show is over.

Long live Stephen Colbert!

Thanks for this!

I missed this as well, thank you. A great addendum to his triumph this week.

What a beautiful, beautiful man.

both daily motion and youtube are just showing me a "loading" message but nothing ever loads

is there anywhere else to get this??


I am loving Mr. Colbert more and more everyday.

His interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross was great; this was even better.

HI Norm. I popped in to say that all the main page works for me now (on IE6) except for this one which doesn't load in here either.
Thanks for all the trouble you take. Jon Stewart et al would be unknown to me if it wasn't for OGM :)

Democrats are coming to Bush's defense against that big bad Stephen Colbert.

You can always count on those useless fucks, can't you?

This pathetic excuse for a nation is so totally finished.

Thanks Norm. It's nice to see something as main stream as 60 Minutes is spreading the gospel of Stephen.

H O L Y S M O K E S... insanely funny clips in that interview...Thx. Norm!

I think there is the small possibility that I may somehow be in love with Steven Colbert.


A career is made. Just knowing that he put a "bunker busting" on W is priceless. I have not caught up on the full schtik yet, but it had to be fabah-loes.

Lantern Bearer

This won't go on forever, though. So I wouldn't bet on the early demise of Stewart. Colbert is so obviously ironic that his show will wear out eventually. I've no doubt that he will be the first to notice and do some other great thing. But in a way I fear punking the president might have been his crowning achievement - and maybe his high...

I've been watching this blog for quite some time now. What you extract from daily media is always worthwhile.

This is an excellent interview. I remember reading an interview with Colbert in TIME magazine a while back, and it was quite awesome, but actually seeing an interview in video-format is incredible. What an awesome guy.

Props to 60 Minutes for an excellent interviewy thing.

kali yuga said: "This pathetic excuse for a nation is so totally finished."

This statement doesn’t bother anyone here?

Which pathetic excuse for a nation are you more fond of?

I believe we have our heads up our collective ass, but we're not all bad.

As for being finished? I expect we'll be around for some time to come, for better or worse, just on momentum alone.

Hopefully we can learn not to inflict our will on the weak of the world quite so often.

Would the world be a better place if we all had tambourines, shaved our heads & danced to Krishna’s greatest hits? ….Probably.


This type of political irony comedy is not a Stewart/Colbert creation. This type of show has been going on in Canada since 1993 on a show called "this hour has 22 minutes". Great show (all of them) I love this type of comedy and political commentary. Thanks to this webmaster for bringing it to us.

This was in my e-mail this morning: It seems ActForChange thinks Stephen's words deserve a wider audience as well.


thanks for sharing all of these videos with the folks across the pond.

Love this guy! Brilliant, Thank you!

Thanks for posting this video and even though I saw it on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago, its still a good interview that I wanted to see again.

What I find really incredible is how different the real Stephen Colbert is from the one he puts on Comedy Central.


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