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A Cup of Joe

Lewis Black on the Starbucks® at the end of the universe.

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Lewis Black America's foremost commentator on everything!



This is a map of my old neighborhood. It shows Three Starbucks within two blocks. Oddly, it is leaving one and a half of them out (a small portable stand and a S'Bucks in the Von's Grocery). Down in Santa Monica, you CAN stand in one Starbucks and look out into another.


Oh my god, I think I just peed myself...

Awsome. Where can we get the rest of it?

If you think thats funny you should see the whole DVD. No one gets out alive.


I live in this shit city and I've been there, however time does not stand still. One more reason to not buy corporate

He's referring to the intersection of West Gray and Shepherd. The Laff Stop is down the block.

Starbucks just opened their first store in Brazil. I'll keep watching, maybe the second store will be across from the first. :)

Also, on a side note, Houston doesn't suck. It's just ugly due to cheap gasoline (for awhile anyway), unlimited room for urban sprawl and a complete lack of zoning laws. But it has booming businesses, many of which are individually owned, by the way, and some of the friendliest people in the United States.

that intersection he's talking about is the corner of W. Gray and S. Shepherd in Houston. just a couple mintues from where I used to live. Maybe someone can find it on GOogle Maps ahah

I don't know. I don't get it. I counted the word "star*ucks" seventeen (17) times. Why? tgs

That's not the worst in the coffee franchise proliferation stakes - Cambridge (England) has, within a 200-metre radius: -Two Starbucks outlets (literally a block away from each other) -Three Costas (a UK coffee franchise), two of which are basically adjacent to each other -Two Caffe Neros (another coffee franchise)

The 2002 CD of End of the Universe has a photo of 2 Starbucks across the street each other. They look to be 30-40 feet apart.

Starbucks sounds funny when he says it Tommi. Like he's offended he lives in a universe that contains a single Starbucks.

A funny man :-) .. This clip is reminiscent of the scene in Shrek 2, when the giant ginger bread man goes through town - all the people run screaming out of a 'Farbucks' .. .. across the street .. .. straight into another Farbucks .. :-)


When I lived in Hong Kong, there was a housing project in Sham Shui Po that had a 7-Eleven across the street from another 7-Eleven. Inexplicable.

In Riverside, California, by the University of California, there's a plaza with two Starbucks in it although they're <<>> 250 meters away. But I've actually someone ask me which is my favorite one, as if as a graduate of that acclaimed school, there is a huge difference between them.

And then there's the Onion headline about Starbucks opening a new Starbucks in the bathroom of a Starbucks because people might just want a nice latte grande frappacappuccino while they're on the john....

Starbucks employs the mise-en-abyme. I just learned this phrase today and am delighted to be able to use it :)


Dear Logan,

What city are you living in, all the stuff you said about Houston I couldn't agree more on, but people here are anything but friendly and individually owned businesses do thrive, for about 10 mins. Also, got to love that HPD, the most corupt police department in the nation.


I don't believe it; an actual comedy routine from Lewis Black. With humour derived from, like, funniness, rather than merely shouting Kevin Smith style


You obviously haven't watched any of Lewis Black's live DVDs or specials. This man is extremely witty and isn't all shouting.

I saw Lewis Black live when he did a show at my college. It was a Awsome show I was laughing almost the whole time.

Anonymous houston basher: Go live in Chicago for a few years (as I did) to learn the meaning of corruption and unfriendliness. Thanks! I love me my Houston!


Two contradictory things about Starbucks that seem to define the company to me. First was the reference in one of the Austin Powers flicks that it was the front for Dr. Evil's crime syndicate. Second is the statement made somwhere on the Net that the head of the company is fairly liberal as CEO's go and the company actually treats the employees fairly well. Don't know if this is true

i really like this satire newspaper called the onion. they have two great starbucks articles:

New Starbucks Opens In Rest Room Of Existing Starbucks-

Starbucks To Begin Sinister 'Phase Two' Of Operation-

I work on w. gray and sheperd and they tore everything on one side of the street down to make a barnes and noble, except for the drive-thru starbucks.


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