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William Sloane Coffin, Jr. Dead

Katrina vanden Heuvel remembers Reverend William Sloane Coffin, Jr: 1924-2006
"Clearly the trick in life is to die young as late as possible," Reverend William Sloane Coffin From his last book, Credo.

Reverend William Sloane Coffin died Wednesday at the age of 81.

Bill Coffin, as his friends knew him, was one of our greatest and most eloquent prophetic voices. For more than forty years, his passionate calls for peace, social justice, civil rights, and an end to nuclear insanity challenged this nation's conscience.
Here is a clip from an interview on CNN in 2004

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Very moving.

Why can't anyone listen to such simple and moral reason?

I like this guy, and that was an interesting video. I liked his "axis of evil," but sadly rather than helping people the people would rather become exponentially rich.

Mr. Norm Jenson, you're a pretty enlightened guy in my book. Now unless I read you wrong, you're no adherent of spiritual belief; yet you're aware, so you know that this man was worth remembering, when large sections of the mainstream media and even the blogosphere had overlooked his passing.

My own small memorial to Rev. Coffin is here, along with a piece about listening, which I hope is topical.

I echo the Reverend. Most people throw around labels. Norm, you and I might be called “Liberal” and “Atheist” like it’s a bad thing. But, you represent us well. Great post about Reverend Coffin. It’s time this country bands together with our similarities. I don’t know if you watched the Eli Segal eulogy but it was also very inspiring. Particularly the very last video clip they showed. Mr. Segal and Reverend Coffin were inspiring visionaries.

Coffin was a man to be revered. Amen

Norm, Thanks much for this. Cheers.

Yes, this was great. Thanks. He sounded so clear and honest-- you don't hear many voices like that coming through the mix today.


Deeply moving and a lasting impression. Treasure! Thank you so much for this.


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