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What, Like The Flintstones

In the latest episode of the Sopranos an evangelical befriends Tony, prays for him, and gives him a lesson on dinosaurs. Tony's nephew Christopher provides a novel explanation as to why it couldn't possibly be true.

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Wow! Now *that* is amazing. Very, very blatant. Does "The Sopranos" frequently have humorous parts? I've only seen one episode.

"I thank you'll find those people all have an agenda."

Duh. I'm an atheist, and even I can get this one. The Bible says all creatures in the Garden of Eden were vegetarians. They didn't eat each other's flesh until the humans got kicked out.

"T-rexes would have eaten Adam and Eve". Please. That's such a softball statement, any evangelical with lips could knock it out of the park. Trying to defeat an illogical, emotional point-of-view with another is rhetorical suicide.

As they say: "Don't try to argue with an idiot. They'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Which is exactly what the evangelicals want. They want the oh-so-prized "discussion" to be on an entirely emotional level, with no respect for "facts" or "logic".

When the basis of truth is once again reduced to who can yell loudest, the evangelicals win. And then American society really will look a lot like the Flintstones.

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