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The Fight For Free Speech

Part Two of South Park's Cartoon Wars

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South Park



I don't like South Park, (or Family Guy), but as it seems they are the only voice in the West standing up to the idiots of this world, my hat goes off to them.

Blowing up buldings and suicide bombs are one thing but this time I think that Al Qaeda may have gone too far. If I didn't have to do my taxes today I would write Bin Laden a very sternly-worded email.

Jesus crapping! That was hilarious!

Interesting isn't it. Jesus crapping makes it by the censors, as well it should, but since Muslims point a gun at their head any image of Muhammad is censored.

As a representative of Fecalpheliacs of America I must say I find it deeply offensive that South Park implied President Bush was a fecalpheliac (and the corresponding association with the republican party) and feel very strongly that comedy central should have censored that portion of the episode. When is the national media going to start respecting the wishes of shiteaters as well as religious zealots?

Go South Park!

Watch "South Park: Cartoon Wars II" Online

Interesting isn't it. Jesus crapping makes it by the censors, as well it should, but since Muslims point a gun at their head any image of Muhammad is censored.

That's exactly what South Park was pointing out! I'm going to have to watch the entire episode sometime (anyone know where I can find that on the internet?). It's great that South Park makes these episodes, but the question is, "who watches them?" Also, do they actually affect society enough? They're cartoons with childish humour, but do have a good message.

Boy did usama get more out of the 9/11 than he possible could have dreamed. Sometime it seem that part of US is in spinn down singing "horray for everything" but then there are these guys and your genious Mr Stewart-The Daily Show.Why Should We Hate You,by the way? It Keep Popping Up "Awwww the worl hates us moan peep etcetc..." We dont and to focus on only negative parts of the pic is,im afraid,your elites way to feel any power. Thru fear.THE FOOLS!! To wake the holy sleep of the middleclass is no dance of joy. 1933 Hitler WAS WOTED IN!Dont know why everyone forget that. So.

they showed the image of muhammad on the super best friends episode. so whats the difference?

Well, Osama probably had nothing to do with 911. As any scratching of the surface of the official story leads to impossible questions and impossible answers.

For example. How many steel buildings in the world have been brought down by fire? 3 WTC 1 2 and 7

Things that make you go huh? To expound to the guy a few posts back... Hitler was voted into power. Yes. However, he also burned the Riechstag, blamed it on political enemies, had dissent limited, and the other political parties became criminal.

Plus they began to punished the least defensible of the country. Namely Immigrants.. Errr I mean Jews... And started rounding them up, such as Halliburton is building the Immigrant Detention centers now.

What do you think is more a threat to your way of life? Osama in a Cave or Neo-Fascists in the White House?


Screw everyone we should say what we want whenever we want!

Who cares if we attack others' personal beliefs? It's not like what they believe in worth anything right??

Well to start, I am loving how politically fueled South Park is becoming. Many TV shows are looking at the success of the Daily Show, and trying to follow its lead.

Secondly, on the comment about who watches this show. It is true that anyone with any political leverage may not ever watch South Park. But college students and young adults do quite frequently. Thanks to this vocal demographic, The Daily Show is rising in popularity, catching the eye of many powerful people who normally wouldn't care otherwise. Also with the increase in controversy over South Park's political opinion, rather than dirty humor, it is getting more and more attention.

If we have to say South Park and shows with similar messages (the new south park, not the old), aren't turning the heads of influential people (which i think its beginning to), then at least we can say these messages are being instilled in the heads of young adults who are tomorrows leaders... heh. yay for being the future!

Oh yes, I am encouraged by the youth, those in their teens and early twenties. I posted the speech by Ken Miller on a forum frequented by young intellectuals, and one young 16 year old, who claimed to have a short attention span, said that he listened to the entire two-hour speech and posted and I quote=> "WOW! I sat there captivated, now i will admit that despite the fact i am 16 i have a very short attention span, but he was so direct and was able to keep my attention. I was also surprised to see and hear all of the information supporting evolution and it has just fueld me more, because I already believed in evolition but to see the evidence gives me an argument now."

You ask the easiest the questions 1.On the 9-11 conspiracies a.A 40 odd foot long passenger plane with plenty of fuel would be enough to destroy any building.

b.Noam Chomsky, someone one who might be inclined to agree with, actually said he doubted there was a conspiracy behind 9-11 because it, according to him, would have required to many individuals to know about and keep their mouths shut. He classified the 9-11 consipracy theories as “a distraction” from issues he was concerned with

  1. A person actively plotting to kill people is not comparative to the jews in Nazi Germany, sorry. The latter weren’t out to get anybody.

  2. Question: "What do you think is more a threat to your way of life? Osama in a Cave or Neo-Fascists in the White House?”

Answer: Osama

I see South Park as a satire that can be interpreted on multiple levels. In this episode, Matt Stone and Trey Parker criticize their current situation with Scientology and Comedy Central. The back story of the joke needs to be established for it to be comprehendible. Satirizing South Park's creators' current situation, they use Family Guy as South Park and Fox as Comedy Central in respect to the real world, and in doing so rip on Family Guy. In the process of ripping on Family Guy, the creators of South Park criticize their own tendency to become preachy with an overall message at the end of each episode. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are probably the cleverest satirists in the mainstream media. They can effectively criticize their own controversy while delivering insight on censorship and terrorism.

This is South Park at its best and I'm glad they are taking the series into a more socio-political direction. The childish humor seems to be the most potentially successful medium for expressing such messages. From reading some comments above, some people still do not understand the intent and message.

To Jo Ann:

I suggest you watch the following documentary on 9/11. I used to think that 9/11 was caused by terrorists but this film asks some pretty big questions. And no, a plane could not take out a building the size of the WTC. If you do not believe me, watch the film.


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