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On His Father's Lap

Richard Feynman on how his father taught him. Video is from 1981 BBC Interview. The interview is also the subject of Feynman's book The Pleasure of Finding Things Out Another of my favorite Feynman books is Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!

Quicktime Video 4.86MB 5'21
Quicktime 7 required




Thank you so much for posting the clips of RF.

Is this whole thing availiable somewhere?

lovely. just lovely. thanks.

is there a torrent where i can download this stuff? i'd really love to see and download the whole interview.


That was kind of beautiful. I really wish people had the courage to admit they didn't know something to me when I was a kid.

If you have an account at uknova, signup is currently closed, here is the url:

"Nobody knows" is a great motivator to any child. "Maybe you'll be the one to find out" is a good followup.

"No pressure, just lovely, interesting discussion."

That is almost enough to make me weep.

I am really enjoying these Feynman clips. Thanks for putting them out there. He was very witty.

Bittorrent has a torrent for 'The Big Richard Feynman Collection' here:

It's 3GB, but plenty of good stuff in it, this video included.

Great stories in this video clip. My goodness.


. thanks so much


that torrent has no seeds... until it's got some it's not going work properly

This is truly testament to the results of good parenting. Thanks for posting these clips!

I think that what Feynman describes is something very few kids have experienced.

It obviously had a big and positive effect on his life and thinking.

Some real pointers in this, for people who have children, or will have.

One of the proudest moments of my life came when listening to two ten year old boys discussing the meaning of a new word.

The first kid complained that he couldn't get a straight answer from his parents. The second kid said, "Let's ask Thomas, he always gives the real answer."

That's not about me. It is about the real importance of honest talk and mutual respect. Kids are quite capable of handling the "real answers."

I grew up with uneducated parents who were very religious. I wish that I had had a Thomas or a father like Feynman's father to guide me. My father did love me, though, and for that I am grateful.


Children will become the way they are treated.

Richard Feynmans father was obviously quite a remarkable man, I can only hope that I can emulate his example somewhat with my own children.

There is a torrent of the entire file in Quicktime h.264 320x240 67MB here

The relationship Feyman had with his father, what he got from it, doesn't require educated parents.

My parents were uneducated bible thumpers who did me little good, but my grandfather, a man with a fith grade education helped teach me to really think about things just by the way he talked about things. He never pretended to have answers to everything but he would always talk about those subjects and what he believed and more important, why be believed. There were no forbidden questions.

The point being that it's the attitude of respect, the patience, and the willingness to admit ignorance that made the difference, not education per se.

I'm jealous of Fayman's dad. I'll try to remember this clip when interacting with my daughter.


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