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George loses another card from his already less than full deck. Bill Maher on George's choice of Andy Card as the sacrificial lamb.

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Real Time with Bill Maher



You know, you could have just posted the New Rules segment whole, instead of breaking it up.

That said, thank you. This place gives me most of my humour.


Hi there, i'm sorry if this isn't appropriate for this particular clip, but I have a more important issue to question about. Why is completely avoiding the recent charlie sheen/alex jones 9/11 challenging on cnn's showbiz tonight?


another good clip

Thanks, Bill

And Norm

Concerned, is that clip relevant to this Bill Maher thread?

And any evidence that the website is avoiding this issue?

I think there are way too many issues to be covered by 1 single blog and that by itself shouldn't imply guilt by omission.

I love, cherish, and value, I was simply wondering why after all the media attention and the easy availability of the clips, did it not make it to the site. I am not implying guilt or nefarious purposes, i'm just wondering why certain outlets seem to be strongly avoiding it. From visiting your blog for a while now I thought the CNN poll results of 84% of 50,000 voters agreeing with Sheen would interest you enough to post about it, but apparently you don't find that to be very significant, and I will respect that and return to being a daily patron of your noble blogsite. Keep up the good work, sorry for the turbulance.


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